(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. I have gone out to clarify the truth to people and advise them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for years. I wanted to recount a few heartwarming success stories.

When I passed a market selling seafood, I saw a live elongated bottom-dwelling freshwater fish, called a loach, on the ground. Worried that someone might step on it, I picked it up and put it into a water tank. A woman smiled at me and said, “You are such a kind person!”

A thought entered my mind, she must be a person destined to be awakened to the truth about the persecution. I then told her that I practice Falun Dafa and that our Teacher (Li Hongzhi) taught us to be good people. But the CCP does not allow people to be good. They do not want people to believe that gods exist. The pandemic, however, is here to weed out those who stand with the evil CCP.

I asked her if she heard of quitting the CCP to remain safe. She said she heard of it but had not quit. “Let me help you to quit the CCP,” I offered. She told me again that I was kind and decided that she wanted to quit.

“I Don’t Want the CCP. It’s so evil! I Want to Withdraw From It!”

For several years, I tried to advise a lay Buddhist to withdraw from the CCP. She said she did not like Dafa and did not want to quit the CCP. Whenever I saw her, I tried to clarify the truth about Dafa from a different angle. During the pandemic, I noticed her walking toward me.

“Master Li, please strengthen me and let her quit the CCP this time!” I asked in my mind.

I walked over to greet her, “I haven’t seen you for a while. How are you doing?” She replied, “How well can I be when the pandemic is ongoing? I am so scared!”

“Withdraw from the CCP, then you will be blessed!” I told her, “Someone caught COVID and recovered by reciting Falun Dafa is good!” She was surprised. I still talked about Dafa to her and she asked if I was afraid of being arrested?

“I’m not afraid,” I said calmly. I talked about how the CCP arrested, tortured, sentenced, and even killed Dafa practitioners by removing and selling their organs.“Practitioners are good people. The CCP has done horrible things beyond people’s imagination. Heaven will punish those who are associated with it. Why would you want to be a member of the CCP? Dafa practitioners are here risking their own lives to save people!”

I looked at her and saw that her face was covered with tears. She cried, “I don’t want the CCP. It’s so evil! I want to withdraw from it!” She pressed her palms in front of her chest and remained like that for a long time.

People of All Ages Quit the CCP

I once sat on a bench at a shopping center, when a woman in her 40s sat down next to me. She must be a predestined person, I thought. After sending righteous thoughts, I started to chat with her.

She mentioned that she was picking up her daughter from high school because it is not safe for young girls these days. I interjected, “People’s morality is declining. They do not believe good and bad will be rewarded. Yet, that is Heaven’s rule.”

I asked if she had withdrawn from the CCP. She said she did not believe in anything except having a clear conscience.

“The CCP does not believe in the existence of God. If you are a member of the CCP, how can God save you during a catastrophe?” I said, “You won’t lose anything if you withdraw from the CCP. You will gain a bright future instead. How about quitting the CCP with the name Liu Le? Le means happiness.”

She broke into laughter and said, “Auntie, you really know how to give a good name! Yes, I will withdraw from the CCP. Falun Dafa is good!”

In fact, I gleaned her name – Liu Le – telepathically.

On another afternoon, I saw an elderly lady sitting on the stairs in front of a building. I greeted her, and she, looking puzzled and asked if I knew her. I smiled and teased her about my knowing her.

She said she liked my voice, She then asked if I practiced Falun Dafa, and I said yes.

She said she liked the fact I didn’t lie and wondered if I was going to ask her to quit the CCP?

I said, “Auntie, the CCP is evil. My Master teaches people to be good so they will be safe when a catastrophe comes. We are here to save people!”

“I am old and I’m not afraid of dying. But neither do I want to be a part of the evil. You were truthful, so I will be true to you. Please help me withdraw from the communist young pioneers, You don’t need to make a name for me. Please just use my real name.”

I later found out she is the mother-in-law of a fellow Dafa practitioner.

During a winter day, the road was covered by thin ice. I stopped at a red light. A girl then stepped onto the road wanting to cross. I stopped her by holding her arm: “Wait for the green light, when it would be safer.” As soon as I said that, a car zoomed by in front of us.

“See? It can be dangerous,” I said to the girl. “Grannie, you are so kind!” She told me she was a high school student on her way to class.

When the light turned green, she insisted on holding my arm when crossing the slippery road.

“You are a very kind girl. You help the elderly to cross the road,” I said. She said her parents often told her to care for the elderly and youngsters.

“You are very lucky to have such nice parents! Girl, you and I are predestined. Have you heard of Falun Dafa?”

She said she had read some Falun Dafa brochures. “Then I don’t need to explain too much. Have you joined the Youth League and Young Pioneers?” She said yes. I then offered to help her withdraw from them, and she agreed.

Before we parted, I told her to recite “Falun Dafa is good!” She answered: “Granny, I will remember!”

Everything Is Arranged

I was once doing house chores when a thought told me to go out. So I dressed up and left the house. Where should I go? I headed west without thinking about it. I did not know what would happen.

I reached a residential community and sat on a bench, A young lady came and politely asked if she could sit next to me. I said of course. She just got off the bus from a big city. She said she was here to meet with a classmate and would go back in the afternoon. She also told me that she was a kindergarten teacher. “No wonder you look energetic and lovely,” I responded,

“I thought people here were uneducated and poor. But auntie, you are so well dressed, and look well educated,” she exclaimed.

I smiled, “You are here to meet me today. You look very kind. You are one of the people chosen by God to be saved.”

She said. “I believe in God! Auntie, do you practice Falun Dafa?” I said yes and explained the facts about Dafa. She responded, “I knew about what you are telling me. My father is a policeman.” I told her to tell her father not to persecute Dafa practitioners. “I will tell him for sure,” she promised, “Auntie, please help me withdraw from the CCP.”

“Are you a CCP member? You look very young.” She replied, “Yes, I joined the party when I was 22. Please help me withdraw. Please also help my mother withdraw too. She is an accountant.”

I explained that her mother has to agree to withdraw herself. At the time, a car came to pick her up. Before leaving, she held my hands and kept telling me to pay attention to my safety.

I knew this meeting was arranged by Master!