(Minghui.org) I’m 51 years old, and I work in the freight transport business in the southern part of Hebei Province. I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2018. Although I have only cultivated for five years, I’ve experienced many miracles through the amazing power of Falun Dafa.

My Bitter Life

I have two sisters, one younger and one older. When I was five, I was admitted to hospital for diarrhea and bloody stools. After I was discharged, I vomited whenever I ate and kept coming down with colds and fevers. My father soon passed away from cancer. After my father’s death, my mother took me to various hospitals around the country, seeking treatment for my condition. We made more than 40 trips to Beijing. When I was 15, my mother passed away from illness, and my siblings and I were orphans.

Within our extended family, my grandfather, older and younger paternal uncles, father, maternal uncles-in-law and cousins also passed away from cancer one after another. The premature death of our parents left us with no support. Without money to buy food, we often went hungry. Over time, this left me with chronic stomachaches, which doctors later diagnosed as stomach ulcers. As the years went by, I developed chronic intestinal inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, gallstones, and kidney stones, adding to my list of medical conditions.

I was introduced to and married my wife when I was 21 years old. Unfortunately, our eldest son died soon after he was born. My poor health made me short tempered. I beat and scolded my wife and our second son for no reason. My wife divorced me when I was 42, and when I was 45 I was diagnosed with lung cancer.

My unfortunate life led me to question the heavens. Why was my life so miserable? Why did I have to go through all these misfortunes in life?

I Begin Practicing Falun Dafa

I watched as my family members passed away from cancer one by one, even though they racked up a mountain of debt in medical fees. When a doctor instructed me to prepare more than 200,000 yuan in treatment fees, I decided not to walk the same path taken by my relatives.

I searched for alternative treatments elsewhere. I even visited Christian churches and explored esoteric treatment methods, but to no avail. My desperate, miserable life led me to become dissatisfied with the current government. These corrupt CCP (Chinese Communist Party) officials only knew how to look out for themselves and cared nothing for the common people. I started paying special attention to news which ran counter to the government rhetoric.

One day, I clicked a link forwarded via QQ messaging to my mobile phone, and discovered a tool which could be used to break through the CCP’s Internet firewall. After using the tool, I found the Minghui website and learned that many people worldwide practiced Falun Dafa. This information contrasted greatly with what is reported in our local media. I was particularly amazed to read about people whose terminal illnesses disappeared after practicing Falun Dafa. This led to my firm belief that I had to cultivate if I wished to be saved.

Enduring Hardships and Eliminating Karma

I discovered Falun Dafa, but I did not know how to start cultivating, nor did I personally know any Falun Dafa practitioners. So I downloaded Master’s lectures, exercise music, and various cultivation experience sharing articles on my mobile phone. I learned how to do the exercises from Master’s exercise instruction videos. Yet after practicing for one month, I saw no improvement in my health. I started doubting Dafa. “Why was the outcome so different from what I read?”

One day, while searching for more information online, I happened to encounter a fellow practitioner from another province. He explained that I had to study the Fa and cultivate seriously in order to improve my character. He said reading the book Zhuan Falun once was not enough. I followed his advice, and read the book diligently over and over. Indeed, after each round, I felt myself improving in levels. Just like Master said,

“I won’t be teaching you how to heal, as that’s not part of our practice. But an ailing body is a real impediment to anyone serious about spiritual practice. And so I will purify your body for you. But I can only do this for whoever is sincere about the practice and the teachings. And so I have to stress that we will be powerless to help you if you are set on getting healed and can’t get past that idea.” ( The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I was determined to cultivate seriously so Master would care for me.

Perhaps because I was now studying the Fa diligently, I started experiencing miracles. For example, while reading the section covering the Inner Eye, Master said,

“Each of you should feel a tightening at your forehead as I explain the inner eye, as if the flesh there were pinching together and burrowing inward. You are sure to feel it.” (The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun)

From then on, I felt the sensation Master described, no matter whether I was practicing the exercises or reading the book. My confidence increased. Master had taken me under his wing and was helping me open my inner eye. One night, while I was meditating, I saw a big eye staring at me. After my inner eye opened, I saw many otherworldly scenes invisible to ordinary people.

From then on, I read the teachings I downloaded and listened to recordings of Master’s lectures on my mobile phone every day. Without a way to get in touch with any other Falun Dafa practitioners, I cultivated in isolation for a few years. Whenever I encounter problems or questions, I study the Fa and rely on Master to help me overcome each difficulty.

I also encountered setbacks. One day after work, I was lying on the sofa at home browsing through my messages when my left hand and leg suddenly began trembling uncontrollably. Scared, I contacted my former doctor who said, “You are having a stroke. Go to a hospital.” My son rushed me to the hospital but we encountered a massive traffic jam midway. I suddenly recalled Dafa’s teachings and wondered why I forgot to ask Master for help. I calmed down and recited “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” repeatedly and asked Master for help. By the time we arrived at the hospital, all of my symptoms disappeared. The doctor asked, “Do you want to be hospitalized? Or do a CT scan first?” I thought for a bit and replied, “Let’s wait until tomorrow.”

