(Minghui.org) I recently wrote my sharing articles for commemorating World Falun Dafa Day, and also helped some fellow practitioners with their submissions. I felt Master’s immense compassion as he gave me hints and cared so much about my improvement during the process.

Decision to Submit an Opinion Article

When I first read the notice, Minghui Calls for Opinion Articles to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Falun Dafa’s Introduction to the World, I thought it would be difficult to write opinion articles, as I did not have the ability. So I gave up on the idea of submitting an article before carefully reading the full notice.

I later read several articles on the Minghui website encouraging practitioners to participate in the submissions, so I went back to read the notice several times. I gained new understanding and confidence too. I enlightened that submitting an article was a rare opportunity to assist Master in the Fa rectification, eliminate evil elements, and save sentient beings. As long as we kept the Fa in our hearts, Master would open up our wisdom and help us. So I started to write with firm confidence.

While I was aware of the three elements for an opinion article, namely, talking points, supporting evidence, and reasoning, this was my first time writing an opinion article for validating the Fa. With my desire to validate the Fa, plus Master’s compassionate support, however, I soon finished the draft. Even though I was not satisfied with it, it became the framework for the article, great progress for me. I read it to a few practitioners for their comments. One of them said sincerely that it was not vivid enough. I felt that the evidence was not ample and the reasoning was not strong enough either.

Shortly afterwards, Minghui published Notice: Call for Submissions to Commemorate World Falun Dafa Day 2022. Since the deadline for the opinion articles was later, I put it aside for the time being and started writing an article for this new call for submission. With Master’s support, I quickly finished it.

Helping Other Practitioners

I encouraged practitioners around me to submit sharing articles as well. Some elderly practitioners did not know how to write, and asked me to help. I was touched by some of the things I experienced while helping them. Master was constantly watching over and enlightening every true disciple.

One practitioner, close to 60 years old, had moved from a rural area into my neighborhood a year ago and lived very close to me. Our windows faced each other and we could see each other. When I talked to her about submitting an article, she told me that she only had an elementary school education and had never written anything. After we shared, she realized that this year was the 30th anniversary of Master’s introduction of Dafa, and she felt ashamed for having missed so many past opportunities to validate the Fa. So she made up her mind to do it well this time.

She bought a notebook, but did not know how to continue after writing two lines. I went to her home to help her after she asked me. She talked about the feud with her relatives many years ago and how she changed their relationships after practicing Dafa. She shed tears when she recalled that painful experience. This was her first time exposing her resentment in front of a practitioner. When I finished the draft for her, she felt that her injustice and resentment had left her the next day, and that everything that happened to her was as if from a remote age. She felt relieved and relaxed. She realized that Master had removed those bad substances from her.

Another practitioner, almost 80 years old, had never written any articles. A younger practitioner in our group told her that she helped another practitioner with article submission but did not ask the elderly practitioner if she had written hers. The elderly practitioner was too shy to ask her for help, but after the elderly practitioner went home, she became anxious and had to ask Master to help. She said, in front of Master’s portrait, “Master, I am not well educated. I don’t know how to write, so I have not reported my cultivation to you yet. Please send a practitioner to help me!”

Almost around the same time, I was thinking which practitioner in our area had not written their articles yet and she came to my mind. The next day, Master arranged for the two of us to meet on the street. When I learned that she hadn’t written anything yet, I said that I could help her. She was overjoyed. I went to her house in the afternoon. She told me how she had asked for help from Master, and couldn’t hold back her tears. She kept saying that Master was so compassionate. I quickly helped her finish her article. While reading it to her. She was so moved that she sobbed the whole time.

Another practitioner, who had just been released from prison for practicing Dafa, moved to my area from the town where I obtained the Fa. Other practitioners suggested that I share experiences with him. When we met, I learned that he had not submitted his article, and that he did not know how to write. I encouraged him but did not have the thought to help him write. But after I returned home, his heartbreaking experience after being released from detention kept playing in my mind. At that time, he was weak with an unclear mind, unable to speak, and needed help to eat. But he quickly recovered through studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Master hinted me to help him to write his miraculous experience. I knew that Master did not want to leave any of his disciples behind, so I immediately began to write.

Cultivating Myself

I showed my human notions when it came to my parents. I thought that they, both in their 80s, began to practice Dafa late and did not have much to share. So I did not check with them. However, Master gave me the opportunity to help the above-mentioned elderly practitioner, which made me to realize my notions about my parents’ ages. Master does not want leave any disciples behind, and how could I? I quickly helped my parents finish their articles.

After I finished helping over ten practitioners with their submissions, the deadline for opinion articles was coming close. So I continued to work on my draft. I accumulated some materials while helping other practitioners, which enriched my article. I finished it quickly and smoothly.

After sending out my opinion article, one practitioner remembered that a practitioner whom I knew very well had not yet written her sharing. I had talked to her about it more than once, but she had always given the same response each and every time, “My mind is blank. I have nothing to write.” I felt uncomfortable about checking with her again and again, so I left her to decide. When the practitioner mentioned her to me, I realized that I hadn’t done my best to help her.

Since the submission deadline was the next day, I decided to find her and check. She was helping her relatives babysit their children so she was not at home. After going through a lot of trouble, I finally found her. After I shared my understanding of the call for submissions, she was touched. I quickly helped her finish her paper. She was very happy.

In the process of helping others, I deeply felt the importance of cultivating myself. At the same time, I saw the dedication and selflessness of the practitioners responsible for submitting the articles to Minghui. She personally typed up all the papers on the computer, then reviewed and revised them too. The work was time-consuming and tiring, but she was always cheerful, without any complaint. I learned a lot from her.

My notions and attachments affected my mood from time to time. Without Master’s timely support and hints, several practitioners in my area would have missed the opportunity to validate the Fa, and I would have missed the opportunity to improve myself. If helping others with their submissions was part of my prehistoric vow and I did not do my best to do it well, I would have left regrets in my cultivation.

Thank you, Master. I will do a good job in the future to live up to Master’s compassionate salvation. I can’t come up with better words to express my gratitude to Master. Nevertheless, I will cultivate myself well and save more people in return.