(Minghui.org) Recently I have noticed that quite a few practitioners are waiting for the end of the Fa-rectification and are eager to reach consummation in cultivation. Especially after Master’s new article “Wake Up” was published, many practitioners hoped that the persecution would end sooner so that they could reach consummation sooner. I think the attachment to consummation is an attachment that each of us should eliminate.

Many years ago, there have been practitioners who wondered why the persecution was still going on. In the past 20-plus years, whenever Master Li (Dafa’s founder) lectured on the issue of cultivating to consummation, some fellow practitioners would be curious about when the Fa-rectification would end. Many developed a very strong attachment to consummation, which might even impact the continuation of their cultivation.

This strong attachment has caused disappointments over and over again. It’s all because of this attachment that we pay attention to ordinary people’s affairs and changes in the human world. Our hearts are easily swayed by these changes. Over the years, every time the situation in human society changed, those practitioners’ hearts fluctuated, and huge losses and painful lessons followed.

This attachment tormented me for many years. In the few years leading up to 2012, I was obsessed with the catastrophe that many prophesies predicted to occur in 2012. I even made a bet with my husband that the Fa-rectification would end in 2012. Because I didn’t have a deep understanding of the Fa at that time, I was influenced by ordinary people’s prophecies. I thought that the human world dodged the predicted catastrophe in 1999 because of the power of Dafa, but that it would not be easy to get through 2012.

That year (2012) passed, and the Fa-rectification was not over. It was a huge shock to me mentally. Fortunately, with Master’s protection, I searched inward and found many human attachments, and corrected myself. I was grateful that my husband didn’t say anything disrespectful to Master or Dafa; otherwise, I’d have accrued a lot of karma due to my bet.

This incident enabled me to become more diligent and helped me realize that a practitioner should not be attached to anything in the human world. What a cultivator wants is to reach consummation and return home with Master. As for the intermediate process, we just need to listen to what Master said. Master will point out to us every step of the Fa-rectification, and we must not have any doubts. Master told us to do the three things well, so we just try our best to do so.

During the more than 20 years of the Fa-rectification, how many times have we become attached to everyday people’s affairs, stumbled, and taken detours? For example, we were all counting on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s then prime minister to end the persecution in the early years of the persecution; we then hoped the 2008 Olympics was the right time to see the CCP collapse; we also became obsessed with the 2020 U.S. election and hoped to see a certain candidate win. When we count on everyday people to do something for Dafa, the results are often the opposite.

In fact, Master told us that the relationship between practitioners and everyday people is one of offering salvation and being saved. Every day people are waiting for us to save them.

On the issue of the 2020 U.S. election, I remembered my lesson from 2012 and was not attached to the result. I believe that no everyday person has the ability to end this persecution, no matter how powerful or capable he/she is, or how good or bad he/she behaves.

During the Fa-rectification, Master can wipe out all the evil in an instant with a wave of his hand. The disintegration of the wicked communist regime is controlled by Master. Master has not done so because there are still more sentient beings to be saved, and many Dafa practitioners still need to do better. Master is giving us time and opportunities to us so we can reach the final standard of consummation, and return to the heavenly world.

Master said,

“But you know what? Those who have thoughts of Consummation in their minds can’t reach Consummation, not to mention those who want to reach Consummation but can’t let go of attachments to things like emotion and wealth. Pursue nothing and gain naturally! All the things that Dafa disciples are doing today are in fact the responsibilities that have been bestowed upon you by history. Just do what you should do openly and with dignity, and everything will be covered. (Applause) As long as you’re thinking about wanting to Consummate you won’t be able to Consummate…” (Teachings Given on Lantern Festival Day, 2003)

If we are attached to consummation, we will not be able to reach consummation. Cultivation is extremely serious. We have to cultivate every single thought in our daily life. The Fa-rectification has come to an end, and it has transitioned to Fa-rectification in the human world. Evil is also stepping up to drag down those who are still attached to fame, fortune, and various desires.

Master has said,

“For those who haven’t done well, it’s not over yet, so just do well what you’re supposed to do!” (“To Dafa Disciples Attending the Europe Fa Conference: Greetings!”)

Master has been giving us opportunities over and over again. We should eliminate our attachments and do well what Master asked us to do. We must not waste the cultivation opportunities Master gave us or let down the ardent expectations of all beings in our world. We should eliminate the attachment to consummation, do the three things well and reach the standard requirements as a Dafa disciple.

Editors note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)