(Minghui.org) My life has undergone tremendous changes since I started following the principles of Falun Dafa in 2013. My family and I have benefited. Thus, I would like to share my experiences and say thank you to Master Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa’s founder). 

Dafa Gave Me a Harmonious Home 

At the end of 2012, my husband and his parents, without telling me, used their house and two of our houses as collateral for a loan that my husband’s friend would invest in. They also borrowed from relatives, friends, classmates, and gave another business partner more than one million yuan (about $158,285). However, that friend went bankrupt, and ran away after realizing he could not pay off his debt.

When they could no longer hide what happened, they told me the truth. It hit me like a bolt from the blue. I felt like the sky was falling. My husband and I were both salaried employees. We had a house, a car, and a good life. Then, overnight, we lost everything and had a huge debt on our shoulders. 

My husband had only known this friend for just over a year. They hung out almost every day and drank a lot. I used to try to persuade him to stop this bad habit. “We have a legitimate career, and you spend all day drinking and messing around. Why?” He said, “I want to do something big.” He didn’t listen to anything I said. After I talked with him a couple of times, he became annoyed with me and wouldn’t tell me about anything from then on. 

At that time, our child was still young. I had no energy to care about his business. I went to work during the day and took care of our child after work. My husband’s salary was almost never used for any household expenses so I was unaware that he had made such a big mistake. At that time, my monthly salary was only a little over one thousand yuan (about $158 USD). The one million yuan debt seemed like an astronomical number to me.

Debts have to be paid; so first, we sold our car and house and started renting a house. After handling the emergency issues, I could no longer face my husband. It wasn’t just the money, it was the fact that he and his parents had used our houses for collateral without my knowledge or permission. That was unacceptable. I felt that the trust between husband and wife was gone. 

Looking at my young son, thinking about the life I had to face, and thinking about the actions of my husband and his family, I felt grief and resentment. I hated him so much that I decided to live with my parents for a while, and think about what to do next. 

When I returned to my parents’ home, they worried that I would not be able to bear such a big blow. They were very cautious when they talked with me. On the other hand, I was afraid of bothering my parents and didn’t dare show my feelings in front of them. All I did was cry at night and covered my head with a quilt so they wouldn’t hear me. I didn’t know what to do next. Looking at my elderly parents and young child, I knew could not afford to die. Facing an untrustworthy husband and huge debt, I felt my life would be very difficult. Those few months were the darkest moments of my life. 

Later, I read the book Zhuan Falun. It was like a ray of sunshine that instantly lit up my life. It gave me the courage to face everything that came along. I learned the true meaning of life. I learned that one cannot live just for oneself and should be sincere, kind, and tolerant. I gave up the thought of divorce and moved back home with my husband. 

When I started cultivation, my xinxing was not high. My salary was used to pay all expenses at home. My husband’s salary was used to pay off the debts. As my Fa study evolved, I began to help my husband pay off the debts. In order to save money, I did not buy any new clothes or cosmetics for four years. I also brought lunch from home rather than use the cafeteria at work. 

I never imagined that my life would be like this. However, with the guidance of Falun Dafa, my heart was fulfilled and happy.

I used all my spare time to study the Fa and quietly changed. I let go a lot of the resentment in my heart and became more considerate of others. I understood that my husband had good intentions, and wanted our family to live a better life. The loss had hit him just as hard. 

I encouraged my husband with the principles I learned in Dafa. I took good care of him in all possible ways, and tried to let him feel the warmth of family. I no longer blamed his parents for their part in the issue. They were also upset by all that happened. 

With Fa-study and exercises, my heart opened up. My son witnessed how I talked to people and my actions. One day, he told me sincerely, “Mother, you are so kind. You have no hatred in your heart.” The life we had was difficult, but happy. 

Over eight years have passed, and that astronomical number that I thought might not be paid off in my lifetime is almost paid. My husband really felt the changes in me after I began cultivating my character. He knew very well that without the protection of Falun Dafa, we would not have such a warm home. He supported my cultivation and respected Master Li very much. In 2015, he also participated in a lawsuit against the former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin, and sought justice for Falun Dafa. 

Our Son Benefits from Dafa 

When I became an adherent of Falun Dafa, my son was in the third grade. Now, he is a high school student. Although does not practice Falun Dafa, he often studied the Fa with me when he was younger. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are deeply engraved in his heart.

My son used to be a willful child. If he didn’t get the toys he wanted, he would not eat or drink, and cried himself to sleep. He often disputed what adults had to say. After I practiced Dafa, he liked to study the Fa with me whenever he had time. He especially liked to hear the ancient Chinese legends before going to sleep. Gradually, his character kept getting better. He smiles, and doesn’t become anxious or angry no matter what he is told. He is always considerate. 

Due to our economic situation, I felt that I had shortchanged my child. However, he doesn’t pay attention to food, clothes, or compare himself with his classmates. Whenever he is asked what to eat or what he wants, he always says, “Anything …. No need.” He isn’t picky about what he wears. He says things like, “Just buy the cheaper one. No need to have expensive ones.” 

We never worry about his studies. From childhood to adulthood, my son never needed tutoring, and his grades were among the best in the class. I often heard that other kids studied late into the night. My son seldom studied at home. He told me that he finished everything at school. 

Before I started cultivating, my son’s English ability was almost the worst in the class. After I started practicing Dafa, his grades improved. 

My Mother Studied Falun Dafa and Regained Her Memory 

My mother is in her 70s now. After my father died, not wanting to cause trouble for her children, she lived alone. As I lived relatively close to my mother’s house, I often visited her. Worried that she may not eat well, I usually brought her meals every other day. I have been very busy taking care of my family. 

In December 2020, my mother suddenly had symptoms of Alzheimer’s and no longer recognized anyone. She also had urinary incontinence and needed constant care. So I quit my job to take care of my mother. 

Master said:

“Of course, while we’re cultivating in the ordinary world we’re supposed to respect our parents and be good to them, just as we should teach our kids and discipline them. In every situation we should be good to others and be kind to people, let alone your family members. We should treat everyone the same, be good to our parents and our kids, and always be considerate of others. Then your heart isn’t a selfish one when you do that, but a compassionate one—it’s compassion. ” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I quit my job without thinking about myself. My mother worked hard all her life. It is my responsibility to take good care of her. Although I wasn’t working, I became busier than ever. From morning to night, I was so busy that I was like a spinning top. My mother was incontinent so I had to change her diaper at least four times a day and clean her up every time. I also cleaned the house and made her favorite foods.

I played Falun Dafa music for my mother. A fellow practitioner also came to my house every day to accompany my mother in studying the Fa. In less than a month, my mother’s ability to remember came back. During her worst days, she didn’t recognize me, but now, she remembers everything, is no longer incontinent, and can take care of herself. 

Other people might think that my life looks miserable. However, I feel that sunshine is everywhere. I am bathed in the light of Falun Dafa and enjoy the bright journey of my life.