(Minghui.org) I would like to use the Minghui website as a platform to share a simple cultivation story I encountered recently. 

When a cultivator’s thoughts of compassion and altruism emerge, the illusions of discomfort will disappear. Although what I’ve experienced is a trifling matter, I hope my experiences would be able to motivate more practitioners to upgrade their realm of thinking. My experiences also display Dafa’s preciousness and amazing effect. 

I felt very uncomfortable while driving home one day. I felt sharp pain on my temples and experienced heart palpitations. I wanted to vomit, and my stomach felt like it was churning inside. Since I was driving on the highway it became impossible for me to stop the car. I firmly held onto the steering wheel, rolled down my windows, and let some fresh air in. I regulated my breathing and started to recite the two Dafa phrases “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” In facing sudden illusory discomfort, a Dafa practitioner should hold righteous thoughts, and regard it as an opportunity to upgrade in cultivation. 

While silently reciting the two Dafa phrases, I negated all abnormalities from the most microscopic particle to the macroscopic particle. My urge to vomit seemed to disappear, however I still had a headache, and had no energy. It was almost time to send forth the 6 p.m. righteous thoughts. I decided to prolong sending forth righteous thoughts for 5 more minutes to eliminate the causes of my poor cultivation state. 

I thought of another practitioner at that moment. The auntie was overcoming sickness karma and was hospitalized because she could not bear the illusory pains from the illness. I reminded everyone to help her send righteous thoughts during our group Fa study. Upon second thought, I decided to help the auntie to send forth righteous thoughts instead of sending righteous thoughts for myself. 

There were two reasons as to why I felt like sending forth righteous thoughts for the practitioner was more important. First, when a practitioner is faced with difficulties or tribulation, Dafa practitioners need to cooperate as one body, and help her overcome her tribulation. Secondly, we need to be true to our words. Since I did not do much to help her, I felt a need to send righteous thoughts for her. Regardless of where we are and what environment we are in, Dafa disciples need to cooperate as one body. 

I focused on sending righteous thoughts and directed a strong mie [meaning “eliminate”] at the evil in auntie’s dimensional field. Just then, something miraculous happened. I felt a microscopic energy gathering on the top of my head and then bursting out into the universe. It was as large as the cosmic body and encompassed everything while also leaving out nothing. My temples felt warm and any of my discomfort was gone. I enlightened that as soon as I said the word mie, all the evil spirits and dark minions, layers upon layers in other dimensions that attempted to interfere with my body were eliminated. The effect in this dimensional field was that my body was feeling better.

When I arrived home, I felt that Master had purified my body. I felt lighter and more energetic. I took the precious Book Zhuan Falun in my hands and read it diligently. I was immersed in Master’s compassion, and felt like a child who finally had returned home!