(Minghui.org) People tend to cry when they are sad, touched, or happy. These are tears caused by emotion. I can recall several occasions when I shed special tears. I call them special because these tears were shed without much of an emotional spur, but the tears kept falling. These incidents left a deep impression on me.

Seeing Master For the First Time on Screen  

At the start of 1996, my mind and body were on the verge of collapse. It was then that I encountered Falun Dafa. As I read the Dafa book, the questions that had been weighing on my mind were all answered. My soul felt rejuvenated and I seemed to become enlightened. I understood the purpose of life, and no words could describe the happiness in my heart. I was literally jumping with joy. I used to be seriously ill and felt that I struggled just to live. One day before I learned the Falun Dafa exercises, I had been on an IV without the energy to speak. But after I learned the Falun Dafa exercise movements, my body felt light and relaxed. I became a totally healthy person and a cultivator who understands the purpose of life. I was shocked to my core and felt really blissful!

That year, as winter vacation was coming to an end, a practitioner told me that I could watch the video of Master’s lectures in Guangzhou. My husband (a fellow practitioner) and I happily went to a small hall together to watch the video. As we entered the hall, we noticed that everyone was very quiet. We found seats and the video started soon after. The first scene was the Falun rotating clockwise and then counter-clockwise, nine times each way. This was the first time I had seen a rotating Falun, and I felt that it was so grand and wonderful. When the Falun finished turning, Master appeared on the screen. Master was sitting right in front of us and he looked so dear, so natural, and so real, as if there in person. Tears started flowing from my eyes and I can not describe the feeling I had at that time. Tears kept falling and just would not stop. They fell for so long, I can not remember when they finally stopped. I just kept looking at Master, as though I was frozen there. My mind was empty too. I just sat there blissfully and quietly, until Master finished his lecture. Only then did we reluctantly leave the venue.

When we came out of the hall, it was 8:30 p.m. We did not take a cab, and decided to walk home instead. The sky was very dark and it was snowing, but we were not affected by that at all. We just kept chatting excitedly and our hearts were full of joy! My body felt light, like a feather, and I did not feel like I was walking. I felt like I was floating home. By the time we reached home, it was already 10:30 p.m. Despite having walked for more than two hours, we had no sense of tiredness. My clothes were basically drenched, but I did not feel cold at all. It had been a very long time since I had walked such a long distance. Before obtaining the Fa, I would be out of breath after a few steps, and I would feel tired after a few sentences. Master! How can I express my gratitude to you? The happiness from obtaining a healthy mind and body, the happiness from finding the true meaning of life, the happiness of having a Master, the happiness of finally being able to follow Master home, etc … No words could describe the happiness I felt at that time. I’ll never forget it.

Reading Hong Yin for the First Time

In 1998, Master’s Hong Yin was published. There were not enough books to go around, so my husband brought a manually copied version back from a business trip. We sat by the bedside and read the book together. I do not remember which poem we were reading when tears started to roll down my cheeks again. My husband cried too. Both of us quietly read on as we cried. Both of us are book lovers, and we had read many ancient and modern poems and literary works. However, we had never encountered a book like this that could cause us to be in such a state.

Actually, at that time, we did not really understand the state that we were in. Later, Master mentioned similar states in some of his lectures, so we gradually understood why we felt like that. Many people do not understand Dafa cultivators. Especially after the start of the persecution in 1999, many people could not understand why we are so persistent. People think that since the government does not allow people to practice, you should just not practice. People can’t fathom why we must practice. Maybe this is the watershed, since these people have not gone through what we have experienced. They have never had such real spiritually-intriguing experiences like us. On top of this, the whole of China is full of atheism and materialism. These things make people more prone to avoid topics like spirituality.

In Master’s Hong Yin, we felt not only the superficial meaning of the words but also a spark in the depth of our souls. How could we easily forget those touching moments? Those long-ago histories, those sealed memories, that searching while in a lost state, awakening from this and understanding everything … How could we not continue to be steadfast in our cultivation?

Seeing Master Doing the Mudras for the First Time

On July 26, 1998, Master returned to Changchun and gave a lecture to some practitioners about some cultivation problems. Not long after that, the lecture video was brought to our area. About a dozen of us watched the video together at an aunty’s house. This time, Master was sitting in the meditation position when he appeared on the screen. Master did a set of larger mudras, as the music “Pudu” played in the background. At the time I did not know that the song was called “Pudu,” nor did I know what large mudras were. I only remembered that when the music started, everyone cried as Master did the mudras. Some practitioners even cried out loud, even though most of the practitioners present were males. It took a long time for everyone to calm down. This incident left a very deep impression on me. After this screening, we watched the video again a few times and cried like that every time we watched it. After such an experience, such scenes are really very unforgettable.

Master later used “solemn and stirring” to describe “Pudu” in his lecture. This made me recall that not long after that the year 1999 started. 1999 was a sky-collapsing year for every Falun Dafa practitioner. Rumors and defamatory things were spread everywhere. Practitioners were beaten and arrested. Our whole city became engulfed in darkness, and horror descended on earth. Dafa practitioners withstood all sorts of pressure and risked the danger of being arrested, beaten, and sentenced to jail to step forward and tell sentient beings the truth about Dafa. To uphold the truth, practitioners did not fear death. To save people, practitioners gave up everything. Maybe that was what Master was referring to when he said “solemn and stirring”? I really hoped that sentient beings would feel the heart of great compassion, forbearance, and willingness to forsake, and thus wake up from the lies and obtain a wonderful future.

I have experienced so many joys and sorrows in life, so I have cried on many occasions during this lifetime. However, the special tears from these few occasions are deeply etched in my memory, as they were tears of excitement shed when a person encounters Master, encounters Dafa, and obtains a new lease on life; these tears of gratitude are shed because a life has found light, direction, and hope; these tears of bliss are shed as the soul is cleansed and a life is elevated to a higher realm; these are tears of strength and persistence shed when one is finally clear about his mission, progresses forward without backing down and strives to not disappoint Master’s salvation. How I hope that more friends with predestined affinity can obtain this bliss!