(Minghui.org) A local practitioner was recently arrested for telling people about Falun Dafa in person. When her son went to the police station to demand her release, the police extorted 300,000 yuan from him and refused to provide a receipt.

This incident reminded me that we all know the communist regime is running out of money and some government employees can’t get their paychecks on time. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is trying everything to get money. All these years, Falun Dafa practitioners have been their prime targets for extortion. If we continue to allow them to do this, we are actually pushing them away and failing to save them.

One key element are our family members—in most cases the police order our families to sign our case documents, which accuse us of “undermining law enforcement with a cult organization.” This pretext has been used by the CCP for years to frame and imprison us.

If our family members don’t practice Falun Dafa, they may think that it’s not a problem to sign their names or say that we are guilty of breaking laws when we practice Dafa. But as practitioners we know the significance of signing these statements. If they indeed signed them, it doesn’t only validate the persecution against us, but also makes them accomplices. It always pains me to see practitioners’ family members signing documents in exchange for a family member’s release. Some practitioners even cooperate with the police and signed the case documents or confiscation lists themselves.

Most practitioners have Falun Dafa books and Master’s photos at home. If the police raid our homes, they usually take away everything related to Dafa. Whether it’s us or a member of our family who signs the confiscation list, we acknowledge the persecution and leave a stain on our cultivation record. We should take this seriously, as it’s common in the persecution.

Our families have close predestined ties with us. We should help them see the beauty of Dafa. If they thoroughly understand the facts, they won’t side with the communist regime or compromise.

In one example, after a practitioner was arrested, the police called her son and tried to extort money from him. He firmly refused. Instead he stood outside the police station and demanded she be released. In the end, the police released the practitioner without getting anything from them.

In another example, the police attempted to force the practitioner’s family to pay for her medical treatment, when that practitioner fainted in the hospital while going through a physical examination in preparation for her detention. The family refused to pay anything. They said the practitioner was perfectly healthy during the arrest and if anything happened to her, they would sue the police. Not wanting to be responsible for the consequences, the police took the practitioner home.

We need to understand that we are in fact protecting our families when we prevent them from cooperating with the police. When persecution happens, it’s better for us to face the police ourselves, instead of having our family members take the lead. After all, the persecution comes at us, not our families. If in the event that a practitioner is detained, they will need their family’s help to hire a lawyer for them or seek their release. This all depends on how well we clarify the truth to our families.

Master taught us,

“So, when you meet with ordeals, it is the perfect opportunity for you to improve. If you are able to look inside, that trying situation will become instead an opportunity, something to overcome and a chance to enter a new state.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World Volume VIII)

We must take our cultivation and the salvation of sentient beings seriously.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)