(Minghui.org) When I went to my older sister’s house to do the Falun Dafa exercises, I placed a meditation mat on the floor, and stood on it to do the movements instead of standing on the floor.

As my right heel had recently been hurting, I knew that Master was helping me eliminate my karma and cleanse my body.

My heel pain became unbearable when I did the first four sets of exercises, as the standing time is quite long. Therefore, instead of standing on the floor to do the four standing exercises, I decided to stand on the meditation mat instead, hoping to partially relieve my heel pain.

My sister said, “After standing on the mat to do the exercises for some time, would the portion of the mat where your feet are not become thinner?”

I thought, “Yes, how can I not think of others? This mat is to be used for sitting by fellow practitioners during Fa study.

My sister’s house is a Fa study site. It is already not easy for her to provide a Fa study environment for five or six practitioners, despite the police harassing her daughter with constant phone calls. How can I not be considerate of her?”

I apologized to Master in my heart, “Master, I am wrong. I am so selfish. I just do what makes myself comfortable without thinking of others.

“Aren’t I acknowledging the ache in my heel? When I acknowledge the pain in my heel, aren’t I acknowledging that there is an illness in my heel? I shall remove the mat and practice with my shoes on now.”

My sister noticed that I removed the mat, and thought that I was unhappy. So she said, “Since you are so petty, you can stand on the mat to practice.”

As we were only half way through the exercises, I did not say anything to her. After we finished, I shared my thoughts with my sister.

I said, “I really must thank you today, and all the more I must thank Master’s benevolent enlightenment. Today, my removing the mat was totally based on my understanding of the Fa.

“After you finished tellling me your thoughts of the issue, I realized that Master used your mouth to help me eliminate my grumbling attachment. At that time, I said to Master in my heart, “Master, today I must let go of my ego and look at the problem totally on the basis of thinking of others needs.

“I must attain the state of being able to truly look within and get rid of my complaint and ego.” Do you know what I felt during the practice today?

“My heel did not hurt at all. When I was doing the second set of exercises, my arms felt as though they were not there at all. When I was doing the meditation, I also felt so light and wonderful, which I had never felt before.

“I truly experienced the bliss of cultivating in Dafa. I also want to apologize to you. In the past, I always fixated my eyes on your shortcomings, scolding you and complaining about you without cultivating myself.”

My sister also found many of her shortcomings in her cultivation. This was really an elevation session for both of us.

Going forward in my cultivation, no matter how long, I will remember Master’s teachings, and whatever I do or say must be based on thinking of others needs first.

Even if it is looking within, I must also stand on the basis of thinking of others while doing so, so as to become a solid cultivating practitioner.