(Minghui.org) Because I distributed Falun Dafa materials, the police ransacked my home in 2003. They warned me, “Your daughter just graduated and is looking for a job. How dare you still go out and distribute such things?”

I told my daughter about the incident when she came home. She wasn’t afraid and said, “I can earn a living through my own hard labor. I don’t worry about finding a job to feed myself. They are just gangsters.”

Although my daughter doesn’t practice Falun Dafa, she has read Dafa books and supports me. Despite the police threat, she found a very good job that many people were trying to get through connections. We didn’t have any connections, but with the help of Falun Dafa’s Master, she got the job.

The police later called my daughter and told her to persuade me to stop practicing Falun Dafa. She said, “My mother is in her 60s. Why do you do such things to her?” and hung up.

The police came to harass me again in September 2021 when my daughter happened to be at home. Hearing me talking to the police, she came out of her room and grilled them: “Who asked you to come? When you come all the time to harass us, how will our neighbors look at us? What did my mother do? Why do you wear a mask and how do we know who you are?”

The police then asked her if she also practiced. She said, “I don’t practice, but I know Falun Dafa is great. Look at my mother. Does she look like she’s in her 70s? Thanks to her good health, I don’t have to worry about her or take care of her.”

In 2013, my daughter started to have back pain that turned out to be caused by a kidney stone. She knew that Master Li (Dafa’s founder) would help her and she recited the auspicious phrases, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

A few days later, she felt the stone moving, as the pain moved along with it. A week later, a stone about the size of a mung bean fell out when she urinated. She called me and told me about it. “It’s so amazing! Thank you, Master!” she exclaimed.

When COVID-19 broke out in my area, my daughter had a high fever and a cough. She also lost her sense of taste. She stayed in bed and listened to Master’s lectures. Three days later, she was completely recovered. None of our other family members were ever infected.

Editor’s note: Falun Dafa is extraordinary and magnificent, and its mighty power reaches both the macrocosm and the microcosm. The case detailed in this article is just a tiny manifestation of the power of Dafa on the level of the secular world. While Dafa can bring blessings to humankind, Dafa’s extraordinariness and magnificence are more for people to return to their true origins.