(Minghui.org) My daughter made friends with two brothers in fifth grade. I became acquainted with their parents, because my daughter and the younger brother, Yuan, were in the same class in school. I pondered whether the brothers came to me for the Fa. Their mother said that I could teach them the Falun Dafa exercises. The brothers started practicing on May 19, 2020. A year has passed, and I would like to share some of their cultivation experiences. 

The brothers both liked Taekwondo and had won many medals over the previous year. They both take Taekwondo very seriously and hope to make it to the Olympics. I was initially worried that if they relinquished the competitive mentality they might not win competitions, so I did not mention it because I was worried that they might not want to cultivate Dafa. 

Lin won the first place and Yuan came in third place at a recent local Taekwondo competition. Yuan was very unhappy since he had taken his opponent down several times during the match, but the judges seemed to have overlooked it and did not give him any points. Yuan felt it was unfair and was very frustrated, so I told him, “Karma has to be paid off one way or another. It was not a coincidence that several judges did not give you any points. Remember the last match when you did not play fair? You came in first and your opponent came in third. Think about it, wouldn’t he have felt that was unfair? Even his friends and family felt that was unfair, too. You owed him and now Master is giving you the opportunity to repay this karmic debt.” Yuan enlightened after I said this and became calmer. 

Yuan told me two days later, “I didn’t have much adrenaline during the competition. I was not as hyped up as before.” I said, “This is because you have relinquished the competitive mentality and become kinder. If you won’t make it to the Olympics because you choose to cultivate Falun Dafa, will you regret it?” Yuan said that he would not have any regrets. 

I felt touched listening to Yuan speak because he had many xinxing tests during the past year. Usually, both Lin, the older brother, and Yuan would come to my house to practice the exercises. But last winter only Lin came. I felt strange but thought that cultivation depends on one’s own efforts. Three weeks later Yuan came again for the exercises but didn’t say anything. Not until the summer did Yuan finally tell me what had happened during the winter. He told me that he felt that studying the Fa and practicing the exercises were boring. He wanted to do something exciting, like playing basketball. However, he began to feel empty inside after a few weeks. He said that only through cultivation could he feel that he was living life to its fullest. He thus decided to return to cultivating Dafa. 

Yuan has been constantly upgrading his xinxing and even saw Falun (law wheels) rotating in the air. Witnessing these extraordinary scenes made Yuan more determined in cultivation. Both Lin and Yuan enlightened that they need to attach importance to xinxing cultivation and steadfastly cultivate, regardless of whether or not they get into the Olympics. They believe that Master will arrange the best for them. 

I have enlightened to something over the past few days: regardless of who you are or what you do in society, a practitioner needs to conduct oneself as a cultivator. For example, I’ve been taking care of children as a housewife, I’ve guided children with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Since both Lin and Yuan like Taekwondo, they must uphold their virtue. Their skills will show different realms according to their xinxing. I replayed the video of Lin’s recent competition. He did behave differently. Lin won first place. I asked him if there was any difference in his state of mind compared with previous matches. Lin said that he was not as nervous as before because he did not care much about the loss and gain, he felt more at ease during the match. Indeed, after their xinxing improved, both of the brothers felt elevated in their realms during the recent competition, so they were encouraged to study the Fa even more. 

Lin also encountered and overcame a xinxing test before the recent competition. The pandemic caused Taekwondo competitions to be postponed. So to qualify for the weight class registered six months ago, Yuan had to lose the weight he had gained during the pandemic. It was rather hard for Yuan. I suggested that they both move to a heavier weight class. Lin was not confident and reluctant at first, but a few days later, he thought he should think of his brother and decided to upgrade to a heavier weight class with his brother. Afterward, he managed to meditate in double lotus for an hour for the first time. 

Thank you Master for letting me participate in these young practitioners’ cultivation. I am also cultivating myself during this process.