(Minghui.org) One problem that has troubled me since I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998 is that I could not 100 percent believe in Master and the Fa, no matter how hard I tried. When I was in danger in dreams and felt anxious or afraid, I couldn’t remember to call to Master for help or to send forth righteous thoughts.

I started to add a thought to clear up my notions of not fully believing in Master and the Fa when I sent righteous thoughts, but the issue was never fundamentally resolved.

My eye was red and swollen last October. During that time, I saw a thick snake in shallow water in a dream. My son swung a stick at the snake, but it escaped the blows by hiding in the weeds in the water. I was scared, without any righteous thoughts, while standing behind my son. I couldn’t remember to call for Master’s help, nor did I have wisdom or power to deal with it. I felt disappointed in myself after I woke up.

About two weeks later, I saw a snake in a dream again. This time, it was moving away from me. I looked at it but couldn’t remember how to deal with it. I finally remembered to send righteous thoughts when it had moved very far away and was disappearing. I felt disappointed in myself again after I woke up.

The tests in my dreams truly let me see my cultivation state. I was confused and frustrated. Master tried to give me hints twice, but I didn’t enlighten.

I began to read and memorize the poems in Hong Yin VI after it was published. I noticed that Master mentioned atheism in 32 of the 61 poems. I thought, “Does Master see that a lot of sentient beings and Dafa disciples are deeply misled by atheism?” I compared this thought to my two dreams and understood that the two snakes I had seen symbolized the evil Communist Party.

Looking at my own life, I saw that my memories from my youth were full of Party culture and political campaigns launched by the Chinese Communist Party, including the land reform campaign that destroyed landlords, the people’s communes where villagers had to praise the devil Mao Zedong before every meal, the Cultural Revolution and the Gang of Four.

From a young age, I was a tool of the wicked Party and had been deeply immersed in atheism. The books and things I learned were full of Party culture. I had a deeply warped mind.

Searching deeper into my memories, I saw a propaganda picture of the devil Mao standing in a paddy field smiling at me. I understood! Master was enlightening me that the evil Party culture and atheism have been controlling my brain and my thoughts. No wonder my head often feels heavy and sometimes hurts, like it was being stabbed by a needle, and one of my eyes can’t see clearly. The devil is killing me. This also explained why I couldn’t achieve my goals in clarifying the truth over the years, and why I still have attachments of lust, resentment and many human notions.

I sent forth righteous thoughts to remove the Communist Party’s elements and atheism from my body. After sending forth righteous thoughts for half an hour, I saw that I had walked off a dangerous railway track onto a narrow path going up a hill.

I sent more righteous thoughts to remove atheism over the following days, and I felt my righteous thoughts becoming stronger. While in trance, I saw a team of men in uniform walking toward me. I was not scared and waited until they were close enough to send forth righteous thoughts.

“The Fa-power of righteous thought strikes demon caves.” (“Surround and Exterminate,” Hong Yin II)

The evil was thus dissolved. Thank you, Master!