(Minghui.org) Minghui.org recently published the editorial “Minghui Calls for Opinion Articles to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Falun Dafa’s Introduction to the World.” This year is a very important 30-year milestone of Dafa spreading throughout the world. It is a critical period when Fa-rectification is transitioning to the human world. So many sentient beings who still do not yet know the truth are in urgent need of salvation. We should pay attention to this call for papers on Minghui.org, respond to it actively, and work together to make this a successful effort.

The editorial not only listed the four key reasons that hinder the salvation of sentient beings but also recommended 12 topics. This provides us with clear directions on how to construct our articles. We can choose one or several topics to write about, based on our own knowledge and understanding of the Fa, as well as our experiences of doing the three things to save sentient beings.

Practitioners who write well should actively participate. They can also help those who have been clarifying the truth all along but are limited by their writing ability.

On the other hand, Dafa disciples are not ordinary people. For example, one of the practitioners in our area only attended elementary school. He has clarified the truth to people face to face every day for years. He has met all kinds of people who have asked him all sorts of tough questions. He has been able to address them effectively and help a lot of people quit the Chinese Communist Party.

Our wisdom comes from the Fa. If these practitioners could share their stories about clarifying the truth, that would be great. Those who help promote the call for papers can collect stories from practitioners on the frontlines and turn them into powerful articles. The practitioners who clarify the truth every day can also share their experiences individually.

I once heard this story. Two days before the end of Master’s lectures in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, Master asked each practitioner to submit a sharing article to see how they understood the Fa. Nobody had written an experience sharing paper before. As one practitioner went up to the podium and handed his paper to Master, he said with a worried look, “It’s not good.” Master, however, seemed pleased and said, “It’s good that you wrote it!” Master’s words have deep meanings. Therefore, we should not worry about not being able to write well and should not use any excuses not to participate.

Some practitioners feel that their papers might be meaningless and that they will lose confidence if they are not published. We shouldn’t think that the articles are useless if they aren’t published. It’s great to have an article published. But even if it isn’t, as long as we participate wholeheartedly, we have done what we are supposed to do. Even though an article is not published, as long as it is based on the Fa, it can play a positive role in other dimensions. And at the same time, we can also improve from the process itself. We shouldn’t be attached to whether or not it gets published.

I believe this call for papers is a way to sweep away the evil forces and the evil factors that hinder the salvation of sentient beings. It is an opportunity to inspire their consciences and purify their minds. It is also a grand event to demonstrate Dafa disciples’ ability and wisdom in saving sentient beings. Our articles will be powerful in annihilating the evil and cleansing the old universe. They will also be manifestations of our mighty virtue. Countless evils will be eliminated in this call for papers, and many sentient beings will be saved as a result.

This call for papers is also a summary of Dafa disciples’ wisdom and experiences in saving sentient beings. These articles will become the key to opening people’s hearts and will serve as a powerful reference for practitioners in truth clarification. It will enrich our wisdom and help improve the quality of our truth-clarification. After Minghui publishes select articles, I hope every one of us will read them carefully and learn from them so that they can do the three things better and save more sentient beings.

This call for papers is very meaningful. It is a precious and rare opportunity. In the future, such opportunities will be fewer and fewer, or even non-existent. We hope that everyone will pick up their magic pens and participate. Like Master has said, “Sharp pens write brilliant articles” (“Reading Students’ Articles,” Hong Yin Volume II).

Finally, I would like to use Master’s poem to encourage us.

“Divine pens shock humans and demonsLike sharp blades, they excise rotten ghostsOld forces do not respect FaA flourish of brushes quells the wild surge”(“Shock and Frighten,” Hong Yin Volume II)

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)