Wake Up

The Fa-rectification of the celestial bodies is complete, and it is now transitioning to the Fa-rectification of the human realm. Most Dafa disciples will follow Master in the Fa-rectification of the human realm.

However, during this process, there will be many beings with a lot of karma as well as followers of the evil Communist Party who will be completely eliminated. At the same time, among Dafa disciples, those who fail to fulfill the vows they signed with their lives when they came to the world—such as those who don’t do well the things that Dafa disciples should do and don’t engage in saving people, and thus have strong human attachments and have been disrupting the cultivation environment of practitioners for a long time; and also those who follow cultivators who have taken a deviant path or who are undercover CCP agents masquerading as practitioners who have caused serious interference for practitioners—all will bear the consequences as the vows are played out. Specifically speaking, there are those who have a lot of “qing” but haven’t taken it seriously for a long time, and therefore have become the targets of undercover agents pretending to be practitioners. They’re getting trapped deeper and deeper into it and they don’t listen no matter who says anything to them. For instance, regarding that woman who was sneaking about from Singapore to Japan, some people still didn’t get it even after Master spoke about it. Master didn’t call her out by name at the time because she’s not worthy. This person appears to be very diligent, pretends to be very weak and delicate, and is very capable of deceiving people. A few people have been following her all along and enlightening on a deviant path. Of these, some admire her so-called supernormal abilities and have been lured in by her. She often says she has a predestined relationship with so-and-so. Such openly provocative words directed at male practitioners have actually made some practitioners very moved emotionally and they really believe her. At present, this group of people is facing the greatest danger.

There is another group of practitioners, including some veteran practitioners, who regularly do things for Dafa and don’t fall behind in Fa study but in some matters still can’t make it through at critical moments. The Dafa you are cultivating in created all the living beings in the universe, forged mighty deities, and also made the most microscopic viruses and bacteria. As for you, you are a Dafa cultivator who assists Master in saving people, and in the course of saving people, you have already helped many people eliminate bacteria and viruses that are hundreds or thousands of times stronger than the contagion, yet amid the pandemic, you aren’t able to straighten yourself out. Some people are afraid to get infected whereas some insist on not getting vaccinated—at this point, are you still worthy of being called a Dafa disciple? Of course, there are also some female practitioners who are pregnant. I’m not telling you whether you should get vaccinated or not, nor am I telling you how the contagion will affect you. Don’t go to the other extreme; all of that is human attachment. What I want to tell you is you are assessing yourself with the mindset of an everyday person instead of looking at issues from the perspective of a cultivator; this is an omission in your cultivation.

Currently, there are still some people who are very attached to the politics in society and the issues that ordinary people argue about. Don’t forget what we are here for. You are under no obligation to change society. Today’s society has already reached the end of the end, and all the bad phenomena are inevitable. Everything we do is for saving people. As for the old universe, let it be; saving beings toward the new universe is where your responsibility lies. Saving the world’s people toward the Fa-rectification of the human realm and reviving traditional culture are what’s needed for the Fa-rectification of the human realm in the next historic period. Although we haven’t had a Fa conference for a long time, actually what I want to say is all so that you can walk your path of cultivation righteously and be able to fulfill the vows you made before history. You’ve already made it through tens of thousands of trials and tribulations—don’t get tripped up at the last moment. Even though some individuals do foolish things every once in a while, the title of Dafa disciple is something even the Gods admire.

Li Hongzhi
November 18, 2021

(Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement. Date of this version: November 21, 2021.)