(Minghui.org) I feel so lucky to have this unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to practice Falun Dafa. I must have accumulated a lot of de, or virtue, in my past lives to be so fortunate. I am eternally grateful to compassionate Master (Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa).

I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. Over the past 26 years, Master has put in so much care and effort in protecting and helping me. Holding my hand, Master leads me forward on the path of cultivation, one step at a time. I went from a person that didn’t know anything about cultivation to being immersed in this extraordinary Fa of the universe.

I would like to share some amazing things I’ve experienced and witnessed on my cultivation journey. My thanks to Master for saving me and to other practitioners for your kindness and all your help.

All My Illnesses Are Gone

Before I began practicing Falun Dafa, I suffered from many illnesses. I had rheumatism, a chronic inflammatory disorder that caused intermittent pain in my skull and a ringing in my ears that sounded like swirling wind. I had cervical spondylosis, and arthritis in my neck that caused pain throughout my entire body. I also suffered from severe bronchitis, stomach issues, roughening of the inner eyelids, and skin problems.

I was so weak that I couldn’t work or even do basic household chores. The doctors couldn’t do anything for me and none of the medications I tried worked. When I saw people practicing qigong in the park, I joined them, hoping it would help. I bought some qigong books and practiced for a few years. 

A friend told me about Falun Dafa in 1995 and said it was very good. He lent me his copy of Falun Gong (an introduction to Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong). After reading the entire book I was so happy and said, “I finally found a good practice.” I quickly got rid of those other qigong books.

I found a local practice group and joined them every morning to do the exercises. Soon, all my illnesses were gone. My body felt light and healthy and my breathing was even and smooth. I felt strong and no longer got tired walking long distances or working for long periods of time. I was very happy and told everybody how I regained my health through practicing Falun Dafa. Many friends and family members started learning the practice as well and they all really liked it.

When I first took up the practice I borrowed my friend’s copy of Zhuan Falun. After reading it I was convinced that it was an extraordinary book. Because I had learned many different types of qigong and read many qigong books before, I could tell right away that what Master says in Zhuan Falun is the real righteous Fa. The principles that Master imparts in the book are immensely profound. I told my husband I wished I had my own copy. 

The book cost about seven yuan at the time but I didn’t think my husband would agree to buy it. We were very poor and never spent money on anything. However, my husband saw how much I liked the book and that I wouldn’t be able to read it after returning it. The next day he said, “Let’s go get you your own book.” I was so happy. When the next few Dafa books were published, I didn’t ask to buy them, knowing how much of a financial strain it already was to spend the seven yuan. I couldn’t ask my husband for more.

Master knows everything. Near the practice site where we did morning exercises, a woman rented a room to start a small business. She bought two sewing machines and came to our group to ask if anybody knew how to use them. I told her I did as that’s what I’d done in my previous job. 

Master arranged for me to get a job working for this woman so I could make some money. She didn’t have a lot of experience so I helped her set up the operation. She was very grateful. She paid me a base salary for meeting the daily quota, and extra for each additional item I made. 

I gave the base pay to my husband and kept the extra that I earned to buy Falun Dafa books and other things I needed to practice. After a few months, I collected all seven Dafa books and even had a little bit of savings. Then the woman decided to close the shop. I realized it was all Master’s arrangement so I could afford the books. I thanked Master for solving my problem.

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution against Falun Dafa, many people were scared and stopped practicing. I bought their books so they wouldn’t throw them away or turn them in to the police. I told them if they ever wanted to practice again, I would return their books. I did not waver and stayed resolute in my faith in Dafa. I was determined to practice no matter what, thus Master helped me every step of the way.

Reciting the Special Words Saved a Country Woman’s Life

This event happened more than a decade ago. When my husband was hospitalized in the capital city, a woman from another county was placed in the same ward. One of her nerves had been damaged while undergoing surgery at the county hospital and she was transferred to the capital. 

