(Minghui.org) I met Wang last spring when I bought eggs from her street stand near the entrance to my neighborhood. It turned out that we both came from the same township. She’d recently moved here, where her daughter was going to college. She made a living selling apples, eggs, and noodles from their own farm.

She told me that doing business here hadn’t been easy, as many of her goods went bad in the warehouse before she could sell them. I sympathized with her and told her about Falun Dafa. I suggested that she could try reciting the phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” as it might bring her good luck. I also urged her to quit the Chinese Communist Party due to its human rights violations. She readily agreed.

The next time I saw Wang, she was very happy, and told me that since she’d met me, she had been reciting the phrases all the time and her business had really picked up. She was busy on the phone taking orders every day. The local military bought 1,000 kg of noodles from them around the New Year and they were now asking for another 250 kg.

She also told me about her older sister, who’d been having a tough time over the past two years. When her brother-in-law was selling goods from a tricycle in the city, the authorities impounded the tricycle. Their son was addicted to gambling and his wife had left him, and moved back to her mother’s home, with plans to divorce him. Then the family donkey went missing. Needless to say, her sister was very depressed.

Because Wang was so busy taking care of her business, she didn’t have time to visit her sister in person, but she made a video call to her on WeChat and told her how her business had improved after she started reciting the Falun Dafa phrases. She urged her sister to do the same. “Everything will be fine if you repeat the phrases sincerely,” she told her.

“You are so brave! You dare to talk about it in WeChat,” I said to her, knowing that everything on WeChat is strictly monitored by the communist regime.

Wang laughed, “Guess what? Everybody was talking about how difficult it is to deal with the city authorities. My sister didn’t think they would ever see the tricycle again, but my brother-in-law got it back without spending one penny to bribe the officials. Then, two months later, my nephew’s wife came back and my nephew has stopped gambling. And the donkey came back on its own after being gone for three weeks. How amazing! We really have to thank you!”

“Don’t thank me. It’s the master of Falun Dafa who has helped you. You should thank him.”

Wang gave me a list of her family members who have agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party. “Everyone in our entire family knows my sister’s story. I passed the Dafa materials and amulets you gave me on to them. They have all been reciting the phrases. I wish I’d met you sooner,” she said to me with a smile.

Editor’s note: Falun Dafa is extraordinary and magnificent, and its mighty power reaches both the macrocosm and the microcosm. The case detailed in this article is just a tiny manifestation of the power of Dafa on the level of the secular world. While Dafa can bring blessings to humankind, Dafa’s extraordinariness and magnificence are more for people to return to their true origins.