(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners held a parade to call for an end to the persecution of their faith in China on September 30, 2023. Starting at noon, the parade proceeded three and a half kilometers (just over two miles) through the streets of downtown Toronto. Practitioners set off from Clarence Park, marched along Spadina Avenue (Chinatown’s main road), then north towards Bloor Street, a major shopping and commercial district, and then turned onto St. George Road before arriving in front of the Chinese Consulate.

The parade went by rows of shops and famous landmarks, including the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum. Many Chinese and Westerners who watched the parade condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s persecution of Falun Dafa that has gone on for 24 years. They also expressed admiration for practitioners’ persistence in upholding conscience and preserving kindness in the face of oppression. Many people said they hope practitioners will see the light at the end of the tunnel and that the injustice they suffer will be redressed soon.

Practitioners marched through downtown Toronto to call for an end to the 24-year-long persecution of Falun Dafa.

The parade concluded outside the Chinese consulate building.

A driver who saw the parade gave practitioners a thumbs up.

I Hope Practitioners in China Can Openly Practice

Shweta hopes that one day Falun Dafa practitioners in China can openly practice their belief.

Shweta from India admired the Tian Guo Marching Band’s performance and said, “Their synchronized music and drum beats make me feel invigorated.”

She also agreed with Falun Dafa’s principles and said, “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance include peace, calm, resilience, kindness and empathy. These values help people lead better lives. Their minds will become peaceful and they will feel true joy.”

When she learned that practitioners have peacefully protested the CCP’s persecution for decades, she said, “This practice gives people so much courage. So the CCP, which is a dictatorship, feels threatened. This group of people cannot be controlled by it. The CCP is afraid of good people, and it has harmed practitioners. But practitioners support one another, hold on to their faith, and show the resilience they’ve gained in their cultivation.”

Shweta also hopes that practitioners in China don’t give up or become discouraged. “The CCP is tormenting people under its rule. It does not allow people to pursue or express their opinion freely. This makes me sad. I hope practitioners who are persecuted can make it through to the day when they are able to openly do the exercises outside without having to worry about their safety,” she said.

You Must Continue to Speak Up and Resist the CCP’s Persecution

Daniel said he supports practitioners’ efforts to protest the CCP’s persecution.

Daniel quietly watched the parade. He said he had heard about Falun Dafa in the past. “I know Falun Dafa is a Buddhist school of spiritual practice. Without any doubt, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance are universal values. Conducting oneself according to these principles is a positive way to live and it will bring great rewards in life,” he said.

He also said the parades held by practitioners have great significance: “This practice is being brutally persecuted by the CCP. Practitioners in China went through torture, incarceration and even organ harvesting. In Toronto, I often see people holding placards protesting against the CCP. They want to change the situation, but it needs patience and time. However, I feel that speaking out and resisting the CCP is important. People should continue to do this.

“In China, the CCP does not allow its people to go to the streets to protest and express their views because it only cares about its power. Therefore, anyone who opposes it will be suppressed. However, as a member of society, people should express their views and should not be treated violently. I think the CCP does not understand that people have their own thoughts, and they won’t always agree with the Party.”

Mainstream Media Should Pay More Attention to the Persecution

CJ said practitioners are remarkable for raising awareness of the persecution.

CJ said the parade delivers positive information. “Often, in protests, people would express negative emotions and information. But I think this parade is special. You make me feel peaceful and positive. To me, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance are values every one of us should follow in life.”

He continued, “The CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa is simply outrageous. I think the attention from mainstream media is far from enough, because I only learned about the persecution through watching this parade. So, what you are doing is remarkable. I hope one day you will enjoy the same rights and freedom in China that people have in Canada.”

Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance Is Just What We Need

Glendon (right) and Iona (left) saw the parade.

Glendon and Iona drove an hour to Toronto to enjoy the beautiful autumn day. Iona said, “Practitioners give off a kind energy field.” Glendon said, “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is just what we need. This is the first time I’ve heard of the principles of this practice, but I want to put this into practice in my life. I will go online to find out more about it.”

When she learned that Falun Gong has been persecuted in China for 24 years, Iona said, “Twenty-four years is such a long time. I know the CCP is taking organs from people without consent and selling them for profit. Many people who have gone missing in China were killed by the regime. It is too corrupt.” Glendon said, “It makes people sad. I truly hope people can wake up through your persistent efforts and realize how evil the CCP is.”

Iona said, “Thankfully we came here today, saw the parade, and learned about the persecution. We will let our friends and family know about this.”

This Persecution Must End

Patty said the persecution of Falun Dafa must end.

Patty, an accountant, recorded videos of the parade with her phone. She said, “Practitioners are peaceful, and everyone had a smile. I want to learn Falun Dafa too. I will go to the website on the flier to find out more about this. I didn’t know about the persecution, so thank you for telling me this. I think this persecution must end.”

The parade concluded in front of the Chinese Consulate. A resident who lives near the consulate told practitioners, “I heard about this years ago. Every day there are practitioners handing out information outside the Chinese Consulate, and my family and I have read them. You have done well. Please continue doing this.”