(Minghui.org) I am a new practitioner in South Korea. I started practicing Falun Dafa a year and a half ago. Because I did not have a good understanding of the Fa, the evil forces took advantage of my loopholes. I was bewitched by people who were intentionally disrupting the Fa, and became their follower. Instead of helping Master with Fa-rectification, I was interfering with fellow practitioners’ cultivation, undermining the Fa, and damaging Falun Dafa’s reputation. I let down Master and fellow practitioners.

The two people who intentionally disrupted the Fa are surnamed Park and Kim. They are both Chinese, and I don’t know their first names. [Editor’s note: the author didn’t indicate the genders of Park and Kim, and they are both referred to as men hereinafter for ease of translation.]

Master said,

“A few people have been following her all along and enlightening on a deviant path. Of these, some admire her so-called supernormal abilities and have been lured in by her.” (“Wake Up”)

One of the two often talked about what he had seen in other dimensions. He told other practitioners things like, “Your level is dropping” or “You are walking the path arranged by the old forces.” They always talked about cultivation levels and supernormal abilities. When they shared their understandings, they only talked about their own feelings and realizations, without ever mentioning Master’s Fa. I was enthralled by their demeanor; I trusted them and began pursuing supernormal abilities.

I did not know how to eliminate my attachments back then. I simply suppressed them. I was obsessed with something they had said, and believed that it was how we should cultivate. As a result, I followed them into enlightening on a deviant path. The evil forces exploited my attachment to taking shortcuts in cultivation.

Practitioners were told that they did not need to read Zhuan Falun, that they could just listen to or watch recordings of Master’s lectures, and that they should just read Master’s new articles. These two disruptors pushed new practitioners into clarifying the truth without studying the Fa. As a result, new practitioners could not judge the two disruptors based on the Fa.

Park and Kim said that we should seek benevolent resolutions with our ancestors, fellow practitioners who had passed away, friends and family members who had passed away, and all the dead people who were buried in cemeteries that we had visited. At the time, I thought they had higher understandings of the Fa, so I followed their advice.

I told fellow practitioners that the way I sent forth righteous thoughts was very effective and I felt that my body was floating afterward. I asked them to send forth righteous thoughts following my example, which seriously interfered with their cultivation and disrupted the Fa.

Kim divided words from Zhuan Falun and other teachings into different levels. He also divided practitioners into students, disciples, Dafa disciples and Fa-rectification period disciples. He misinterpreted Master’s words.

Shortly after I started practicing Dafa, I shared with them that I sometimes held my breath when I sent forth righteous thoughts. Kim said that holding my breath would interfere with the formation of dan. I was very surprised because I knew we were supposed to cultivate Falun, not dan. However, I did not pay this any mind and strayed even further from the Fa. Only now do I realize the mistake I made.

These two people also tried to form their own faction by encouraging fellow practitioners to register a Falun Dafa organization as an exercise club separate from the existing Korean Falun Dafa Association.

Park and Kim often invite new practitioners to stay at their dormitory. They said, “Do you want to go back to our home in heaven, or our home on earth?” Some new practitioners stayed at their dormitory for a long time. During this time, they indoctrinated the new practitioners with their ideas and led them astray.

They also advised those new practitioners who did not stay at their dormitory to stay away from other practitioners. They told the new practitioners that having contact with other practitioners would invite spirit procession. Gradually, the new practitioners became isolated from other practitioners and were no longer able to discern that their behavior was off.

They tried to stop my mother and me from attending the Korea Fa Conference in 2020. They claimed that those who were attending the Fa conference had spirit procession and their levels were lower than my mother’s or mine. They told us not to have any contact with those practitioners. When they found out that we went to the Fa conference, Kim rebuked us and told us to send forth righteous thoughts to get rid of the spirit possession that we got from attending the conference. Because I didn’t have a deep understanding of the Fa, I let Kim lead me by the nose.

Park went to different regions of South Korea and tried to indoctrinate his idea of cultivation to other practitioners. He mostly talked about various spirits with those practitioners. He claimed that the overall cultivation level of Korean practitioners was very low, and he needed to help them. He also claimed that there were only a handful of practitioners in Korea who could reach consummation. This all came from his understandings; he used nothing from the Fa. He enticed practitioners to pursue supernormal abilities and cultivation levels.

On one occasion, after they shared their understandings with one practitioner, they had him stay at their dormitory for some time. During his stay, they kept telling him to eliminate spirit possession.

They took advantage of the trust between practitioners and enlarged their disruption, one practitioner at a time. They exploited practitioners’ attachments to consummation and promised to help practitioners quickly raise their cultivation levels.

They said that one could raise one’s level by getting rid of attachments, and that there was no need to read Dafa books. I followed them and told other practitioners not to study Dafa books. I, myself, had not studied the Fa for a long time.

I had a portrait of Master in a cassock on the wall. When Kim came to my home, he told me that the picture was fake, and suggested I burn it. I listened to him. I later joined some practitioners in questioning the authenticity of Master’s photo in Dafa books. I thought I was validating the Fa. I even suggested that other practitioners email practitioners in other countries about this, hoping that practitioners in other countries would pay attention and question the authenticity of the photo as well.

Master said,

“And still others have followed certain individuals who have gone awry in their understanding of the Fa, or have followed undercover agents of the CCP who pose as practitioners, and have been seriously disruptive to others. For all of them there will be consequences in keeping with the vows that they made.” (“Wake Up”)

During a meeting when Park tried to register another Falun Dafa association, many participating practitioners contracted COVID-19. Because we were trying to separate from the existing association without Master’s permission, we were undermining the Fa, and were taken advantage of by the evil. But at the time, many of us believed that we were experiencing interference from the old forces and it was a test. Thinking back, it was a ridiculous thought.

Master also said,

“To give an example, I talked about a certain woman who ran off from Singapore to Japan, yet some people still didn’t come to their senses. I didn’t name names at the time, as she wasn’t worthy of that. She acts as though she is diligent, pretends to be docile, and is good at fooling people. Several people have been going along with her and have gone awry in their understanding of our teachings, like her. Among them are some who admire her supposed supernormal powers, and have been lured by her.” (“Wake Up”)

These two people act like they are enthusiastic and diligent. Those who follow them are obedient, and trust them completely. I used to be that way too, thinking that their understanding was at a high level. I also asked other practitioners to follow them. I’m glad that fellow practitioners woke me up with the Fa so that I could have the opportunity to expose their disruptive behaviors and make up for my mistakes.

Sometimes when other practitioners asked Park and Kim questions, Park had me answer them. I thought it was because he trusted me and acknowledged me. I was emotionally touched by it and trusted them even more. I believed that they had helped me in my cultivation. I spoke well of them to everyone. I didn’t realize that they had pushed me off a cliff. Because of my personal feelings, I blindly trusted them and deviated from the Fa. I almost ruined myself and other practitioners.

I let down fellow practitioners, including my mother. I told my mother to make good use of her time and eliminate attachments, instead of studying the Fa. Instead of believing in Master and the Fa, I relied on these two disruptors and hoped that they would help my mother overcome her illness tribulation.

Park and Kim have been disrupting the Fa in Korea for many years. There are other disruptive behaviors besides what I wrote here. I am exposing them today. I hope that other practitioners will use my story as a warning. Do not go awry in understanding the Fa. Do not disrupt the Fa. I will do all I can to make up for my mistakes.

I hereby declare that I reject everything that is not aligned with the Fa. I want to void everything I did, said, and thought while participating in their activities. I want to start over in my cultivation and follow Master Li Hongzhi.