(Minghui.org) During all my years of clarifying the truth, I have deeply felt that sentient beings are gradually awakening. After understanding the truth, many people have shown their gratitude to Master Li and Falun Dafa. My family and friends were instrumental in helping ordinary people understand the truth about the persecution.

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Dafa in July 1999, I have used all available resources and every opportunity to clarify the truth to my colleagues at work. I told them about the “April 25 Peaceful Protest” in Zhongnanhai, as well as the staged “Tiananmen Square Self-immolation Incident.” I also gave them Dafa materials, which included DVDs, audio players with truth-clarification clips, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and software for getting through the Internet blockade.

The majority of my colleagues withdrew from the CCP and its youth organizations after reading these materials. I also encouraged them to talk to their family members, relatives, and friends about Dafa’s goodness.

“These are Things I’ve Never Heard Of!”

One of my colleagues has helped many of his family members and friends withdraw from the CCP organizations. However, he encountered some difficulties when he talked to his son about it. I first gave him some booklets about how one should withdraw from the CCP to stay safe and asked him to have his son read one. He later said his son refused, and told him, “I was finally able to join the CCP while in the army. Why would I withdraw from it now? No way!”

I told my colleague, “Your son has just left the army. He hasn’t seen the real world yet, so he doesn’t understand the essence of the CCP. Let’s take it slow. Don’t worry, he will change after he understands the truth.”

I later gave my colleague a pocket-sized audio player with new recordings. A few days later, he told me that his son said, “The content is so good. These are things I’ve never heard of or known about before. I also want to listen to these with my friends.”

After a month, my colleague came to tell me that his son had agreed to withdraw from the CCP, and expressed, “I was in the army for several years, and now they won’t even arrange a job for me. On the contrary, none of the officials’ children are unemployed, and they all have great jobs. Only poor people who have no power have to look for work in order to survive.”

I once clarified the truth to a driver. After he understood the truth, he withdrew from the CCP without hesitating. He also talked to his colleagues about the persecution of Dafa. I noticed that he was very enthusiastic, so I gave him the software for breaking through the Internet blockade, as well as video clips, audio players, and truth-clarification booklets.

“Spreading the truth and saving the people are things of infinite merit,” I told him. “There are gods and divine beings everywhere, and you will be blessed.” He continued to ask me for more materials, and I always gave him whatever he needed. He also reminded his colleagues and friends, “These materials are precious and must be cherished. We may not be able to see them again.”

Now we are good friends, and he continues to help his friends, families, and colleagues withdraw from the CCP organizations. I’m very moved by the awakening of all these sentient beings.

Awakening a Retired Police Station Director

I went to a park to clarify the truth and met a senior gentleman with two little kids taking a walk. He smiled and walked up to me. I said, “You are so blessed with the grandchildren.” He said cheerfully, “I now just have this small task after retirement.” I interjected, “After retirement, the most important thing is to be safe and healthy. Have you heard about withdrawing from the CCP to stay safe?” He said, “I’ve already withdrawn. It was one of your people who helped me with it.

“I also read your Master’s bookZhuan Falun. The content of the book was very good. At the time, many of my family, friends, and the police department practiced it. But I stopped when the persecution was launched. I’ve also read the booklets that your people gave me, and I’ve passed them along to others. They are all well written and very true. Everyone around me wants to read them. Do you still have these booklets? They talk about the facts. People all believe in facts!”

I then gave him the two booklets I had, and a USB flash drive, “You can take a look at these. They are all very good.” I also told him, “The Dafa book you read before is a book that teaches people how to become better people, and it is a high-level Buddhist cultivation school. It is a rare opportunity to practice it. You should bring a copy of Zhuan Falun home and continue to cultivate!” He agreed.

Another time I went to the park and saw a man who looked like a police officer walking toward me. When I saw his face, I recognized it was the senior gentleman who asked for materials the last time. He smiled and said hello. I said, “You are still wearing a police uniform after retirement!” He told me that, before retiring, he was the director of a city level police station in another city, and he came here to take care of his grandchildren. He said, “I’ve read the books and materials you gave me last time and then passed them on to others to read. When there are new ones, give me more, and I’ll pass them along as well.” I replied, “You are doing great things of immeasurable merit!” He said, “Don’t worry, I won’t mess up. Heaven and earth are looking at each person’s conscience.” I exclaimed, “Indeed! It is Heaven’s law that doing good things will be rewarded.”

We scheduled a time to meet again, and I gave him a large bag that had audio players, The Ultimate Goal of Communism, truth-clarification video clips, and more booklets. He said excitedly, “I will take a look at each of these and pass them on. People all need to see the truth, know what the CCP has done, and know that Falun Dafa has been wronged.”

After a period of getting to know him, he told me that some of his friends were city mayors and other officials in various police stations, procuratorates, courts, and fire departments, and they were all willing to read truth-clarification pamphlets. One retired mayor, especially, really liked to read the materials in his spare time.

I said, “I’ll prepare materials for you whenever you need them.” He also asked me to prepare him some larger video players with high definition for the mayor to watch. Within a few days, I handed him several video players, audio players, and USB flash drives, and told him that if anyone wants to withdraw from the CCP, he could give me the list. When I saw him again, he indeed gave me a list of people who wanted to withdraw.

I also handed him the video of Master’s lectures on a USB flash drive, and a copy of Zhuan Falun: “This predestined relationship is rare! You really should treasure this opportunity, study the Fa, and do the exercises well. Master is waiting for us to return to our true homes.” He was very happy and thanked me.

Suggestions for Clarifying the Truth

When clarifying the truth, we should not say overly high-level principles, but focus instead on explaining basic facts thoroughly, including, “What is Falun Dafa?” “What is the wicked CCP?” and so on. We need to be patient, as we may need to explain things repeatedly. We should be confident and be certain that sentient beings would surely be saved.

We also need to be good at discovering where the person’s problems or points of confusion may be and use a variety of methods to resolve them, so they can understand the truth and be saved.

Finally, we should try to make friends with people, so that once they understand the truth, they can also play a role of spreading the beauty of Dafa and helping others to withdraw from the CCP organizations.