After returning home, my head started hurting so badly I could not sleep. By now, my mind was clear. I had no illness. I knew I had to place my trust in Master and the Fa and pay off all my karmic debts. I grit my teeth, and started practicing the exercises. I forced myself to read the Fa. I snatched quick naps whenever the pain subsided.

A week later, my head stopped hurting. However, the right side of my chest started hurting badly. I knew this was from my lung cancer, caused by the karma I created in the past. I found myself unable to eat or sleep because of the pain. That night, the pain worsened. Unable to sit up or lie down, I found myself sweating profusely. The pain reached indescribable levels of intensity.

At this moment, I thought of Master and Dafa. With the firm belief that only Master could help me, I started meditating in the full lotus position. Soon after, my legs began to hurt. The pain then radiated all over my body, with the pain in my right chest (lung) increasing in severity. This pain soon completely overwhelmed any other discomfort I felt. At that time, I only had one thought, “To eliminate my karma and pay off my debts, I place my trust in Dafa.” I grit my teeth and persevered.

As the level of pain approached the limits of my tolerance, I felt a comfortable, swiping sensation in my right lung. After a while, this swiping sensation recurred, and the pain decreased in intensity. Soon after, the pain completely disappeared, and I felt a great sense of comfort. Deep down, I knew Master had taken on that karma for me and healed my lung cancer.

Overcome with tears and gratitude, I gratefully thanked Master for saving me! At this time, I was still sitting in the meditating position. When I tried to take my legs down, I couldn’t move to due to the severe pain in my legs. After a while, I managed to ease my leg down, but could not straighten it until half an hour later. That night for the first time in my life, I enjoyed a comfortable night’s sleep.

Immersed in Dafa

I woke early each day to practice the exercises, before I went to work. Each night, I read the Fa. My various illnesses quickly disappeared, and my body felt light and comfortable. I have continued to practice the exercises on my own each day. I learned the exercise movements on my own through watching Master’s online exercise instruction video. Despite the errors in my movements, Master continued to purify my body.

One day, my stomach began hurting and I excreted a large amount of pus-like discharge. Each discharge left my body feeling lighter. Over the next three days, I excreted this pus-like stuff. This eliminated the root cause of my childhood illness, and left me feeling extremely comfortable.

Master opened my inner eye and even opened my great cosmic orbit. Despite having practiced for only a few years, and without knowing even a single practitioner, with Master by my side I do not feel lonely. I study the Fa each night and wake up at three o’clock each morning to practice the exercises. I have even copied the contents of Zhuan Falun twice. With this constant immersion in the Fa, my diseases were cured, every pore in my body has opened, and I can even climb the stairs effortlessly while carrying 220 pounds of cement. My weight has increased from 98 pounds to 126 pounds, and with my rosy complexion, I now look like a completely different person.

Clarify the Truth and Expose the False Accusations

Whenever I run into people familiar with my past condition, they ask, “How are you still alive?” I tell them it is because I practice Falun Dafa. There are believers and disbelievers, with disbelievers making up the majority. Most find what I tell them hard to believe because of the rumors and slander spread against Falun Dafa by the CCP. At each opportunity, I tell them about the fabricated Tiananmen Self-Immolation case and how Dafa teaches people to be good.

I also seize every opportunity to tell my relatives the truth about Dafa. Once while clarifying the truth to my cousin she asked, “Are you describing a myth? I don’t believe it.” While explaining to a good friend, he replied, “I’m not three years old. Do you think I’m that easy to deceive?” I replied, “Previously, I would not have believed this myself. Yet my illnesses were truly cured after I practiced Dafa.”

I wish to clarify the truth about Dafa, yet my relatives and friends began avoiding me. It is truly hard for people to accept the truth and hard for Master to save the world's people.

Family Harmony Restored Through Falun Dafa

My poor health and bad temper often led me to beat my wife and son. After practicing Falun Dafa, my temper improved, and I vowed to never hit my family again. One day while talking to my son, I forgot to control my emotions and our conversation became heated. My son hit me in the head seven or eight times. Because I now practice Dafa and read the teachings, I understood this was retribution for my beating him in the past.

My divorced wife and son eventually moved back. I told them, “You can beat and scold me. I won’t say a word. I want to repay my debts and pay back everything I owe you.” My wife replied, “As long as you don’t hit or scold us, I will thank the gods. I certainly won’t hit you.” Now our family environment is filled with laughter.


After I started cultivating Falun Dafa in 2018, Master eradicated my diseases and restored my health. I have changed my bad habits and become a better person. I now live in a harmonious family and am even about to become a grandfather. All of these life blessings were given to me by Master.

Over the past few years, whether I suffered accidental burns at home by boiling water, or when my car overturned while I was driving, Master always kept me safe and sound. I’ve encountered so many incidents that each time I think of Master and his constant protection, I burst into tears. I remain extremely grateful for Master’s saving grace.