(Minghui.org) It’s believed in traditional Chinese culture that nature and mankind are one. When people abide by the laws of nature and discipline themselves with morality and kindness, they will be blessed. Below are two stories submitted by two Falun Dafa practitioners about such blessings – some experienced by practitioners, and blessings on their relatives as well.

Bumper Harvest Despite Drought

My name is Qing Yun. My family lives in a rural area but my husband and I do not have much experience in farming. We planted some corn this year without soaking the seeds in water first. Moreover, we did not plant them deep enough or use rollers to press them down. But luckily it rained a little bit after we planted them, and then it rained a bit more ten days later.

Twenty days later, the seedlings all came up. While other farmers had to replenish their seedlings due to low germination rate, our seedlings were abundant, thick, and vigorous. 

As the harvest time approached, we were hit by a severe drought. I worried about how bad the crops would be since my family relied on the corn for our income.

It surprised us when we started harvesting. The corn stalks were all big and plump. People from our village complimented us. I told them that I was blessed because I practice Dafa and clarified the truth to people.

We planted sorghum last year. When flocks of sparrows descended upon the sorghum fields ready to harvest, people banged on pots and pans to scare the birds away. The two sorghum fields next to ours barely had anything left to harvest after the birds left. We did not do anything and our sorghum was intact and we had a good harvest.

Home with Dafa Books Spared from Fire

I’m from Inner Mongolia. In our area, every family piles up their corn stalks on both sides of the gate of their yard, closely together without any consideration for fire safety. Around the Chinese New Year in 2000, one family’s corn stalks caught fire from the local fireworks, and they were all burnt in the flames. The next-door neighbor, the Huang family, was lucky that their corn stalks were intact.

Two days later, the exact same scenario happened to the Huang family’s next-door neighbor on the other side. All of their corn stalks were in flames. When the fire was approaching the corn stalks of the Huang family, it became smaller and smaller, and finally was extinguished.

Many villagers could not help but talk about the luck of the Huang family. They believed that the Huang family must have been blessed by God and Buddha.

In fact, the Huangs are relatives of a Falun Dafa practitioner, who stored her Falun Dafa books in the Huang family’s home to keep them safe after the persecution began. I am a friend of this practitioner and brought my Dafa books to the Huang family for safekeeping as well.

The Huang family knew that Dafa is good and helped us even though their actions might put them in danger. Their kindness was rewarded by the divine’s protection. It is often said that water and fire are merciless. But as you can tell from this story, fire can recognize kind people.