The poor woman was in a lot of pain and just couldn’t stay still. Even her husband couldn’t hold her down. After rolling in bed for a while, she was exhausted and stopped moving. The doctor declared that she was dying and advised the husband and their two sons to be prepared. Her husband cried, “Doctor, I don’t want to lose her. I don’t want to lose her. Please save my wife!” The doctor said, “There is nothing we can do. We can’t save her.”

I thought to myself, “Why am I witnessing this? I have to help her.” On a piece of paper I wrote, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Falun Dafa is good.” I told her older son, “Recite these phrases in your mother’s ear.” It was the height of the persecution but I was not afraid. I just wanted to save this woman. The son took the note and quietly recited the phrases to his mother.

When I visited their room two days later, the woman seemed completely fine. She was sitting up in bed and her husband was feeding her. She’d recovered in just two days and was completely normal. The doctors thought it was incredible.

She came up to me in the hallway the next day, put her arm around me and said, “Sister! What happened?” I told her about the two phrases and told her that Master saved her. She said, “I’m a Christian but Jesus didn’t save me. How is that these nine words work so well?” I told her to look for practitioners in her area and learn Falun Dafa. She nodded. 

I told her and her family to take the flier or booklet the next time they met a practitioner giving them out, because that’s what could save them. She said they would and that they’d tell people in their village about these two magic phrases. The woman was discharged later that day and the happy family of four went home.

I told everyone that I met at the hospital about Dafa. I also told my friends and family as I didn’t want to leave anybody out. I was glad to help people quit the CCP and its youth organizations. As they accepted the truth about Dafa, they all received blessings.

Master Saves a Newborn

Another miracle happened in 1998. I had just started practicing and wasn’t very clear on the Fa principles. All I knew was that doing the exercises could strengthen the energy in my body and that Master is here to save people. 

My nephew’s wife gave birth to a baby boy who was said to have a birth defect. The doctor said that he would have abnormal brain development. The baby also didn’t have a navel. The skin on his little belly was translucent, so his intestines were visible. 

The doctor told us to let the baby die but my brother-in-law, the baby’s grandfather, just couldn’t let the baby die—this was his first grandchild. My sister-in-law, however, didn’t want the baby. She asked my son to take the baby to the countryside and leave him there. My son would not do it as the baby was still alive.

So the doctor removed a piece of skin from the baby’s leg and patched it onto his belly. To help with the brain development, the doctor prescribed a medication and said the baby needed to take it until he was a teen. 

After the mother and the baby were discharged from the hospital, I went to visit them. The young mother couldn’t stop crying, “Aunt, what should I do? I gave birth to a disabled baby.” I comforted her and told her not to worry too much as stress would reduce her milk production. 

The child was lying in bed. He did look different than other newborns. His tongue was sticking out, a sign of impaired intellectual development. I thought as a practitioner of Falun Dafa, I should have energy that could benefit the baby, so I asked to hold him. With the baby in my arms, I asked Master to save this little being—it is difficult for a life to come to this world as a human. I begged Master to please let this baby be a normal child. I held him for a long time.

I didn’t think much about it after I went home that day. When the baby was seven months old, my sister-in-law brought him to visit me. The boy was completely normal—he was curious and very alert. When I called his name, he immediately made eye contact with me and smiled. He was also very good with his hands, and played with small toys. 

I asked my sister-in-law, “Have you been giving him the medication?” She said no because the baby was normal without the medication. The boy grew up with no problems at all. He is a top student and plays basketball. He grew to be more than six feet tall and is now studying abroad.

I tell all my friends and family that Master saved this baby and the entire family. One person practices Falun Dafa, the entire family benefits—my friends and family are benefiting from my practicing Falun Dafa. I thanked Master for saving this boy.

Master Resolved My Grandson’s Asthma

When I first started practicing Falun Dafa, my daughter-in-law worked in another city so my grandson lived with us. He was only five years old and often went to Fa study with me. When I listened to Master’s Fa lectures, he listened as well. Master started to take care of this little disciple.

My grandson had asthma. When he had difficulty breathing my husband and I took him to the children’s hospital. After being hospitalized for several days, he was better and came home, only to have another episode. He was hospitalized four times in a month one time but his condition didn’t improve. 

