(Minghui.org) I was seriously ill and dying, but I was fortunate enough to begin practicing Falun Dafa on April 10, 1997. Merciful Master Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa’s founder) gave me a second life, which is why I’m still here today and have the opportunity to walk on the path of Dafa cultivation. My gratitude to Master for the blessings bestowed upon me cannot be expressed in words.

Motorbike Accident

Master saved me once again on June 16, 2021. I was riding my husband’s large electric motorbike to the bank. As I arrived, I smashed into a concrete block with a loud bang. The impact was so strong that I fell hard, and my entire body was shaken. I couldn’t breathe, and thought I was dying. Just then a thought appeared in my mind, “I’m a practitioner, and protected by Master. I’ll be fine.”

Just after having that thought, I could breathe easily again. I was overjoyed, knowing that Master had saved me. But how could I think I was dying? Master’s Law Bodies are always by my side protecting me. How could I be dying? I was so regretful for having such a negative thought.

I checked myself over, and got up without any trouble. I went to pull up the motorbike, but it was too heavy. After a while, a young man came and helped me. After he pulled up the bike, he asked me if I was okay and if there was anything I needed. I told him that I was fine, and repeatedly thanked him for his help. Then he left.

I went into the bank to make a deposit. When I returned and tried to turn the bike around, the front wheel wouldn’t turn. Another person helped me push the bike to a nearby repair shop.

When the mechanic saw the bike, he shouted out, “It must have been a strong impact to cause this much damage!” He asked if I was hurt, and looked at me in astonishment when I told him that I was fine.

Store Owner Quits the Youth League

The owner of the store next to the repair shop kindly let me into her place to sit and rest. When she asked what happened, I told her the whole story and said, “I got a second life today. Dafa’s Master saved me.” She was shocked and responded with deep emotion, “It turns out Falun Dafa really is good. Several people told me about Dafa before and asked me to quit the Youth League (one of the Chinese Communist Party’s affiliated organizations), but I didn’t believe them and didn’t quit.”

I continued, “The two of us were destined to meet today. What I just told you was my personal experience that happened just an hour ago. Falun Dafa saves people, and our Master is here to save people. My Master not only saved me today, he also saved me more than 20 years ago. In 1997, I was suffering from severe pulmonary heart disease and was bedridden for over 100 days. No medicine could cure me, and I was just waiting to die. My second aunt taught me to practice Falun Dafa. After just three days, Master purified my body. I threw up half a basin of green gunk, and my swollen stomach returned to its normal state. I was able to do housework within a week, and work in the fields three weeks later. My family was so happy and said that Falun Dafa has miraculous powers.”

“Based on what you said,” the store owner added, “Falun Dafa is really amazing. There’s a Dafa practitioner in my village, who mentioned how great the practice was a few times, but I didn’t want to listen. Now I understand, Falun Dafa really is a good practice. Please help me quit the Youth League that I joined in the past.”

I gave her an amulet and said, “Recite the words on this frequently, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’, and you will be safe. Dafa protects good people like you.”

She thanked me profusely, so I responded, “You should thank Dafa. Only my Master has the ability to protect you.”

She said loudly, “I thank Dafa and your Master.”

Clarifying the Truth to Police Officers

My ribs started to hurt when I got home, but I was still able to sleep well that night. After finishing the housework the next day, I spent the rest of my time studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. On the third day, I heard a dog barking just after I finished the fifth exercise. Looking through the window, I saw three people enter the yard – two police officers, and the village CCP secretary. I went out to greet them. An officer politely asked if I was so-and-so.

I acknowledged that I was that person, and invited them in. One of the officers saw my hands holding my waist, and asked, “What’s wrong with your hands?”

I replied, “My hands are fine, but my ribs hurt.” I told them about my accident, and they were surprised to see me in good spirits. One officer said, “We came to check if you still practice Falun Dafa.”

“If I didn’t, I would have probably died that day.” Both officers encouraged me to practice at home and not to publicize it.

“Oops! What I just told you about the accident was publicizing Dafa,” I commented.

The two officers looked amused, and said in unison, “That’s okay. This time doesn’t count.” Both the CCP secretary and I laughed.

When they left, I walked them to the gate, and told them not to come again, “As people may think that you’ve come to arrest me.”

I turned to the village CCP secretary, and said, “Don’t bring them here. You know the truth about Dafa.”

He looked embarrassed, and replied, “It’s close to July 1, (the CCP’s founding anniversary) and my superiors told me to come. It’s just a formality of following their orders.” Patting his pocket, he added, “I know Dafa is good. I carry the good thing [Dafa amulet] with me every day.”