(Minghui.org) The three courts in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, including Lianhu District Court, Baqiao District Court and Yanta District Court, have been delivering wrongful sentences against Falun Gong practitioners for their faith, since the Chinese Communist Party ordered the persecution in 1999.

The Yanta District Court, in particular, has sentenced at least 20 practitioners since 2019.

One of the practitioners sentenced was Mr. Song Zhi, a former flight engineer. He was arrested on September 28, 2019 and indicted in April 2020. Judge Yang Lin sentenced him to 4.5 years in the Weinan Prison on July 12, 2021, nearly a year after his hearing in July 2020. It was reported that judge Yang requested instructions from the local intermediate court on Mr. Song’s prison term, but she never got a response.

A married couple, Mr. Wang Pingchuang and Ms. Zhao Xijuan, were arrested on May 11, 2020, while on their way home after talking to people about Falun Gong. The police ransacked their residence and confiscated their computer, printer, DVD burner, three cartridges and 10,000 yuan cash.

Mr. Wang was sentenced by judge Yuan Bing to nine years and Ms. Zhao to seven years on December 16, 2021. They are now held at the Xi’an City Detention Center and have appealed with the Xi’an City Intermediate Court.

Other practitioners who have been sentenced by the Yanta District Court include Han Qiuli (7 years), Zhang Lilong (5 years), Jia Ruiling (4 years), Liu Weidong (4 years), Wang Guiping (3.5 years), Liu Fengxiang (3.5 years), He Changhua (3.5 years), Zhang Yunshen (3.5 years), Yang Xin (3 years and 3 months), Yuan Huiwu (3 years), Wang Xiuxia (3 years), Feng Xincheng (2.5 years), Su Shaohua (2 years and 2 months), Zhao Li (2 years), He Qiuling (2 years), Zhang Ling (2 years) and Tao Meiyi (2 years).

In addition to those who have been sentenced, one more practitioner, Ms. Zhang Xiwei, is facing sentence. Ms. Zhang was arrested on July 21, 2021 and held at the Xi’an City Detention Center. She appeared in Yanta District Court on April 12, 2022 and is now awaiting verdict. The presiding judge is Yang Lin.

Perpetrators’ contact information:
Cai Qing (蔡青), former president of Yanta District Court
Li Yunfeng (李云峰), current president of Yanta District Court: +86-29-85235247, +86-29-85269237Zhang Hongjun (张宏军), presiding judge: +86-29-85264217Yang Lin (杨琳), judge: +86-29-8120813Guo Yao (郭瑶), judge: +86-29-85430160Gao Yuan (高媛), presiding judgeZhang Honglin (张洪林), judgeWang Danli (王丹莉), judgeZhang Huili (张惠玲), judgeLuo Haifeng (罗海峰), judgeWang Jiaqi (王家琪), judge: +86-29-85232833Peng Bo (彭博), judgeZhang Peng (张鹏), judge: +86-29-85211874, ext. 8521Lei Lei (雷蕾), clerkLiu Yajuan (刘雅娟), clerkPing Jing (平静), prosecutor of Yanta District Procuratorate: +86-29-81156556Zhang Jifeng (张继锋), prosecutor of Yanta District Procuratorate: +86-29-85251257, +86-29-85225021Xu Wei (许玮), prosecutor: +86-29-81156556Zhang Huan (张欢), prosecutor: +86-15502905120, +86-29-85255579, ext. 8405, +29-85255579, ext. 8406Cheng Li (程莉), prosecutor: +86-29-85376825Zhou Jia (周佳), prosecutor: +86-29-85255579, ext. 8405Dong Xiaoyu (董晓瑜), prosecutorShi Maoqin (史茂芹), director: +86-29-85255579