(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in November 1999, four months after former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin launched a nationwide campaign against the practice.

I didn’t know what Falun Dafa was all about initially and had only heard about it from fellow villagers. They said that Falun Dafa is a mind-body practice that taught people to be kind and encouraged one to improve their character. I thought to myself: being good and doing good deeds – that’s great! This is how I started my journey of cultivation.

Before practicing Dafa, I had all kinds of health problems: from heart disease to low blood pressure, from insomnia to back and leg pain. Pain and discomfort all over my body was a daily experience. But after taking up Dafa, all the diseases recovered without any medication. Through studying Dafa’s teaching, I understood that it was Master who had purified my body and enabled me to practice.

Below are a few amazing stories that happened to me in Dafa cultivation.

Facial Disfigurement from a Fuel Tank Explosion Restored

I work as a welding repairman. One day in 1972, I was welding a large car fuel tank when the gasoline in the tank sparked an explosion. I was terribly burnt and collapsed to the ground unconscious. I was sent to several hospitals, but all of them would not accept me, saying that I had severe gasoline poisoning.

Through my family’s connections, a military hospital accepted me. After resuscitation, I was revived, but the burn had disfigured my head and face. I was discharged from hospital after a month, but my face was still grotesquely unrecognizable, and I struggled to see things clearly.

I was only 30 at the time, and prided myself on my good skin, healthy complexion and general appearance. Now this incident had completely destroyed my face, so it really had taken a toll on me. I tried seeking medical help everywhere, but was told that my condition was incurable. Finally, I told myself: “Since it cannot be cured, and does not affect my work and daily life, I just have to live with it.”

Since studying Falun Dafa, my skin has improved greatly and has gradually returned to its normal state – something I never expected! Many friends, relatives and former colleagues asked me, “Did you get facial treatment?” I smiled and said, “I’m over 80 years old now, why would I get facial treatment? I have been blessed by learning Falun Dafa and slowly my skin has recovered to normal.”

No More Motion Sickness

In the past, I suffered from serious car sickness and couldn’t sit in any kind of vehicle. For some odd reason, the better the car I traveled in, the more likely I was to get dizzy. I would start to feel sick and vomit after sitting in the car for less than two minutes. At times it would take me a couple of days to feel normal again.

Years later, while taking the bus to various regions to raise awareness about the persecution, I suddenly realized that I was not carsick anymore; no matter how far the distance or the type of vehicle, it all felt normal! I didn’t remember when the problem went away, but I knew it was Master who cleared this away for me.

Reading and Copying Zhuan Falun

I never went to school, but this didn’t stop me from learning Dafa and doing the exercises.

I used to practice by myself by listening to Master’s audio lectures. It wasn’t until 2011 that my neighbor (a fellow practitioner) introduced me to other practitioners, so that I could read Dafa books and do the exercises with them. In the beginning, I could only read a few words. With fellow practitioners’ help, I had finally learned to read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Dafa.

I also learned to copy the book by hand. After a lot of effort, I have copied Zhuan Falun four times now. It was through copying the book that I was able to write this cultivation experience today.

Although I am in my 80s, I still enjoy good health and live on my own. I am so fortunate to be given this opportunity to practice Dafa! My gratitude to Master is beyond words.