(Minghui.org) I went to a community fair the other day to talk to people about Falun Dafa. Shortly after I got off the bus, a man in his 70s walked up to me, “Do you practice Falun Dafa?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Can you come over this way? I have a favor to ask you.”

I followed the man to the side of the street. He told me that he met a Dafa practitioner not long ago and got a booklet from her. From reading the booklet, he understood how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been covering up the pandemic and persecuting Falun Dafa. He also understood that the practitioners’ persuading people to quit the communist regime was for their own benefit. “You are all good people, but the communist regime treats you in such an evil way and spreads propaganda against you. Heaven will hold them accountable.”

“That’s so true. They incited hatred among the public against us and they will be brought to justice one day.” I replied.

He said, “It’s so dangerous if we are still part of it. My family has all joined it, can you help us to quit? We can’t go down with it.”

I was really touched by his righteousness and couldn’t be happier to help him. Before parting, I gave him more Dafa materials.

In addition to the general public who have woken up to the evilness of the communist regime, those within the system are also becoming more outspoken about it. Below are a few stories shared by another practitioner.

The practitioner had a distant relative working in the education bureau. This relative told her the following story: During a work meal with provincial-level officials one day, a top official revealed that he told his own children that they could take up any profession, but not join the Communist Party.

After a brief moment of silence, someone asked the official why. He shared his personal story: when he joined the Party in his 20s, he was ambitious to follow the Party and make a great contribution to the country. After being in the system for all these years and witnessing the level of corruption, he realized that the Communist Party has nothing good at all. While he couldn’t quit it himself, he didn’t want his children to follow his steps.

The practitioner has a colleague who joined the Party while attending college. She said it was her father, a Party official, who forced her to do it, thinking it would be beneficial for her to find a job later on. The young woman in her 20s revealed that she despises the Party and she trashed the Party magazines at home. When it came to writing the annual thought reports, she and others all dislike it and they just copied the reports between each other. Although every report was the same, no one ever said anything about it.

A nephew of the practitioner worked as a department manager at a large private company. He once mentioned at a party to his friends that he was a Party member. His friends all laughed at him and he felt very embarrassed. When the practitioner asked him to quit the Communist Party shortly after, he immediately agreed.

This practitioner also had a story about an official in charge of recruiting Party members. When she urged him to quit the CCP, he said yes without any hesitation. He later consulted her about one thing – how to completely sever ties with the CCP after his retirement. Even though he had quit the CCP, the membership dues were still automatically deducted from his salary. He wanted to stop paying the dues after he retired. This practitioner suggested that he transfer his employee personnel file out of his organization after his retirement. That way, his employer would no longer be able to deduct membership dues from his retirement benefits. He said that was a great idea and followed her advice.

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