(Minghui.org) One month after the New Year 2015, I rode a motorcycle to my younger brother’s home. When I was about to enter his village, my motorcycle crashed and I was thrown quite far. It felt like all my organs were shifted towards my chest! I couldn’t breathe, felt dizzy, nauseous, and lay motionless on the ground. At that critical moment, a Falun Dafa practitioner happened to pass by. She said to me, “You’ll be OK.”

Her words reminded me that I’m a practitioner and I said, “Yes, of course! I am fine. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Master is always with me and he arranged a fellow practitioner to remind me.” I then had a strong thought, “Nothing is allowed to persecute me or interfere with my cultivation. Master is taking care of me.” 

I asked Master to strengthen me. I must stand up. I rolled over and got on my knees, but I could not stand. The lady’s daughter who is also a practitioner helped me up and said, “You are fine. We are protected by Master.” I said, “Yes. Master, please strengthen me. I must stand up.” I then placed my hands on the ground and pushed myself up. The lady’s daughter picked up the motorcycle. She asked if I was able to walk. I said, “Yes, I’m fine. I can walk!” So I carefully took one step, and then another. 

It was like Master said,

“So steel the will, and lift thy leaden leg,Endure the pain, diligent, and cast off attachments …”(“Climbing Mount Tai,” Hong Yin)

All three family members were there when I finally arrived at a practitioner’s home. There were a total of seven practitioners who sent forth righteous thoughts for me. 

I felt that if I lay down I might not be able to stand up again. I was touched because so many practitioners came to help me. I knew Master arranged for them to be there. At the critical moment, I should have strong righteous thoughts and completely deny the old force’s arrangements. 

A practitioner helped me put both my feet up into the lotus position. I had trouble breathing, and could not conjoin my hands. The other practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts with me, and asked Master to completely dissolve the bad substances that persecute practitioners, and to help me walk on the path Master arranged for us. 

It was a war between good and evil. Three hours passed. The pain in my abdomen lessened and could breathe normally. 

Master said, 

“We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun).

At that time, my son came and said, “Mom, let’s go to the hospital.” I said, “No. I want to go home, do the exercises and read the Fa. The difference between a human and a divine being is one thought. If I wanted to walk a human path, I wouldn’t be able to stand up. My injuries were an illusion. I decided I would only listen to Master—he would take care of me.

I am a care worker so I know about human anatomy. I felt three small bones in my spine were broken, with dislocation of the ischium, fractured ribs on both sides, and dislocation of the knee joint. I reminded myself this was an illusion. Master wouldn't acknowledge it, so neither would I. 

That night, I listened to Master’s Fa and sent forth strong righteous thoughts, “Let all my cells in the body be rectified from the microscopic to the macroscopic level. I only follow Master’s arrangement.” As soon as I had this thought, my pain was gone. Every night I had to lie down flat, but I got up to do the exercises when it was time. On the third night, I slept on my side and woke up because of pain. It felt like my ribs had penetrated into my organs. My husband held me up and I started doing the exercises. When I was doing the third exercise, I heard a “click” sound from my back and my husband was frightened. However, I realized my back no longer hurt and my ribs on both sides returned to normal. I knew Master repaired my dislocated and fractured bones.

When I did the fourth exercise, I couldn’t bend down—but I persisted every day and asked Master to strengthen me. A few days later, I could bend down. Two weeks later, I had completely recovered, and I could walk. I was able to go to the farmers’ markets to clarify the truth to people.

Thank you, Master, for your saving my life!

Through this tribulation, I identified some attachments, including resentment and other attachments such as emotion. I will be more steadfast, firmly believe in Master and the Fa, cultivate myself better, save more people, and follow Master to return home.