(Minghui.org) A neighbor came to our house to have a casual talk with us on a day in the spring of 2021.

My husband asked him, “What's the best way to keep cash at home?”

The neighbor said, “No one keeps money at the main house. People all hide their money in a detached cottage.”

My husband said, “You are right. A few years ago, a thief broke into our house through the front door. He pried open our desk drawer and stole 1,500 yuan.”

The neighbor said, “Indeed, you should never put money in the main house, always in the cottage.”

A few days later, a practitioner brought 10,000 yuan to pay for making truth-clarification materials. I put the money in a cloth bag and stored it in a cabinet in the cottage before going to water my crops. Several days later I went to fetch the money. To my surprise, the bag was gone. I searched every place in the cottage, but to no avail. To a poor country woman, 10,000 yuan is not a small amount. I searched again and again in every corner, but did not find the money. Frustrated, I recalled the conversation between the neighbor and my husband. I began to suspect that he had taken the money.

At midnight after sending forth righteous thoughts, I noticed that a light was on in the neighbor’s house. I thought he might be counting the money. A strong resentment came to my mind. On the other hand, I did not have any evidence to accuse the man.

I thought about all the kindness my husband and I showed our neighbor. Despite his poor personal hygiene, we never looked down on him. Because he is single and oftentimes missed meals, we invited him over for meals. Gradually he became a frequent guest.

I shared this with the practitioner who brought the 10,000 yuan.

“Please calm down,” she said, “don’t blame others. The money was supposed to be used to save people. If he indeed took the money, he would have incurred a huge karmic debt. I cannot let you cover the entire loss. I will share half of it.”

Deeply touched, I said, “I lost the money, you should not pay for it.”

But she quickly brought 6,000 yuan to me, and I withdrew 4,000 yuan from the bank. Together, we made up the lost money and made the truth-clarification material.

But I still felt bad about the whole thing. Meanwhile, the neighbor exhibited unusual behavior. He is a shy man and never greets people. But he became quite friendly towards me, always saying hi, even from a distance.

A few days later, he stopped visiting our home. But he did come one more time and returned 200 yuan that he had borrowed a few years ago.

My suspicion grew, and I became more convinced that he had stolen the money.

After sharing my thoughts with the fellow practitioner, she said: “Dafa practitioners all have supernormal abilities. We should look at this with righteous thoughts and not with resentment. We should encourage his knowing side to do the right thing. We should beg Master to empower our ability to move the money back.”

That really helped me improve my cultivation. I put down any negative thoughts, and began to send forth righteous thoughts, hoping for a good outcome.

I began to check the cabinet every day, but still did not see any money. I realized that I still had a strong pursuit to getting the money back. After reading the Fa, I relinquished that attachment.

A few days later at noon, when reading the Fa, I heard a door-closing sound from the cottage. I did not pay much attention, and continued my Fa study. After reading one chapter, I went to the cottage and saw a bag in the cabinet where the money was stored before. It was the same bag that I had put the cash in. I opened the bag and found 10,000 yuan in cash inside.

I was very excited and said: “Thank you Master for helping your disciple.”

After some careful recounting, I discovered that the notes in the new bundle were not the same as the lost money. The practitioner gave me two bundles, 5,000 yuan in each, all 5 yuan bills. The money was freshly out of the bank and bound by a paper belt. The returned cash was in 10 bundles, 500 yuan each, tied with rubber bands. The bills were dirty and came with a bad smell, but the amount was exactly 10,000 yuan.

I want to express my gratitude to Master. With his guidance, we recovered the lost money, and helped the neighbor avoid a huge karmic debt.