(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in our small city came to understand that there’s little time left to save people so we increased our efforts to clarify the truth about the persecution. I’d like to tell you how we cooperated and distributed truth-clarifying booklets to our entire county.

Our Cultivation State Is Important

Everyone realized that we must first improve our xinxing. I felt that we should begin by discussing our cultivation experiences so that we could improve and understand the urgency of saving people.

One night, I dreamed that I walked along a dam and saw many people who were sitting on the bottom, waving to me. From this I understood that Master was encouraging me and I felt more confident.

I invited a young practitioner to come and exchange his thoughts with us. We all felt the COVID lockdown was temporarily lifted so we could go out and save people. We knew we must seize this opportunity.

We quickly contacted the practitioners throughout the county and held a meeting. We all looked within and identified shortcomings. We also discussed how to coordinate and deliver truth-clarifying materials given the current pandemic. Practitioners who had not participated in truth clarification activities for years decided to help; even a practitioner in his 80s decided to join us.

We had not contacted the farmers in our area, so we started distributing materials in those rural villages before we went to cities. The very elderly practitioners who had trouble walking sent forth righteous thoughts. We set time points for group sending righteous thoughts: every day at 7 a.m., and at 8 p.m.

There are more than three hundred villages in our area. We assigned some practitioners to coordinate with the local practitioners. We also reminded everyone that we must study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts well and do things rationally, with wisdom.

Producing Materials

In order to guarantee that we had enough truth-clarifying materials, practitioners in charge of producing them held a meeting. They discussed how to divide the assignments: Who would buy supplies, who would print and bind the materials and who would deliver them to the other practitioners. We needed to buy a lot of paper. 

In order to maintain safety, we stored the supplies in different areas. The printers at the material production site worked all night. The printed materials were then distributed to the other practitioners to bind and package. We became a printing factory. We labeled the computers that are connected to the printers with numbers so that we are clear which printer will print which type of materials so as to avoid over printing. When a printer had problems, the technician practitioner quickly repaired it.

The practitioners who ran the materials production site worked hard. The city and village continuously needed materials for months, and they were delivered in a timely manner. The practitioners often worked past 8 or 9 p.m. Then they went home to make dinner. They still needed to read the Fa and do housework. They sometimes did not go to bed until 2 a.m.

The practitioners in charge of delivering the paper and materials also endured a lot. They had to carry three or four hundred bundles of materials up and down the stairs and they were soaked in sweat, especially during the hot summer. However, as we all have Master and Dafa in our hearts, they felt that no matter how hard it was, it was all worthwhile.

Overcoming Dangerous Situations

When we began delivering materials to the villages, we sometimes had to travel 15 miles each way. We used every mode of transport including motorbikes, electric vehicles and tricycles. Two elderly practitioners took a taxi to a village, and after they finished distributing materials they walked back.

The furthest village was more than 30 miles away. Some practitioners were attacked by dogs. After they escaped, they persisted and distributed all the materials they brought. In winter, the hands of practitioners who rode motorbikes were frozen and sometimes it took a long time for them to recover. Practitioners who saw this were moved to tears. Some practitioners fell while they rode their motorbikes, but they persisted, endured the pain and distributed the materials. Some practitioners were stopped by the police but with Master’s benevolent protection, they managed to return home safely.

One village was especially challenging because every household raised cows and goats so all the buildings had cameras. Furthermore, every road in the village had surveillance cameras. 

We discussed the situation and decided that we could not leave this village out. One practitioner’s hometown was close to this village so she was familiar with the roads. We decided to put her in charge and we went there to distribute materials.

Four of us set out one night. We divided into groups of two and headed in different directions at the village entrance. However, the group with the practitioner whose hometown was there, did not hide from the surveillance cameras. When they nearly finished they were stopped by villagers. They asked them what they were doing and the practitioner who used to live there replied that they were visiting relatives. The villagers called the practitioner’s relative. In this way, they escaped the danger.

As soon as the other practitioner and I finished distributing materials, we were stopped. We said we were visiting relatives. When they walked away, we quickly stepped into a corn field and sent righteous thoughts. After sending righteous thoughts for some time, we crawled through the corn field until we reached the edge of the village. Our hands were cut and our clothes were torn, but we felt happy when we thought about the villagers who now had a chance to be saved.

The practitioner’s relative later called her and said, “We read all the materials that you delivered. The information is great.”

Autumn is the busiest season for farmers because they need to harvest their crops. One practitioner had no time to care for the crops that he planted due to the material distribution project but he just said lightly, “It’s okay. I will harvest them after we finish distributing.” A practitioner couple are in their 60s. Not only did they finish distributing materials to more than twenty villages, they also helped other practitioners distribute them.

After the distribution was nearly finished, we shifted our focus to the cities. We divided all the small districts and assigned them to different practitioners. We started at the top of each building. It took us about six months to finish distributing in all the tall and multi-storey buildings in the city.

We even made a few thousand banners worded “Falun Dafa is Good” and hung them in all the cities, towns and villages.

During the process of distributing materials, we all experienced interference. As long as we looked within, read the Fa more and sent strong righteous thoughts before we went out, they were able to escape the dangers. 

We started around May the first year and kept distributing until the following July. We finished distributing one round of materials to all the villages and cities within our county. 

Thank you, Master. In the limited time left, I will cultivate myself well and save more people.