(Minghui.org) During the height of the persecution in 2001, the authorities put me and many Falun Dafa practitioners in a forced labor camp. Local news reporters came to the camp to interview practitioners with the intention of writing a story that smeared Falun Dafa and practitioners.

I told them, “Let me tell you about my experiences. A retired neighbor of mine used to suffer from heart problems and she could barely do any household chores. One morning she told me, ‘Why don’t you have your wife practice Falun Dafa with me. I recovered from my heart problems two months after I took up the practice.’ Her words gave me hope. She walked at a healthy pace and no longer seemed sick. I promised that I would pass on her words to my wife.

“My wife was 31 that year and had a five-year history of heart disease. She visited several major hospitals and underwent many treatments, but nothing helped. Nine days after she began practicing Falun Dafa, her heart condition improved. Two weeks later, she completely recovered from the illness.”

I said, “My mother began practicing Falun Dafa when she was 70 years old. At the time she suffered from a dozen illnesses. Hardened scars covered her chest. She had them since she was six. Four months into the practice, all the scars disappeared, leaving behind healthy muscles and skin.

“A doctor told my aunt that she had terminal liver cancer and that she wouldn’t live to see Chinese New Year that year. My aunt started doing the Falun Dafa exercises with my mother. A month later the liver cancer disappeared. She celebrated Chinese New Year and started working on the farm after that.”

Then I explained the positive changes I experienced after I began practicing. “I started working after I graduated. At first, I turned down bribes. If I couldn’t refuse, I gave the money to my supervisors. After witnessing my supervisors abuse the company’s money, I got used to it and became corrupt as well. However I eliminated these bad habits after I began practicing Falun Dafa. I wouldn’t take home anything that wasn’t mine, even a piece of paper.

One time I bought a client a meal on a business trip. Because we mainly talked about personal issues, I tore up the receipt and didn’t get reimbursed for the meal. I must be truthful since Falun Dafa teaches us to be so.

“My coworker had spinal cancer and was paralyzed from the waist down for three years. Three months after he began practicing Falun Dafa, he fully recovered.”

I told the reporters that I had many more stories and all the cases I described could be verified. I’d be happy to take them to the people in the stories so that they could interview them. “Would you report the cases truthfully if you verified them with your own investigation?” I asked. They looked at each other and said nothing.

I went back to my cell, and another practitioner was called to talk to the reporters. The practitioner came back in two minutes. I was baffled and curious about what he said. He told me that he only said, “The truth will always be true, and lies will always be lies.”

The authorities put many people in the forced labor camp after they were caught gambling. One of them used to be a supervisor in a county government. I told him about Falun Dafa and the persecution, he commented, “I know. Everything you say is true. The CCP runs the country with propaganda and lies.” He then told me, “When I was in charge of confiscating Falun Dafa books, I’d hide one of each title. Now I have a complete collection of Falun Dafa books at home. I know the books will be priceless treasures in the future!”