(Minghui.org) Master pushed us to our highest level of cultivation before July 20, 1999, so every Dafa practitioner already has strong gong power and supernormal abilities. However, we may not be able to use the power freely, or realize how to use it due to the old forces’ interference. Yet, when we have strong righteous thoughts, we can use the power freely to destroy the evil and shock the people who are controlled by the evil. Below are a few examples and my understanding of the relationship between righteous belief or thoughts and supernormal abilities.

An Appeal in Beijing with Righteous Thoughts

I went to Beijing by myself to appeal for Dafa in 1999, when I was 19 years old. Although I only had 20 yuan and Zhuan Falun, the main Book of Falun Dafa. I held the righteous thought that the Fa is with me all the time no matter what happens.

I was arrested at the Central Appeals Office in Beijing and detained at the Dongcheng District Police Station. They later transferred me to a local detention center, where I was searched by a guard. I had Zhuan Falun inside my clothing, so I sent forth righteous thoughts that he would not see my book, nor take it away. When he touched the book, he suddenly froze for a while, and then told another officer, “Okay. He did not bring anything.” I carried Zhuan Falun with me while in the detention center, and eventually went back home safely.

Fearlessly Dissolved the Persecution

A major truth-clarification material production site in my city was destroyed by police, and many practitioners involved with the site were arrested. I had to leave and become homeless to avoid arrest and later went to stay at my father’s dorm at his workplace in the town center.

I was in sitting meditation one day and suddenly saw a police vehicle with three male officers and one female officer traveling on the mountain road toward my place. I became alert at first, but immediately realized I was doing the most righteous thing and should not be afraid of them, nor try to avoid them. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to stop the police vehicle with my divine power.

My mother called my father a few days later (my parents were divorced) and told him that officers from the police department came to her home. They told her that four police officers, including three males and one female, were sent to where I stayed, but got into a car accident. They unreasonably asked my mother to compensate them for their losses.

This confirmed that I had used the mighty power bestowed by Master to dissolve the persecution and eliminate the old forces’ arrangement. It strengthened my belief in Dafa's mighty power.

Righteous Thoughts and Actions Allow One to Freely Use the Mighty Power

I was once arrested along with a few other practitioners. An officer handcuffed me to an iron chair at the police station and tried to force me to give up Dafa cultivation. I told him that I would insist on cultivating in Dafa to the end. He became so angry that he lifted me up and hung me on the iron door frame of the detention room. My feet were off the ground, and I could not breathe due to the extreme pain. It happened that my mother came to the police station to visit me at the time. The police called my mother in to witness them torturing me. My mother was brokenhearted and started to cry.

I overheard the officer call his superior late that afternoon to discuss transferring us to the detention center. I sent forth a righteous thought to break his cell phone. Suddenly the cell phone flew out of his hand and hit the ground. It was a flip phone, and the top piece separated from the bottom piece. He was very confused, looking at his phone for quite a while.

We were transferred in a police vehicle to the detention center in the evening. The police officers felt so relieved as they were about to hand us to the detention center. I sent forth righteous thoughts that the detention center wouldn’t accept us. The guard on duty at the detention center told the police officers that it was too late to handle the transfer and refused to accept us. The officer who had tortured me became very unsettled and asked the other police officer to take us back to the detention room at the station. The other officer impatiently refused, “No way. The detention period has already expired. In addition, we will need to work overtime to watch these people.”

My Thoughts and Understanding

The above are a few examples of how I used mighty power to dissolve the persecution. I am not in an unlocked state of cultivation. I also was like a regular person when I did not cultivate diligently in the past. But when I had strong righteous thoughts, I could feel that I suddenly became taller, and my divine side came out. Meanwhile, all the strong human notions immediately disappeared. I asked myself why there were times when the supernormal abilities would not manifest, especially at critical moments. I realized that we often used our so-called human experience to solve problems at critical moments, and thus lacked strong righteous thoughts, which kept the mighty power that Master bestowed on us from working. Moreover, righteous thoughts are based on understanding and enlightening to the Fa. And studying the Fa and following the Fa principles are the keys to achieving enlightenment. However, some of us studied the Fa as a formality over the years, like people study some regular theory. Thus, we would be limited by our superficial understanding of the Fa.

Master said,

“If your righteous thoughts are strong enough, who would dare to do something? So if you are in the right, Master can resolve anything. But if you don’t act righteously, what can Master do?” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

“Fa-rectification disciples, the persecution has already come to this stage, and Dafa has already come to this stage in the Fa-rectification: What’s there for us to still be afraid of? Haven’t you already seen your future very well? So when it comes to those evil beings and their arrangements, as long as your righteous thoughts are strong enough you can reject them, repel them, and make them helpless.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2002 Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”, Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Volume II)

Fellow practitioners, let us all use our mighty power manifested by strong righteous thoughts to truly help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings.