To Dafa Disciples Attending the Europe Fa Conference: Greetings!

Dafa disciples’ cultivation is not just for the sake of personal consummation. It’s for assisting Master in saving sentient beings, it’s because you came with a mission. This is the reason you were able to become Dafa disciples.

The human world is a dimension of delusion, a dimension in which the reality of the universe and of life cannot be seen. It is precisely because it’s like this that people can practice cultivation. For people to still believe in the divine even though they’re unable to see the truth, to be able to keep moving up against the currents of society, to still be able to look within amid conflicts and hardships and in the face of unfair treatment, and to first set oneself straight—that is cultivation. Any God who sees this will be impressed, and that’s why you can consummate. That’s just the kind of being you are. And that’s not all: For Dafa disciples to still be able to assist Master in saving sentient beings amid being persecuted, this has never occurred before in history in any faith or any cultivation discipline. Even though it’s very difficult, in the process of actually doing it, you have made it through. For those who haven’t done well, it’s not over yet, so just do well what you’re supposed to do!

Hoping your Fa conference will be a complete success!

Master     Li Hongzhi

August 31, 2019

(Translation by Team Blue. This version: September 1, 2019)