We consulted an experienced doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who prescribed herbal medicine but it wasn’t very effective. We then looked for special prescriptions. For eight months, we tried all kinds of medicines and treatments and spent a lot of money. My grandson lost a lot of weight and his skin became yellow. The Chinese herbal medicine made him very weak and soon he couldn’t eat or walk. 

I didn’t enlighten to the Fa at the time. I knew that when I had sickness karma, I could endure it and not take any medication but I didn’t think to have my grandson also follow the requirements of the Fa. When Master’s  Fa Teachings in the United States was published, this passage got my attention, 

“But I’m teaching you the principles of the Fa. You want to let out this karma, yet you take medicine and press it back in—how are we supposed to cleanse your body? Of course, we could push all of it out for you in other dimensions. But the Fa of this cosmos has a principle: You have to endure suffering in this regard when your karma is eliminated for you.” (“Fa Teaching Given in New York City,” Fa Teachings in the United States)

I understood this Fa principle so I told my grandson, “Let’s follow Master’s Fa teachings and do what Master asks of us—study the Fa and do the exercises.” He agreed, “Sure, Grandma. How about let’s throw away this medicine?” After I said okay, he threw a big bag of herbal medicine into the trash and never took any medication again.

We listened to Master’s Fa, did the exercises, and attended group Fa study together. When his asthma symptoms returned, I knew my faith was being tested. I couldn’t sleep that night. I knelt in front of Master’s picture and asked Master to help my grandson. 

I touched my grandson every once in a while and asked how he was feeling. He said he felt fine even though I could hear him wheezing. I asked him again a little later and he assured me that he was fine. I knew that Master was cleansing his karma out and my grandson’s response was Master’s hint that I should stop worrying. 

My grandson woke up the next morning, energetic and strong. He played with a small toy and jumped back and forth from one end of the bed to the other. 

This miracle happened to my grandson. We’d spent eight months seeking doctors and treatments but nothing helped his asthma. When we followed the Fa principles, everything changed overnight. He began eating well and was full of energy.

My grandson lay down after dinner one night and coughed once. He immediately sat up and spat out two masses of blood with dark black stripes. Spitting out the blood made him feel better— afterwards he lay down and fell asleep. I knew that the dark blood he coughed out blocked the airway in his lungs and trachea and caused him to have difficulty breathing. Master cleaned it all out this time and removed the root cause. Ever since then, my grandson never experienced asthma symptoms again. 

My grandson is now 26 years old and works at a restaurant. Our family and friends all knew he was sick and witnessed the extraordinary healing power of Dafa. Afterwards, many wanted to learn the practice. My son is very supportive of my faith and has done a lot to help spread the truth about Dafa. He uses his personal car to take local practitioners to far away counties to hang up Dafa banners and helps me distribute Dafa fliers and booklets. He often buys fruit and places it in front of Master’s picture. He is always happy to see other practitioners when they come to visit.

Always Consider Others First

I bought some eggs one time at the farmer’s market and the vendor gave me five extra yuan in change. I didn’t realized it until I got home and counted my money. I thought, “I can’t keep this money.” I went back to the market the next day but the vendor was not there. I went back again on the third day and he still didn’t show up. When he finally came back on the fourth day, I told him that he gave me five extra yuan by mistake. He said he knew he was five yuan short. 

As I handed him the money, I told him I had come three days in a row trying to find him. Another egg vendor nearby said, “Are there still honest people like you nowadays?” I told them that I practice Falun Dafa and Master taught us to be good people and to be considerate of others. I commented that it must be hard to sell eggs on a cold winter day. The vendor smiled as he took the money.

I bought some rice one time and was given more than 50 yuan in change, which I returned. Another time I got more than 10 yuan extra in change. When I returned the money, the vendor thanked me repeatedly. I use the opportunities to help these people quit the CCP and its youth organizations. There are many incidents like this and I always seize the opportunity to tell people about Dafa and the wrongful persecution. Once they learn the truth, people are happy to quit the Party.