(Minghui.org) I can never repay Master for the many benefits I have received from Falun Dafa. I will continue to cultivate and do the three things well. I asked another practitioner to help me share my experiences.

My Son Said Us Grain Sellers Do Not Get to Eat Good Grains

My life has been happy since I began to practice Falun Dafa. I follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. However cultivators will still encounter tests.

My family owns a grain store. I always treat my customers well and never short change them. The grains are delivered to the customer’s home on time and with a smile. Customers trust and like us.

Sometimes customers bring grains that have bugs in them since they were stored too long. They want us to exchange it for fresh grain. We do not know if the grain was purchased from us or how old it is. I do not say a word and exchange it anyway.

But the grains cannot be wasted, so we would eat the returned grain. One day my son commented, “Us grain sellers do not get to eat good grains.” I don’t mind, as I think it is good for a cultivator and helps eliminate attachments to self.

Stung by a Bee

When picking mushrooms, a bee stung my left middle finger. It was so painful that even the bone hurt. Some people said that applying a certain crushed vegetable can help relieve inflammation and reduce pain. I tried it, however I knew that as a practitioner I would be okay even without applying it, so I removed it on my way home.

I went to bed after the evening meditation and sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight. When I woke up at 2 a.m., my hand was swollen and my mind became unstable. I tied a red string on my wrist to prevent further swelling, and was wearing it at the group Fa-study the next evening.

After Fa study, another practitioner said, “I did not go to the hospital or use any medication when I fractured my wrist. I did the exercises and studied the Fa. I believed in Master and Dafa. My hand and shoulder were swollen, but I was not afraid. It recovered within a month.”

He continued,“ I felt the Falun healing me when I did the exercises, and many Falun rotating on my hand. My child did not believe I had comminuted bone fracture, and took my x-ray film to the doctor in the city. The doctor verified it, and told her that it must be fixed within a week, to prevent serious problems. I told her not to worry, Master would protect me.”

The fellow practitioner’s words touched me. Compared to her, my finger is nothing, and I still used human ways to treat it, and my mind was unstable. Was I lacking in my belief in Master and Dafa?

I took off the red string. My neighbor upstairs said, “You need to have a shot or you will be in trouble.” I said, “Don’t worry.” I cultivate Dafa, Master is in charge, I cannot be afraid of this or that. I needed to look within more. Why was my mind unstable at the beginning? I held fear because my righteous thoughts were not strong. When I uncovered this attachment the swelling lessened, and my hand healed.

We need to remember that we are cultivators no matter what we encounter. When we steadfastly believe in Master and Dafa, there is no tribulation that we cannot overcome.

Saving People During the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in Wuhan in 2020, practitioners with phone cards called Wuhan. Once I called a person and tears covered my face during the conversation; I thought the pandemic was so serious, those who did not know the facts would be eliminated. I explained the facts about Dafa to that person, and he agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth associations.

A girl answered one of my calls. I told her the pandemic was severe, and she needed to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I asked her to quit the CCP organizations. She was not a Party member. I helped her quit the Young Pioneers. She said she hated the CCP, admired Falun Dafa’s Master, and had been waiting for us to call her. Just before we ended the call, she said, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Not only did we distribute Dafa brochures during the pandemic locally, we also went out of town to distribute the Dafa informational materials in villages.

Many villagers have dogs that barked as we approached. Sometimes the owner came out and asked us what we were doing. I calmly told them that I wanted to give them a brochure explaining the facts about Falun Dafa. I did not feel bad when someone refused it, and I just moved on. I hope all people can learn the truth and be saved.

Once a dozen of us practitioners went to a village. It was raining hard. Our materials were all in plastic bags and stayed dry. However we were all drenched and chilly, but our hearts were warm. We hope everyone will read the pamphlets and be saved.

We also made some cards with a QR code on them. One can find the truth-clarification information after scanning the code. We distributed the cards everywhere, sometimes putting them on the windshields of cars. A practitioner and I distributed over 600 cards in one city. Then we went there again with 700 more cards. A janitor followed us and tried to stop us from passing out the cards. We were smart and able to avoid him, and finally distributed all the cards. We knew Master is always beside us, supporting us.

We met a person who appeared to have had a stroke. He reacted slowly and could not speak well. His movements were not smooth either. He did not answer when we asked him if he had joined the CCP and its affiliates, he said “Ah, Ah.” We told him to say “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Surprisingly, he slowly said it and smiled. He was happy and thanked us repeatedly when we left.

Let us be more diligent on this last path of Fa-rectification. We need to fully believe in Master and Dafa, to cultivate ourselves well and save more people, so that we can accomplish our mission and return to home in heaven.