(Minghui.org) December 21, 1994 was an unforgettable day in my life. A group of ten people, including my father and myself, overcame various obstacles and went to Guangzhou and attended Master Li Hongzhi’s last Falun Dafa lecture series in China.

While we were on the train heading to Guangzhou, Xiao Sun, a young man in our group, suddenly exclaimed, “I feel a Falun. It’s rotating with a whoosh!” We were excited to hear this. We realized that Master had started protecting practitioners before we even attended his lectures.

Thunderous applause arose as Master entered the lecture hall. He stood on the stage straight and tall and lifted both hands to greet us. We were immersed in a strong energy field. An indescribably wonderful feeling of happiness and confidence filled my heart.

Master Cleansed Our Bodies

During the fourth lecture, Master cleansed our bodies. He told us to think of a disease that we or a family member had. I thought of my mom’s illnesses. As Master instructed us to stomp our left foot and then our right foot, I felt a cold flow come down from the top of my head, go along my back and legs, and come out from the bottoms of my feet. I felt relaxed and comfortable within a second.

Ever since then, I have been illness free. People who are my age envy me because I never need to take any medications. They witnessed the power of Falun Dafa through my great health.

During the third lecture I noticed that many people were coughing and the air was foul. After Master cleansed our bodies their coughs stopped, and the air was fresh, just like the air after it rains. I later realized that Master dissolved our karma and shouldered the karmic debts we accrued lifetime after lifetime.

Mother’s Amazing Experience

Mother stayed at home when Father and I traveled to Guangzhou. She later told me about her amazing experience.

One night she heard a whooshing sound right after she went to bed. She was frightened, since she was the only one home. She covered her head with her blanket. When she peered out from under the blanket, she saw a purple light fill the room. It was so beautiful that she realized that it was a good thing, and calmed down. 

The day of her experience was exactly the day that Master cleansed our bodies and I thought of Mother’s diseases. Master’s law body must have cleansed Mother’s body too. She used to suffer multiple diseases, but they were gone after that day. She didn’t need any medicine during the period of time she did the Falun Dafa exercises. However, she was too afraid to continue after the Chinese Communist Party launched the persecution. Her diseases returned and she eventually passed away.

Buddha Light Illuminated the City of Guangzhou

Several people in Guangzhou, including Falun Dafa practitioners and non-practitioners, saw Falun in the night sky during the period the lecture series was held. I also heard on the radio that the crime rate dropped. I knew that Master brought blessings to the people of Guangzhou.

I wrote this article with tears in my eyes. No words can describe Master’s grace. Thank you, Master!