(Minghui.org) After the article “Over 400 Million People in China Have Died of COVID Since the Pandemic Broke Out Three Years Ago” was published on Minghui.org, many practitioners wanted to verify that the figures of 400 million, 500 million, and 200 million mentioned in the article were indeed said by Master, since they did not want to pass along any inaccurate information.

Minghui Editorial Board then published “Confirmation” to confirm that those figures were indeed from Master. After that, however, some practitioners began to wonder why Master did not write an article about the COVID death toll in China or if the Minghui Editorial Board was spreading gossip. Shocked by these numbers, other practitioners found it hard to believe such a high death toll, especially given that they had not seen many deaths around them.

These observations made me think a lot. Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published over 10 years ago. People know from the book that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is evil, but they may not really know just how vicious the regime is. If a person relies mainly on his or her own personal experience to judge the CCP, information beyond what they know may seem unbelievable. Moreover, some people only trust so-called scientific evidence, but such a thought could be misleading.

Some people think that if 400 million people indeed died of COVID in the past few years, they should have noticed one death out of every few people they knew. However, the average value of a sample or a population does not mean each specific observation is the same as the average. In fact, the plague goes after people based on their karmic debts. If everyone in a family is righteous, then no one in the family will die of COVID. On the other hand, if everyone in another family is heavily involved in forced organ harvesting, probably almost all of them would lose their lives to COVID. In other words, the first family’s mortality rate will be zero and the second family’s will be almost 100%, even though the average mortality rate is between zero and one.

If we only know the first family, we may think everything is fine and doubt the high death toll. Thus, we cannot rely on our own personal experience or the “scientific” average values to assess the full picture of situations as we may only see a tree and not the forest.

In addition, people cannot see the karmic debts of others or their other specific circumstances. For instance, during the lockdowns, we seldom saw other people and might not know what they went through. Even if some died, we might not know about it immediately for various reasons. So what we think we know about our surroundings may not be timely or accurate.

The “god of plague” knows who to target and will not harm one single person who is innocent. The god of plague also does not follow so-called “scientific” evidence to target a specific percentage of people. The only criterion is that the targeted are those who have done bad deeds. Only the CCP would target citizens by quota, such as classifying 5% of the people as Rightists and suppress them.

Most people in China get their information from the state-owned media and the internet (including highly censored social media platforms). Most of that information is pro-CCP. We may tend to think China is prospering by reading the censored information—until tragedies hit home. For example, suppose the government propaganda has been claiming everything is fine when we know a major catastrophe has wiped out half of the population in our own region. In this case, we would certainly wonder where is everyone else and begin to doubt the glorious picture depicted by the propaganda.

The CCP is very good at covering up disasters and manipulating numbers. Credible information showed that at least 45 million Chinese residents lost their lives during the Great Famine (1959-1961). That was 7 or 8% of the total population of 600 million at the time. But many living in the urban areas then may not have known about or noticed the high death toll. During every political campaign, the CCP always targeted one group of people and instigated the rest of the population to attack it. As a result, most people would feel safe since they belonged to the “majority” and did not bother to check on what happened to the “counter-revolutionaries” or other targeted groups. But the sad fact is that the “safe” group is often targeted in the next political campaign.

According to the Nine Commentaries, Mao Zedong recommended in 1951: “In rural areas, to kill the counter-revolutionaries, over one-thousandth of the total population should be killed. ... In the cities, it should be less than one-thousandth.” Given that quota, 600,000 people would lose their lives. Mao was not alone. Tao Zhu, who ranked fourth in the CCP, also gave an order for land reform, “Bloodshed in villages, struggle in every household.” This meant that, in every village, the landowners had to die.

After decades of practice, the CCP is a well-oiled system capable of fabricating lies, justifying them with additional lies, and spreading the lies globally. All it cares about is holding onto its power, not people’s well-being. As such, the truth can never be found in official announcements or state-owned media. Many people have gotten used to believing the censored information, not the truth. No wonder some were shocked at the high death toll Master revealed.

Anyone who challenges the CCP’s brutal policies or “official” numbers could face serious retaliation. This happened to the persecution of Falun Gong, the outbreak of the pandemic, and the recent COVID death toll in China. But the divine is watching, and we should be clearheaded.