(Minghui.org) As the 2022 Chinese New Year approaches, practitioners in Hong Kong expressed their respect and send their sincere greetings to Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong.

“Forbearance Is Not Necessarily Painful”

Jia Dong started to practice Falun Dafa in 2015. He felt that he became a broad-minded person during his seven years of practice.

Jia Dong said he became a healthy and broadminded person after practicing Falun Dafa.

Jiadong said, “I wanted to be honest and kind when I was a child. I read the book Zhuan Falun in 2015 and really resonated with the content when I read that the most fundamental characteristic of the universe is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I usually associated forbearance with pain and helplessness before. Forbearance just wasn’t an easy thing to me.

“I had a bad temper. I often got upset and angry when I encountered something bad. I didn’t want to get into trouble, so I didn’t usually fight with others. However, I became depressed because of the resentment and anger. I once thought I did well in this regard as I could hold myself to avoid further conflicts. I realized that my understanding of forbearance was superficial after I read Zhuan Falun,” Jiadong continued.

As he gained a deeper understanding of the Fa and was strict with himself in cultivation, Jiadong realized that the only way to solve conflicts was to let go of his attachments. Only by doing so could he truly endure the hardship and solve the conflicts with other people. He could gradually deal with troubles more peacefully and easily, and his perspective and mind broadened. He realized that being tolerant was not necessarily painful.

Jiadong said this was just one of the experiences he had in his practice, and there are many, many more that he couldn’t express in words.

Jiadong concluded, “I experienced the beauty and wonderfulness of Falun Dafa and benefited from it physically and mentally. My relationships with others became harmonious when I thought of others first. I was able to do my work better after I upheld myself to Fa principles. I am very grateful to Master for his compassionate care over the years, and I would like to take the opportunity of the New Year to wish Master a Happy New Year!”

“Dafa Helped Me Find Meaning in Life”

Xiao Xiang, who began practicing Falun Dafa in 2017, said that Falun Dafa has helped him find meaning in life.

Xiao Xiang: “The meaning of life is to cultivate and return to my true self.”

Xiao Xiang said, “I have always wondered about the meaning of human life since I was a child. The book Zhuan Falun answered all my questions about life and the universe. I understood that the meaning of life is to cultivate and return to my true, original self.”

Xiao Xiang mentioned that before he began cultivation practice, he didn’t consider others and would fight for his personal interests. After cultivating, he understood that a person should be selfless and should always put others first. He said, “Although I can’t be completely selfless now, and sometimes I can’t do everything well, I have a clear goal in my life. I will keep improving myself.”

Xiaoxiang married another practitioner last year. He said, “We occasionally had conflicts at home, but we both looked inward as requested by Master so our family was harmonious. My thanks to Master for telling us how to be good persons. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, we sincerely wish Master a Happy New Year!”

“Looking inward Is the Key to All Troubles.”

Ms. Chen runs a job agency in Hong Kong. In 2012, she attended a nine-day Falun Gong workshop. She did not finish the class as she didn’t understand Mandarin, but she began to read the book Zhuan Falun.

She didn’t start practicing Falun Gong until 2015. One day, her friend wanted to learn about Falun Gong and asked her to find a practice site for him. Interestingly enough, her friend has not yet started to practice, but Ms. Chen has now been practicing Falun Gong since then.

Ms. Chen said, “I like to meditate. After practicing for several years, my body is all light, and I walk with a breeze.”

Ms. Chen said that looking inward is the key to solving all troubles.

Ms. Chen’s husband did not allow her to go out to do the exercises at first. He even followed her when she went out to join Fa study group. She didn’t fight back. Instead, she kept looking inward and eliminating her attachments. Gradually, her husband didn’t interfere with her cultivation anymore. She said, “Now I understand that this process of cultivation is the process of constantly removing my attachments.”

Ms. Chen said, “Last year, my husband became a troublemaker again, and he even didn’t let me sleep at night. One night he scolded me again when I came home after joining the Fa study group. I couldn’t hold back any more. I talked back. My husband stopped yelling when he saw that I became angry. However, I felt dizzy and had a bad toothache the next morning. I looked inward and realized that I didn’t treat myself as a practitioner and didn’t meet Master’s requirements. I didn’t think from my husband’s perspective. I realized that I had attachments of competitiveness and showing off.

“I then sincerely apologized to my husband. He seemed to have forgotten about what happened the night before. The trouble at home disappeared this way. My toothache also magically disappeared, and I could go out and do the exercises again.”

Ms. Chen concluded, “I wish Master a Happy New Year. I will cultivate myself solidly, get rid of my attachments, and be diligent in cultivation.”

Going to the Exercise Site Every Morning at 4 a.m.

Another Ms. Chen also shared her experience of practicing Falun Gong. She started practicing in 1994.

Ms. Chen said, “At that time, my younger sister had a disease. One of my friends, by coincidence, had the same disease. One day I asked my friend how she was doing, and she said her illness was gone after she practiced Falun Gong. I then immediately went to the bookstore and purchased two copies of Zhuan Falun. I gave one to my younger sister, and I kept one for myself.”

Witnessing her physical and mental changes after she began practicing Falun Gong, five family members also started practicing.

All three of Ms. Chen’s sisters practiced Falun Gong and joined the media projects. While working in the media, Ms. Chen usually did the exercises at night. But sometimes, she did not have time to do all five exercises when she was busy. Later, a practitioner suggested that they do the exercises at a place near their company before starting the work day. Since then, she does the exercises every day at 4:00 a.m. She brings the media player for the exercise music, and she naturally became the person in charge of this exercise site.

There was no public transportation when Ms. Chen left home in the morning, so she had to take a cab every day. Over the years, a cab driver always waited for Ms. Chen every morning. This made it a little easier for Ms. Chen to get to the exercise site on time. One year, on the cab driver’s birthday, Ms. Chen gave him a copy of Falun Gong, the introductory book to Falun Gong.

Ms. Chen’s five family members practice Falun Gong.

Ms. Chen comes to the exercise site every day, even though sometimes she is the only one doing the exercises there. Other practitioners admired her perseverance and often asked her why she was able to persevere for so many years. Ms. Chen said, “There were times when I wanted to give up. But as a practitioner, doing the exercises every day is what I should do, so I felt it was my duty to come to the exercise site every day.”

Ms. Chen recently listened to “Recalling Old Days When Master Introduced the Fa” on Minghui Radio. She said, “I was moved by the stories when Master first introduced the Fa to the public. I learned about Master’s selflessness and how Master treated other people. I realized that Master set the examples for us, and we have to follow what Master did to be a qualified practitioner.”

As the Chinese New Year approaches, Ms. Chen said, “I will be diligent in cultivation. Master wants us to save more people, and I hope I can fulfill my mission. My wish for the New Year is to do the three things that Master has asked us to do well. I would like to thank Master for his compassionate salvation!”