(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1999. During the many years of my cultivation, I have maintained an unshakable belief in Master and Dafa.

Fifteen years ago, my legs were scalded by boiling water. At the beginning my legs did not hurt. That night the blisters opened and the fluid stuck to my clothing. A few days later the flesh on my legs looked raw, and bloody drainage seeped from the wounds. I also was in pain.

My husband urged me to see a doctor. “Not only will that cost money,” I said, “but it will also cause a lot of trouble for you. Just let me focus on reading the Fa and doing the exercises, I will be fine in a few days.” My mind was set, so he did not insist.

I did not yet know how to search within, While trying to search within I encountered difficulties. But I knew I must follow Master’s teaching. I read the Fa and did the exercises every day. The burned area started to heal. The wounds completely recovered within two weeks, and there were no scars.

Not Bringing Shame to Dafa

While at work, I suddenly felt dizzy one day in February 2019. My vision blurred and I nearly fainted. I called out to Master for help. After going home, I lied in bed and couldn’t move. I reflected on my cultivation. And realized that I was falling asleep when studying the Fa, not doing the exercises regularly, not being diligent in doing the three things.

Furthermore, I realized that I had thoughts of competitiveness, showing off, hatred, not cultivating my speech, and the mentality that I was always right. I had so many human attachments. The only way to eliminate them was to spend more time reading the Fa. I said to Master: Don’t worry! I can do it, I must not bring shame to Dafa.

I finished the exercises every day, even though I was not steady on my feet. I studied the Fa slowly, but still persisted. During that process, no matter how much pain I suffered physically, I kept my faith in Master and the Fa. I knew Master was right next to me, watching and protecting me. Within less than a month, I was back at work.

I witnessed Falun Dafa’s supernatural power and the seriousness of cultivation.

Thank you compassionate Master!