(Minghui.org) I am in my 70s this year and have been practicing Falun Dafa for over 20 years. I witnessed many miracles during my cultivation and will share one of them that took place in a car accident.

I carried my 6-month-old grandson on my back when riding an electric bicycle one afternoon at the end of 2015. A small vehicle hit the mirror of my bicycle, and there was a loud sound. My bicycle and I fell to the ground. I lay on the ground unable to move. My lower back was injured and my heart palpitated from the impact. It was as if I was going to lose consciousness.

My mind became clear at once and my first thought was: “I am a practitioner. I will be all right. I have Master protecting me!” I shouted, “Master, save me” many times and gradually my heart did not feel so terrible. However, I could not get up. Just then, my daughter-in-law and her friend happened to pass by and saw me. She checked out my grandson, who was fine.

Police officers and the ambulance arrived soon afterward, and I was taken to the hospital. The doctor wanted to take x-rays but I said, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, I will recover soon. There is no need to carry out any examination.” He walked away displeased and left me there.

Later on, the father of the driver who hit me came to the hospital to see me. I said to him, “You met a good person today. Because I practice Falun Dafa and follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. Don’t worry, I will be fine. I won’t ask you for compensation. But, I must tell you, please remember Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. If you recite these words often, you will enjoy good health and avoid danger. It will bring you blessings.” He recited the phrases and said, “I will remember what you said.” My son then came to take me home.

My son was asked to go to the police station to report the accident and get compensation. He said he was not in a hurry to settle things and planned to go to the police station after the Chinese New Year. I said to him, “Don’t be like that. Quickly get things done so that the other party can celebrate the New Year having peace of mind.” He felt uneasy after hearing my words. He and my son-in-law went to the police station.

The officer played back a recording of the accident and said, “See, they hit your mother, you can ask them to pay as much as you want as compensation.” My son and son-in-law answered, “My mother does not want any money, let’s go.” I was pleased when they told me about it when they returned home.

At home, I could not get out of bed and my family had to carry me to the table for meals. My relatives and friends chided me when they came to see me, “Your injuries are so severe, yet you refused to go to the hospital and did not ask the driver to pay any compensation. How silly you are! Have you become a fool from practicing Falun Dafa, we have never seen anyone like you.” I said to them, “It’s all right. I will recover soon.”

I persisted in doing the exercises, studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts every day. I did the sitting meditation for two hours and within a month’s time, my body was back to normal. I was able to go out again to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa.

A Bad Thing Turns Into a Good Thing

Through this incident, I not only improved my character but also miraculously turned a bad thing into a good thing. When I was young, I hurt my back on several occasions. A bone protruded from my spine and my back was in pain all the time. If I did not practice Falun Dafa, perhaps I would have been paralyzed.

This time, after I was hit by the car, unexpectedly, the bone that stuck out was pushed back to its original position! My body has become normal, complete, and healthy. I understand that I passed this test due to my faith in Master and Dafa, consequently, a bad thing turned out to be a blessing! Thank you Master for your protection.