(Minghui.org) Over the years that I have been clarifying the truth about the persecution to people, I have witnessed many of Dafa’s miracles. I understand that saving people is a sacred task.

Rainstorm Paused

I had to go sign a work contract several dozen kilometers away. I planned to ride my motorbike and distribute truth-clarification materials in the town and villages along the way.

I prepared many booklets and DVDs. Just before I headed out, dark clouds rolled in and it threatened to rain.

I remembered reading an article on the Minghui website in which a practitioner said Master postponed a rainstorm when he was teaching Falun Dafa in China. I looked up at the sky and sent a righteous thought: “Rain, I am heading out to save people. Please wait and let me complete this task!”

As I headed out, the clouds got thicker and darker, and thunder began to roll. The villagers hid inside their homes. I placed truth-clarification materials in sheltered spots at each house. No rain fell.

It took two hours for me to distribute all the materials. As soon as I entered the building where I was supposed to meet the customer, the rain began to pour.

After I signed the contract, the rain stopped. I returned home without a problem. As soon as I got there, the skies opened and it poured again.

Sleet Canceled

When I visited another town, I stopped by a practitioner’s home. She had quite a few materials and asked if I could help her distribute them.

Even though I was very tired after the long trip, I sent righteous thoughts, took a full bag of the materials, and headed out. I walked for several hours, placing the booklets on cars parked along the road.

At dinnertime, the forecast said there would be heavy sleet overnight and it would last until the next day. I was worried that the booklets I’d just placed on those cars would get ruined.

I asked Master for help. “Please do not let the sleet damage the materials. People need to see them, know the truth, and make correct decisions for their future!”

The sleet, which was supposed to cover the entire province, did not come.

Master Showed Me Heaven

One day I was in another town helping to install satellite dishes to receive NTDTV programs. After that, I worked on another project. That evening I went to a practitioner’s home for Fa study. She said there were a lot of materials in her home because the practitioner who usually distributed them had been arrested. It was not safe to keep the materials there for very long, so she asked me if I could help. I agreed and took the two heavy bags of materials.

On the return bus, I thought about my situation. At the time I was living with relatives to avoid being persecuted by the CCP. My relatives support Dafa, but they are not practitioners. If I carried two large bags of materials into their home, they would be worried.

I decided to distribute the materials right away. It was already late and I was very tired after the long day. I sat on the bench at the bus stop, sent righteous thoughts, and recited the Fa. I felt refreshed. I hoisted the heavy bags and headed to the apartment district next to the bus stop.

I finished distributing all the materials by the next morning. I was very tired, but my heart was full of joy.

That night, I dreamed Master took me to Heaven. Standing on top of an observatory, the vast universe was in front of me. Master pointed to a giant screen. It displayed the world I came from. It was being rebuilt during Fa Rectification. It looked unbelievably beautiful!

I am so grateful for Master’s mercy!