(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for approximately 24 years. Looking back upon my cultivation journey, I am grateful to Master for watching over and protecting me. It is said that when one person cultivates in Dafa, the entire family benefits.

1. Help Along The Way

I live in an agricultural city, and the population is dense. At one point, we couldn’t print enough materials to distribute.

I was over 60 years old at the time when I set up a printing site at my home. I had never used a computer in my life and barely remembered the pinyin alphabet to type Chinese characters.

With fellow practitioners’ help, I learned to go online to download and print files on my laptop. Due to my lack of understanding of computers, I often made mistakes which would make me nervous.

Through the years, I've learned to do simple fixes myself, but new issues presented themselves frequently.

Master Li Hongzhi said,

“Every single thing that makes up creation, wherever it may be in the universe, is alive and has thinking, and whatever it does, no matter the level that it exists at, is an embodiment of the Way of the universe.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I realized the components Dafa practitioners use are alive in another dimension and have a predestined relationship with us. They are Fa instruments to help us during the Fa-rectification period.

They are our friends, so I gave each of them a name. I always tell them they are Fa instruments for saving people so they should work hard. And since I was not good with computers, they should try to fix themselves and remember “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” They seemed to understand me and worked very hard.

I noticed that if I couldn’t resolve a technical problem, they actually reminded me to look within. Usually, the machines would return to normal when I found the flaw in my character.

For instance, during this Chinese New Year, all my family members came home and asked if I wanted to watch TV with them. I couldn’t refuse, so I said that we could also watch some shows about traditional Chinese history.

But once I started, I didn’t stop and watched the entire episode produced by CCTV.

Afterward, when I attempted to print something, my printers wouldn’t print straight, and the paper would come out tilted.

I tried everything to fix it, but nothing worked. I then looked within myself and realized that it was because I watched the TV episode made by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which was filled with violence, deception, lust and other degenerated elements.

I said to my printers that I appreciated them reminding me. The problem was my fault, and I would no longer watch TV shows made by the CCP. After I restarted the printers, everything went back to normal.

Another issue relates to cherishing all of our equipment. For instance, a laser printer creates a lot of heat when printing so it needs to pause for 30 minutes after operating for some time.

So I bought an industrial fan to help cool the laser printer down. I now only need to cool them off for 2-3 minutes. The printers and computers work well with me and create clear materials to help save people.

2. All My Family Members Are Blessed

Four generations live together in our family. Everyone has already quit the Party and its branch organizations, and some of them read Dafa books and listen to Master Li's lectures.

Even though they are non-practitioners, they helped me to make and distribute truth-clarification materials.

a. Dafa Protected Us During A Car Accident

My wife and I were riding our scooter behind a truck and didn’t see the red traffic light. Suddenly, a bus crashed into the side of our scooter.

An invisible force seemed to stop us from falling down. However, my wife’s foot was stuck between the bus’ front bumper and the scooter’s seat. As the bus started braking, my spouse’s leg was still stuck.

She was somehow able to push the bus back 10 meters and pull her leg out. Although her legs were freed, she couldn’t walk at the time.

The bus driver asked her, “Let’s go to the hospital.” She knew that Master would look after her, so she told the bus driver she was fine.

The bus driver asked her again, but she refused. When we got home, her legs were swollen and she was crippled. Everyone told her to see a doctor. She remained steadfast to study the Fa and did the exercises as always.

The next morning, her legs were back to normal.

b. My Son Survives a Near Fatal Accident

A few years ago, my second son often gave me money to help me get through some financial hardship. In order to make a living, he borrowed money to buy a delivery truck.

Most of the truck drivers don’t have much cargo to haul because there are too many drivers; but my son has always been quite busy. Many people came asking for him to deliver shipments.

From time to time, he would have a few of his friends deliver the shipments for him. He was able to pay off his loan within two years.

On one occasion, he was going downhill in the mountains when the brakes stopped working. The shipment was heavy, so the truck began accelerating.

On one side was the cliff, the other side was the mountain. Going in either direction meant certain death.

The passenger told him to get closer to the mountain, so if they were found, at least their families would know about their fate.

Suddenly, an invisible force helped the truck decelerate to a stop. They rested for a while and tried the brakes again. They worked!

How could a truck with heavy cargo stop while accelerating downhill without functional brakes? I asked him if he recited “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” when the incident happened.

He said, “I was so scared that I didn’t think of anything. But I wear a Dafa pendant all the time. Dafa saved us. Thank you Master!”

c. An Undiagnosable Illness

During March 2021, my granddaughter came to visit. One day, at 3 a.m., her back started to hurt, and she could hardly breath.

We rushed to a nearby hospital, but the doctor said that the testing instrument malfunctioned. So she was sent to two other prestigious hospitals in the city.

But none of the doctors could find the reason for her pain. They gave her some painkillers and sent her home. I told my son that we would figure it out in the morning.

When I got home, I bowed in front of Master’s portrait three times and asked Him to help save my granddaughter. After lighting incense, I looked back at my granddaughter.

She said, “I am alright now. I don’t feel pain anymore.” I told her that it was because she believed in Master and Dafa and did a lot of things to help save people.

My grandson is a junior in high school. Since the age of six, he would study the Fa and help distribute flyers with me. He always had good grades, and he is really good with computers.

He also knows how to maintain and fix computers. A fellow practitioner needed to install the printer’s software but several practitioners were unsuccessful with the installation.

He worked on it for about 10 minutes and installed the software. When asked how he did the repair, he said, “I don’t know. I looked at it and just knew what to do.”

He also helps me with my technology problems and has taught me some things such as how to use Photoshop and create greeting cards. Dafa has demonstrated amazing things through him.

Those are some of the miracles that Dafa has demonstrated within my household. If there is anything inappropriate, please point it out.