(Minghui.org) I suddenly started to have frequent nosebleeds a while ago. Initially, it was once or twice a day, but it later increased to three to four times a day. The bleeding was irregular. It could happen at any time, day or night, even when I was meditating or sending forth righteous thoughts.  

One night around 1 a.m., I suddenly woke up and felt I had a runny nose. I turned on the light and saw blood all over my hand. It took me an hour to clean up the mess and stop the bleeding.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts the next morning, my nose bled again. I tried all kinds of ways to stop it, but nothing worked. The blood in my nose ran down my throat, and I spit out clots of blood. I reminded myself that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and I shouldn’t be afraid. Instead, I should try to eliminate the interference. After a while, the bleeding stopped.

My daughter wondered if the nosebleeds had something to do with my blood pressure—or the weather, as there had been no rain for a while and it was very dry.

I understood that anything we practitioners encounter must be related to our xinxing. I knew that I must have a loophole that was being taken advantage of. I looked within and found a number of attachments: the mentality of showing off, the pursuit of comfort and leisure, reputation, fear, suspicion, and others. I intensified my sending forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to reinforce me, but my nose still bled.

Five days after the nosebleeds started, after dinner, I watched “China Forbidden News” on New Tang Dynasty TV as usual. Within a few minutes, I had a terrible headache, like my head was about to split open. My eyes were also swollen. At that moment, I suddenly woke up as if I had been asleep, and remembered Master’s teachings in the new scripture “Wake Up.” I immediately found the main cause of my nosebleeds.

Master made it very clear for us:

“At present there are also some among us who are very much attached to political happenings and ordinary people’s controversies. Don’t forget what we are here to do.” (“Wake Up”)

After our whole family started to practice Dafa in 1996, we basically stopped watching and reading the Communist Party’s state-operated propaganda media—no TV, radio, or newspaper. When the persecution began, the only website we visited was Minghui.

But during the US election and the pandemic, I followed the news for new developments closely. Over time, I gradually relaxed the strict requirements I used to hold myself to and became interested in current affairs at home and abroad. I also followed videos that talked about certain prophecies, mysteries, and explorations of the universe. I wasted a lot of time watching videos instead of studying the Fa and saving people. I even developed various attachments.

When I found my attachment this time, the nosebleeds stopped and never occurred.

This incident was a profound lesson for me. I have come to appreciate the seriousness of cultivation even more, and I am so grateful for Master’s compassionate enlightenment.