(Minghui.org) I stayed at my eldest son’s home in 2006. One day, the water supply was turned off because the building was being renovated so I carried 2 big plastic pails downstairs to fetch water. With one pail in each hand, I carried over 40 kg up 7 storeys in one go. The youngsters were all shocked. One said, “Old man! You are more fit than us!” I laughed and said, “I practice Falun Dafa.”

I was very interested in kungfu and I practiced taichi. In April 1995, my wife and I went to a colleague’s house. He said that he had begun practicing Falun Dafa and told us how good it was. He gave me the book Falun Gong and suggested I take a look at it. When I read the book I found that Master explained many issues I always wondered about. Falun Dafa is a mind and body practice that teaches people to cultivate their xinxing.

My wife started practicing immediately, while I only started to cultivate formally on May 20, several weeks later. I was only 50 years old. I’m now 76 and I’ve practiced for 26 years.

When I first started practicing I often felt the Falun spinning—on my hands, feet, lower abdomen and other areas. It was wonderful. The Falun in my lower abdomen spun very strongly when I did the exercises. When I practiced the 2nd exercise—Falun Standing Stance “Holding the Wheel in front of the head,” I felt as though I was frozen in place; when I did the “Holding the Wheel above the head,” it felt like a gigantic Falun is turning between my arms. When we first began practicing the second exercise many practitioners felt very tired. But I could practice as long as I wanted.

Before I began practicing my legs were not flexible and it was hard for me to stand up after squatting down. One night, while I was half asleep I suddenly felt Master dripping something that felt like water on my knees. Afterwards, my legs felt very comfortable and they were flexible. That was 26 years ago, but afterwards I was able to get up after squatting down again.

Soon after I started practicing the exercises, my forehead felt tight. It was exactly as Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun,

“Each of you should feel a tightening at your forehead as I explain the inner eye, as if the flesh there were pinching together and burrowing inward.” (The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun)

At that time, we practiced the exercises either at the recreation club, a local factory hall or a practitioner’s home. We usually practiced at the factory hall. There was an empty room where we stored some things such as the television we used to show Master’s lecture videos, a big sound recorder, our meditation mats, etc. The energy field at that time was really good! We usually arrived early to sweep the floor and set things up. Everyone exchanged their cultivation thoughts and experiences to compare and learn from each other. We also went to the surrounding areas to promote the Fa, rain or shine.

One day, while I was watching Master’s lecture video, I suddenly noticed he was wearing a yellow cassock and sitting in the meditation position as he came out from the television and levitated in mid air. At the same time, a purple Falun kept spinning in the air. It was so pretty and miraculous! I later often saw a purple Falun spinning in front of me when I practiced the exercises.

When I first started practicing, I occasionally had a high fever. However, my thoughts were very righteous. I knew that Master was helping me to eliminate karma so I always treated it as a good thing. One night, I dreamed that I was holding a basket and the floor was covered in money. Many people were collecting it, but my heart was not moved. Someone urged me, “Quickly put the money in the basket.” I was very steadfast and said, “No!” After waking up I felt relaxed. I knew I passed the test of monetary gains.

After I practiced for a while, my skin became soft and fair with a rosy glow and my steps felt very light as I walked. I constantly felt like I was about to levitate.

In 2000, when the CCP’s persecution of Dafa reached its climax, a few practitioners and my wife went to the police station to ask that practitioners who had been arrested and detained be released. They were detained in the nursing home. It was July, the hottest month of the year and the guards did not let them drink water or let them wear hats while they labored under the hot sun.

I invited one of the practitioner’s family members to go to the nursing home to ask for their release. While I was there, I saw that there were many CCP members from the town and people from the police station. At that time, I was the manager of a factory and many people, such as the secretary of the political and legal affairs committee had close relationships with me.

The secretary of the political and legal affairs committee was surprised and asked me, “Manager Li, why are you here?” I said, “To bring my wife home.” He said, “She practices Falun Dafa, so has she committed a crime?” I asked, “Which national law states that Falun Dafa is illegal?” He replied, “The head of the Party said so.” I said, “Is he above the law?” We were in the middle of the discussion when the people from the police station all surrounded us. I was not afraid at all and continued to clarify the truth to them. They wanted my wife to write a guarantee statement to stop practicing before they would release her but my wife refused.

They asked me to write it on her behalf but I also refused. The secretary of the political and legal affairs committee asked me, “Do you practice Falun Dafa?” I said, “It is such a good practice, how can I not practice it?” They said, “You are courageous!” At that time the persecution was intense. I did not back down and thought in my heart: Master is watching over me. It is Master who makes the decisions for us.

That day, all the practitioners were released. My wife and the other practitioners just walked out of the nursing home just as a county police car came in an attempt to take them to the county to continue persecuting them. When the county police realized that all the practitioners were already released, they had no choice but to give up their plan.

Later, the town’s minister of arms and a police officer often came to my house, saying that they were instructed by their superiors to come and keep watch on my wife and I. One day, both of them came again and asked, “Where is your wife?” I said, “Does she need to report to you where she is going?” I asked the minister, “We have known each other for a long time. Do you think I am a good or a bad person?” The police officer said, “We know that people who practice Falun Dafa are all good people. It is because our superior asked us to do it this way so we have no choice.” I said, “Stop harassing us.” They left and since then, they never came again.

Practicing Falun Dafa is the luckiest thing that has happened in this lifetime of mine! Thank you Master!