(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners from our Fa-study group were recently arrested. I was one of them. I didn’t cooperate with the police, and was released after three days.

Police officers broke into our place when we were studying the Fa. They immediately took photos and videos of their actions. We were stunned, but when I realized what was happening, I asked them what they were doing. “Why aren’t you wearing your uniforms? Why didn’t you show your police IDs and search warrant?” Looking unsettled, they proceeded to handcuff me, and then took me to the police station.

Clarifying the truth is not a strong point of mine, but I remembered not to cooperate with them. I refused to answer their questions or make a statement. I even refused to sit on the interrogation stool for the interrogation, because I knew I was not a criminal. When they tried to use force, I said, “There are cameras here. Police brutality is illegal!” They then restrained themselves.

When the officers pointed their cell phones toward my face to take a photograph for facial recognition, I blocked them with my hands, and turned my head away. They thus could not identify me or find out my home address.

Detention centers had strict rules for new arrivals during the pandemic. Anyone without a nucleic acid test, and full body check would be rejected. The police just wanted to hold me in the detention center, so they forced me to have a nucleic acid test, and even assigned a police office to take it too. I figured they would use his test results as mine, if I refused to take the test.

Since there were some COVID-19 cases in our area and I was not clearheaded at the time, I took the test and thought I would be taken back to the police station afterward. However, when they told me to have a full body check, I became alert and knew they wanted to take me to the detention center. I refused to cooperate and they couldn’t get any results, so I wasn’t taken to the detention center.

In the police station, I continually asked them to release me. I told them it had been over 24 hours since I was arrested, and my detention was illegal. My family requested that I be released after learning where I was. Given Master’s protection, I was allowed to return home.

A few of the arrested Dafa practitioners were taken to the detention center. I think one of the reasons was that they cooperated with the police during the medical exam. One practitioner also cooperated with the police when they searched their home. As a result, the police confiscated a lot more so-called “evidence.”

Practitioners should not cooperate with the police’s demands, once they are arrested. Certainly, that may be difficult, but if we can do that, we may experience less persecution, and the result will be the best.