(Minghui.org) Fei Tian College, established in New York, offers instruction in both Chinese and English and is dedicated to providing systematic training in classical Chinese dance in its pure form, as well as a combination of Chinese and Western arts in its classical music curriculum. The College integrates traditional aesthetics and techniques in the practice of stage production and design and offers both breadth and depth in its fundamental cultural education, thereby developing students’ upright artistic and spiritual refinement and nurturing artistic talent for the world.

The Department of Stage Production and Design at Fei Tian College is now accepting student applications. Dafa disciples will receive priority consideration.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants must:

1) be age 25 or older and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (candidates of exceptional ability may be given special consideration);

2) have strong interest or potential in stage production and design (scenery, lighting, sound, etc.);

3) have basic English communication skills;

4) aspire to promote traditional Chinese culture and art;

5) be of upstanding character and in good health.

Application Materials Requirements

Applicants must submit a general resume, a professional resume, cultivation experience of their own and that of their family, and a full-body close-up photo. Specifically:

1) The general resume should include the applicant’s name (the name should match that on identification documents), gender, place of birth, country of citizenship, date of birth, height, weight, health status, home address, email address, and contact phone number.

2) If the applicant has relevant educational qualifications or experience, please provide documentation.

3) Applicants should provide a summary of their cultivation and that of their parents.

4) A full-body, frontal photo from within the past month is required.

All required materials must be submitted together for the application to formally enter the selection process. If the applicant does not pass preliminary review, or has not provided required application materials, or materials are missing or falsified, or the applicant does not fall within the scope of this notice, he or she will not receive an individual reply.

Email address for submissions: admission@feitianacademy.org

Fei Tian CollegeOctober 29, 2023