(Minghui.org) I am 80 years old. Master has prolonged my life by bestowing me with a healthy body and higher moral standards to abide by. Master has endured a lot for me, and no words can describe the amount of gratitude I have for Master.

I am a veteran practitioner who started cultivation in 1994. Before cultivating Falun Dafa, I had been hospitalized in 1993. A colleague of mine introduced me to a qigong practice after I was discharged from the hospital. After witnessing the cries and howls of the people at that qigong practice site, I left right away and thought: I will never believe in any qigong practice.

Master Does Not Leave Any Practitioner Behind

The same colleague introduced me to another qigong master on March 2, 1994. She said, “A renowned qigong Master is holding nine-day lecture classes. I heard the healing effects were great. You have a weak body and should attend. The classes start tomorrow night. You should go register.”

Indoctrinated by the Party’s notions of atheism and the bad experience I’d had with the previous qigong practice, I hesitated and did not feel like attending. But the phrase “high-level cultivation” my colleague used to describe the practice caught my attention. I decided to give it a try. I went and registered for the class. Master is truly compassionate and does not leave any practitioner behind.

The Process of Purifying My Body

My health was very poor. I frequently felt dizzy and had headaches. Both wind and cold made my joints ache. Since it was the beginning of spring on March 3, I put two shawls over my head and rode my bicycle to the nine-day lecture class wearing thick clothing. I felt light while riding my bicycle that day and felt that my surroundings were clear and fresh (I’d usually feel dizzy, so everything around me always seemed murky and dark). I arrived at the auditorium and found a seat. A tall and kind figure (I did not know that it was Master) walked up to the stage and signaled for everyone to be seated. Every word that Master said struck my heart. Master told us to put our palms out so that we could feel the rotating of the Falun and to stomp our feet so that we could cleanse our bodies. My headache disappeared and I felt very comfortable.

I was falling asleep during Master’s lecture on the first day but seemed to hear everything. I thought, “I never get tired listening to reports or lectures at work, what is happening to me today?” I still felt drowsy and fell into a deep sleep on the second day of Master’s lectures.

My headaches completely vanished after listening to Master’s first two lecture classes. I no longer needed to take any pills for headaches or for insomnia. I felt great with all my ailments gone. By the third lecture class, I no longer felt drowsy.

I had a dream on the fourth day at 6:20 a.m. I was half awake and saw Master sitting by my side. A white and red basin, the one I washed my face with, was half-filled with water and appeared in front of Master. When Master put his index finger into the water, I saw a blood clot. Master said, “This is it.” The scene faded away and I woke up.

I had poor enlightenment quality back then and did not know to thank Master. I felt very hungry and wanted to eat something. I would regularly not eat breakfast because it would upset my chest area. I could feel a hard substance around my chest. I would either endure the pain or take medication. I refused to go to the hospital because it would cause a mental burden for me. However, that morning, no matter how much I ate, I did not feel full. I had a steamed bun, a rice cake, an egg, and a big bowl of porridge. Twenty-seven years have passed since then and my stomach pain has never returned. I no longer needed to be picky about what I ate and gained 40 pounds. Isn’t that a miracle?

I used to spend my leisure time reading the Chinese Communist Party’s newspaper. I had a dream one day, and in my dream I was holding a jug of boiling water. I poured the jug of water into the storage box that contained the newspapers. The box cracked open and a big yellow toad appeared. After I woke up, I realized Master was giving me a hint that I should not read the evil CCP’s newspapers and I should spend more time studying the Fa instead.

I hand copied the book Zhuan Falun during the winter of 1996 and my severe nearsightedness disappeared.

I would study the Fa during the daytime and hand copy Zhuan Falun at night (since it was usually quieter at night and I made less mistakes). I bought a fountain pen and carefully hand copied each character. When I hand copied the last few pages of Lecture Nine (I don’t remember exactly which page), my vision became blurry at about 12 a.m. I went to wash my face and thought I might have been too tired, so I wanted to take a break before continuing to hand copy Zhuan Falun. When I put my glasses back on, I realized the Chinese characters still seemed blurry. It was then that I realized that Master was showing me that I do not need my glasses anymore! I took my glasses off and I was able to see each character very clearly.

I no longer needed my reading glasses. I am now able to read the miniature-sized Zhuan Falun with very small print. I am also able to do some needlework at night. Isn’t this a miracle?

I fell down one winter while I was distributing truth-clarification materials. Though I broke my wrist, I refused to put a cast on it and studied the Fa every day. On the seventh day, I managed to wash my own socks, and in a month’s time I was able to do household chores. Ordinary people would consider a situation like this impossible.


During the ongoing 23 years of persecution, I have encountered many dangers but remained unharmed while distributing truth-clarification materials or posting Dafa stickers. These are all miracles from Master. Master has been protecting me all along.