(Minghui.org) Looking back on my cultivation and assisting Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) in Fa rectification and saving sentient beings, I feel so grateful to Master in my heart. Without Master’s compassionate protection and care, I would not have been able to move even an inch, let alone improve on the path of cultivation.

“I Wasn’t Really Driving, It Was Master”

I live in a county-level city in a border area. After years of ups and downs, the Falun Dafa practitioners here have gradually matured. Fellow practitioners cooperate with each other to form one body and clarify the truth on a large scale to save as many people as we can – telling them about Dafa and the persecution so that they can fully understand the goodness of Dafa and the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In the summer of 2016, in order to help people in remote areas know about Falun Dafa, local practitioners worked together to distribute Dafa information to all the towns and villages in the county. Practitioners printed various materials, bound them, folded and bagged them, and put them into packs. I did this work with Chen and Bing (pseudonyms), and then we drove to the countryside to distribute them.

Bing, 50, was the driver. In order to get to the remote areas, she bought a car, got a driver’s license, and drove us around; but her driving skills were still a little raw. One night at around 10 p.m. (we had already gone to two villages), we had a very small village left to visit, about 5 miles away. It was a dirt road and the rain made conditions difficult to drive. We hesitated about whether to go or not; but when we thought about the 20 or 30 families who would not have many opportunities to read the facts, we decided to go.

It was a mountainous area and the road was steep and winding. One side of the road was the side of the mountain, while the other was a cliff. Making the road even more precarious, in the center of the road there was a ditch that was two feet deep in some places. The driver had be careful to keep the wheels from going into the rut. Chen was sitting in the front passenger seat, focused on helping watch the road. I was sitting in the back seat. My hands were tightly holding onto the front seat, and my palms were sweaty.

It took us 40 minutes to drive the 5 miles, but we finally arrived safely at the village. It took less than 10 minutes to distribute the materials to every household, and we headed back. After another intense drive on the muddy road, we finally got to the paved road. Chen breathed a sigh of relief and said to Bing, “You are so brave.” Bing smiled and said, “Master gave me the courage. Actually, I wasn’t really driving, it was Master. He was helping me hold the steering wheel.”

We All Shouted “Master!”

We felt the urgency to save people who may have believed the Chinese Communist Party propaganda against Falun Dafa. The farthest village we went to was on the provincial border. The round trip was over 200 miles, and there were 13 villages along the way. We went to the farthest village first, and started distributing information there. We stopped at each village on our way back. The larger villages had 200 or 300 households and smaller ones had about 12. We departed at 5 p.m. and returned home at 5 a.m., having distributed the packets to 10 villages.

It was a two-way road when we first started, but it got narrower and narrower and eventually became a single lane. It would be very difficult to maneuver if a car approached from the opposite direction. Fortunately, the place was very remote and we didn’t encounter many other vehicles. Because the road wound through the mountains, there were a lot of sharp turns, and on one side of the road there was either a ditch or a stream.

As we were driving, all of a sudden the car started violently swerving from side to side, and the steering wheel was shaking. We could see a sharp turn coming up, and a deep river alongside the road. If we lost control of the car, the consequence would be unimaginable. The three of us simultaneously shouted, “Master!” and the car immediately stabilized. After calming down, we felt so grateful to Master Li for protecting us. On our cultivation path, what would we do without Master’s protection?

A 180-degree Turn

As more and more practitioners joined the project, we went to villages that were farther away. We also had to bring more materials with us, sometimes up to 1,600 packs in four or five big bags. We worked well together, and whoever finished a section would help those who had not finished. We gave the older practitioners the sectors that were easier to get to. Bing also distributed materials after she parked the car. Although it was not easy, we felt happy for those who would read the materials. 

One afternoon in 2017, the weather was fine when we set out, but it started to snow later that night. It was the first snow of the year so there weren’t any snow tires on the car. As usual, we went to the farthest village and then stopped at each village on our way back. After the snow started, there was one village that we needed to drive over a hill to get to. As we tried to get up the incline, the tires couldn’t grip and the car kept slipping. It was late at night by that time, and the snow was getting heavier, so we agreed to go home and return to that village at another time.

The snow continued to fall, and even on the flat road, we had to drive very slowly. We all knew there were a few steep hills coming up and we worried about the car making it over them. But when we got to the hills, we were surprised to see that there was no snow on them. Everyone knew that Master was watching over us. Our gratitude to Master cannot be put into words.

After driving over a few big hills, there was one last hill close to our city. The snow was very deep on the road and the downhill slope was long and steep. When we were almost at the bottom, the car suddenly veered to the right. As the car was about to drive into the ditch, we again shouted, “Master!” The car all of a sudden made a 180-degree turn and stopped on the road. Everyone was stunned. After a while, Bing told us to go outside and guide her as she slowly reversed the car down the hill.

Over the past five years, we practitioners have worked with each other and distributed different truth-clarification materials four or five times to each village in our county. Sometimes we also went to neighboring regions. We have encountered ups and downs and interference, but nothing can stop us from giving people true information about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Each time, with Master’s protection, we made it safely through the tribulation. Our compassionate Master is always beside us.