(Minghui.org) Both of my sons are married. My older son and his wife worked in another city, and the younger one and his wife worked at a local construction site. My whole family believed in Falun Dafa and had already withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party. Master has protected my family members many times. Today, I would like to share a story about my younger daughter-in-law Xiaowei.

My younger son Yujie is a mason. His wife Xiaowei is 28 years old this year. Xiaowei is a kind-hearted woman. Once they went out on a long-distance trip and saw an elderly man fall off his bike. Xiaowei asked Yujie to stop so she could help the man. People all praised her for being so caring.

While this may seem perfectly normal in Western society, people in China now refrain from helping strangers for fear they might be accused of causing the accident and have to pay the victim’s medical bills.

Despite her kind heart, Xiaowei has a strong personality and can be aggressive. She sometimes complained about Yujie choosing the physically demanding job of bricklaying not being a very lucrative occupation.

Last fall, they were working near an elevator shaft in a new, 26-floor building behind the county hospital. They were on the third floor at the time when Xiaowei started to complain about being tired again. Yujie was about to remind her that the gates to the elevator shaft hadn’t been installed yet and to be careful, but before he could get the words out, Xiaowei tripped and fell down the shaft.

The third floor was ten meters from the ground level. Steel bars were sticking out from the sides and at the bottom of the shaft. The basement floor was full of water. Xiaowei landed somewhere on the first floor and was knocked unconscious. My son shouted for help. A couple working on the first floor heard him and rushed over to save Xiaowei. The woman was so scared she started to cry. It was a miserable sight.

When Yujie called me, I told him to repeat “Falun Dafa is good” and reminded him that only Master Li (Dafa’s founder) could save her. After a while, Xiaowei moved just a little. Then the ambulance arrived and took her to the emergency room.

After the call, I begged Master to save Xiaowei. When my husband and I got to the hospital, we saw Xiaowei covered in bruises, her life hanging by a thread. I said, “Let’s repeat ‘Falun Dafa is good.’” The doctor said three of her ribs were broken, she had a hole in one lung, and a steel bar had gone through one of her legs. The bones were visible but unbroken. The emergency room doctor put in two stitches to close the hole in her leg and sent her to the inpatient department for further treatment.

After a more careful examination, the doctor in the inpatient department said that her ribs actually were not broken. They were only damaged and should recover quickly. Xiaowei was advised to stay in the hospital for ten days to two weeks.

Xiaowei soon came around. She recalled seeing the bars that were planted two feet from the next one, each about two feet high. When Xiaowei fell, she clearly sensed something in the air catch her and slow her down. She kept repeating the Falun Dafa auspicious phrases. She could hear the cries of Yujie and the other couple, but she couldn’t speak or move.

When she fell, she landed on her right side with her head between two steel bars. Another bar pierced her left leg. The boss of the construction site said that “five more inches and she would have fallen into the basement,” where there were many more steel bars plus water.

Xiaowei recovered quickly. She knew that Falun Dafa’s Master had saved her, and she was discharged in a week. Two months later, her pain was totally gone.

During this time, I tried to make nutritious and delicious meals for her to help her recover. When I shared her story with the meat vendor in the market, he said, “Wow, your family must be so blessed.” I told him that the Master of Falun Dafa saved my daughter-in-law, and he agreed. Later, every time I went to buy meat from him, I would clarify the truth to him from different angles.

Xiaowei was able to drive an electric car just a month later. Now they have bought a new house. Yujie goes to work and also takes care of the renovations on the new house. Since this experience, Xiaowei’s temperament has gotten much gentler than before, and she is deeply grateful to Master for saving her life.

I am grateful to Master for saving my daughter-in-law’s life, too, and I am grateful to Master for protecting my family.