(Minghui.org) I would like to share four stories about some of my recent truth clarification encounters.

Chance Encounter with a Buddhist

I’ve noticed a visible increase in religious people interested in listening to the truth about Falun Dafa recently.

One day, I came across a middle-aged man standing at the roadside dressed in a monk’s robe with a shaved head and prayer beads around his neck and wrists. I greeted him with a smile, “Are you a monk? You have a kind appearance!” He gently replied, “I have not formally entered a temple, and remain a practitioner at home.” “Then you are a lay Buddhist!” I replied. He nodded in agreement.

We naturally started talking about our beliefs. I told him the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa and what it meant to quit the Party (to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers). He agreed to withdraw his CCP memberships while thanking me repeatedly. We then had the following conversation.

He: “Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa. Those in my circle know this and have nothing against it. Falun Dafa’s Master is a living Buddha who comes to save people. People in today’s society don’t understand this, but we do. Major cultivation ways are indiscernible to modern society, while minor cultivation ways are completely hidden from sight.”

I: “Yes. If the delusion was lifted people could not be saved.”

He: “Dafa practitioners are doing meaningful work. People in the future will understand this. Where is your Master now? Is he well?”

I: “My Master is well. He currently resides in the United States. Falun Dafa has spread to more than 100 countries worldwide. Dafa’s main book of teachings, Zhuan Falun, has been translated into 40 languages. Falun Dafa is saving people all over the world!”

He: “I now have a better understanding. It was good to have this fated encounter with you today!”

I: “I agree. Perhaps we met and shared a connection in our past lives. Let me give you a USB flash drive, which has more truth-clarification materials. Okay?”

He: “There is no need, since I already know the truth. My lifestyle is minimal, to the point I don’t even go to the temple to burn incense. Instead, I work on maintaining my state of compassion, while waiting for the foretold day to arrive.”

I: “It’s true. Compassionate people will be protected by heaven and eventually reach a good place.”

He: “Continue to do well!”

As we parted ways, I heard him exclaim to himself repeatedly, “What a wonderful fated meeting!”

It turned out that the station he had been waiting at that day was actually not the terminal for the bus he wanted to take. The correct departing station for his bus was on the opposite side of the road. Master had arranged all of this so that he could be saved.

How Many Gods Are There?

One day, I met a woman dressed completely in white. Even her shoes were white and spotless. After offering my honest admiration of her beauty and elegance, I told her the truth about Dafa.

She listened and soundlessly digested my words. While describing the importance of rejecting atheism and renouncing all ties to the CCP, I glanced up at the sky and said, “Even as we converse, gods may be watching overhead!”

She suddenly said, “I have absolute belief in your words. But I have a question: how many gods are there?” Seeing my puzzlement, she clarified what she meant, “I often see eyes manifesting in the space around me. There are so many that they can barely squeeze in. Just how many Gods are out there? What’s going on?”

I was pleasantly surprised to hear her words and recited a stanza from Master’s collection of poems in response.

“Even though the world is smallIt fully reflects the vast firmamentThe skies are filled with eyesAll gods are focusing here...”(“Watch Carefully,” Hong Yin Volume II)

When I presented her with some truth-clarification materials, she said she had already received a few of the same pamphlets, and she had them at home and didn’t know what to do with them. “Gods look at people’s hearts. If you didn’t intentionally damage them, you won’t be blamed. You can pass them on to your relatives or friends after reading them, or leave them on windowsills or bicycle baskets when you pass by.” She smiled happily.

Afterward, I looked up at the sky again. Although I did not see anything different, I could feel the weight of the heavy responsibilities that Dafa practitioners shoulder.

Encounter with a Couple Working as Doctors

While crossing the street one day, I noticed a couple walking ahead of me. The woman was wearing a disposable plastic glove on one hand. I asked, “Are you a doctor?” She turned around and looked at me. “How did you know?” “I am a person with faith in a Buddhist school of teachings. Your profession shares something in common with us, where we believe in the existence of things we cannot see, and so employ an added sense of precaution. The plague virus is invisible to the naked eye, but doctors believe it exists and so do we.”

Amused, she turned to her husband, “She is smart. She discerned our profession just from a single disposable glove.” I went on, “Our meeting here must be fate. Viruses can’t be seen, neither can God, yet both exist. The most skilled doctors have a saying, “Doctors can cure illnesses but cannot save souls.” This shows the connection between modern science and religious beliefs.”

I told them the truth about Dafa and analyzed the discrepancies in the “Tiananmen self-immolation incident” from a medical perspective. The woman nodded and agreed that the incident was completely fabricated. In the end, they both quit the Party.

I count myself fortunate to have encountered these two predestined people and to not have missed this opportunity arranged by Master.

“Wooden Marionette”

During the lockdown period, bus arrival intervals became longer. I saw an older woman waiting anxiously at the bus station for her delayed bus to arrive. I seized this opportunity to talk to her.

The woman disagreed with the approach of our epidemic prevention policies and told me many of her own opinions. I replied that this was due to cause and effect. “From the perspective of traditional culture, many natural and man-made disasters occur when people have lost their moral values. The evidence is there before us.” She agreed with me. As I continued to tell her the truth about Dafa, her expression suddenly froze. Her eyes stared blankly in a single direction, her head stopped moving and she did not respond to anything I said. Like a “wooden marionette” she displayed an indifferent expression, neither making a sound nor moving away. From external appearances, I was being ignored, and the atmosphere became awkward.

I had encountered similar situations a few times before. This mostly happened to people who had heard the truth many times but refused to accept it. Normally I would have given up, but this time, I decided to continue my efforts. “Sister, I know you have encountered others like me who clarified the truth to you. Despite their words, you still don’t believe it, right? Sister, one day one last person will tell you this for the last time. This could even be it. Please cherish this opportunity and use your own judgement to decide what is true and false. People are kind by nature. Only those who are kind can hear our message while evil people won’t even understand a word.”

I told her about the lies surrounding the “Tiananmen self-immolation incident” which went against reality and actual medical science, the spreading of Falun Dafa around the world, the beauty of Dafa, and other things.

Suddenly, the woman appeared to awaken from her trance. After a while, she spoke calmly, “You are right. There is nothing wrong with being a kind person. I am a Party member and I wish to quit.” “You will be blessed with good fortune. Kindness will be rewarded while evil will meet with retribution. I hope you enjoy blessings and a safe future!” I said.  The woman thanked me and we parted. After walking a few meters away, she shouted, “Thank you!”

While clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa lately, I have encountered many people who were clearly just waiting to hear the truth. Sometimes they would take the initiative to talk to me, while others would enthusiastically reply, “Yes, yes, yes” as they listened attentively. And in the end, all of them would offer their sincere gratitude.

Sometimes I think, “Master, I’m sorry. This disciple cannot meet your expectations. My efforts to save sentient beings are still not enough.” Sometimes, a single misstep would result in a missed opportunity to meet a predestined person. Sometimes, my strong human notions manifest in a reluctance to talk to others. Sometimes, fear would stay my hands. Sometimes, exhaustion would deter me from approaching anyone. And when I chose to walk off, sometimes my backward glance would catch the person staring at me with hope. Having missed this predestined chance, they will have to wait for a second opportunity. This I regret!

While clarifying the truth, I have come to realize the truth behind every sentence of Master’s teachings. Buddha’s mighty compassion spreads with the increasing progress of Fa-rectification, affecting sentient beings positively. I resolve to seize this opportunity and become more diligent!