(Minghui.org) I am a young practitioner who has been practicing Falun Dafa for 20 years. I clearly recall that I have been deluded in ordinary human society at times. Recently, I understood studying the Fa is the key that helps one gain benefits.

I come from a family of Falun Dafa cultivators, but my family has not always lived in harmony. I was rebellious and stubborn and refused to accept any criticism from my parents or elders. My mother was like me, she was also bold and bad tempered. She’d often get into fights over trivial matters, and I would get quite annoyed when that happened.

I had a short break recently, so I stayed home. I thought to make use of my time, so I started studying the Fa with my family every night. In the past, I would also stay home during breaks, but was unable to persist in studying the Fa. This time we were persistent in studying the Fa. I also studied all of Master’s lectures before leaving my house.

I enlightened to many Fa principles that were once unclear to me. I also had cultivation questions and could discuss them with my family members. I began to adhere to the Fa principles in my daily life, and be a true cultivator.

Letting Go of the Attachment of Receiving Compensation

I once participated in a drawing competition for a prize. Due to technical errors, I didn't win a prize. I contacted customer service and demanded an answer. When customer service called me, I immediately thought: "This is a test for me. I cannot get angry." The representative on the phone shrugged off their responsibilities and said that it was my fault. Had it been in the past, I would have demanded that they compensate me. However, I realized that I am a cultivator and should not get worked up. I patiently told him how I'd done everything properly. Then I asked myself, “Do you really want a prize? Is it there for me to win?” I began to slowly let go of my thoughts of winning anything. Just then, the customer service representative said he would compensate me with an equal value item.

I was met with several incidents of personal loss. I would politely inquire with customer service each time and not be attached to the results. I realized I had a strong attachment to personal gains and profits and needed to be stricter with myself on my cultivation path.

Attachments to Sentimentality, Jealousy, and Ego

I also have an attachment to sentimentality. I have a cousin who is a couple of years younger than me. Due to her family situation, my parents cared a lot about her. My attachment of ego and jealousy surfaced, and I started to treat her with hostility.

I felt it was unfair when my parents bought her things and liked her comments on a messaging application. I disliked her and treated her coldly. I knew this was not right but I couldn’t seem to help it. I’d even quarreled with my parents because of issues with my cousin. Gradually I enlightened that this was an attachment of sentimentality for my parents and jealousy over my cousin. I wanted to compete against her and feel superior. This is a mentality of showing off. Many attachments surfaced and I knew I need to relinquish them. I started to reflect on myself and began treating her with more compassion.

I still have many shortcomings, but Master has never given up on me. Master has always been protecting me. My menstrual pains were excruciating before. I’d turn pale, unable to sit down, and had to stay in the bathroom for over half an hour. My feet would feel very light while walking, and I’d be unable to attend classes in school. During that time everyone was studying for the National College Entrance Examination, a standardized college entrance exam held annually in mainland China, I had to take leave from school and return home. I’d fall asleep listening to Master’s lectures, wake up to feel all better and return to school. The discomforts persisted for a long time. After a period of time, I would only get my menstrual pains and cramping for a day. After studying the Fa, the pains were gone.

Although I was slacking off in my cultivation, Master still protected me and I am very grateful to Master. I have not seen a doctor, nor have I taken any medication during the past 10 years. Words cannot describe my gratitude towards Master.

My family is also blessed with Master’s protection. My mother got into a serious car accident last year. Her two front teeth were knocked out, and she was unable to raise her right arm, or walk properly. My father and I were worried. We began to help her look inward to find her shortcomings in cultivation. However, the effects weren’t ideal.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

My mother went to work with her arms injured and face bruised. Upon arriving at work, her colleagues were shocked and insisted on taking her to a hospital. The doctor diagnosed that my mother had broken her right arm and needed surgery. My mother asked that my father and I come. When we arrived at the hospital, we decided to take my mother home since we believed in Master and the Fa. My mother practiced Falun Dafa’s five sets of exercises at home and though she was unable to bring her right arm up, she still persisted in doing the exercises. My mother was able to lift her arm within 10 days and returned to work. Her coworkers were in disbelief when they witnessed how my mother recovered without taking any medications or going to the hospital. Friends and family have witnessed the power of Falun Dafa. Thank you Master!

Although my mother would still get easily agitated at times, her temper has gotten better after the car accident. At times when she gets upset, we would study the Fa with her and the conflicts would be resolved. Our cultivation environment also became more harmonious by studying the Fa as a family.

I started to slack off in cultivation now that I have left home again. However, I made the decision to strictly abide by Dafa’s principles, and not leave any regrets for myself. Despite still having many cultivation stories that I’d like to share and expose my own attachments, I feel that no words can fully express my true thoughts. Therefore, in order to not let Master down, I will strive diligently in cultivation and leave no regrets for myself. I hope practitioners, who also slack off as I have done, can do better in cultivation. Accomplishing a little each day still counts as improvement in cultivation.

The above is my understanding. Please correct me if there is anything improper.