(Minghui.org) I decided to write this as there will soon be a lot of focus on the Beijing Olympics. It is easy to think one way or another about what should or should not happen, whether it should or should not be successful, etc., so before we start to get anxious or get caught up in any of this thinking, I wanted to remind practitioners that saving people is the only thing that matters. Whatever happens should just be used to save people, and a leverage to clarify the truth.

If things go smoothly and the Olympics are successful, we should not think about it being something for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to gloat about. Perhaps a lot of attention will be possible with extra media around and they will focus on looking for side stories to highlight other things that expose the Party’s misdeeds.

If the CCP virus (Covid-19) becomes an issue and extreme measures are taken to keep it from affecting the Olympics, then perhaps this would be an opportunity to help more people see that the Party only cares about its reputation. At the very least, one can highlight that none of the measures the CCP has taken have done anything to protect the people. Perhaps the Olympics might get delayed and extended, prolonging people’s attention and scrutiny of the Party, and therefore, provide additional opportunities for people to see the Party’s true nature. Who can say for sure?

If they win many medals, perhaps there will be scrutiny about doping or something else. If they win few, then that would also shine a light on their lack of success. This kind of thing can go either way and the end result may not be what one supposes at first glance.

The main point is, regardless of what specifically happens, the situation can be used to clarify the truth, expose the Party, and save more people. We already know there is no outcome where the Party truly wins. We also have the power, with Master’s guidance and help, to turn anything into a positive outcome. Master has done this and has spoken many times on this issue of using whatever the old forces may try to do for a positive outcome.

There is a tendency to attach a great deal of importance to the outcome of big events. Keeping our true focus in mind should keep us from spending a lot of time fretting and working toward or wishing for a certain outcome in regards to the Olympics—or really any event, large or small. Sending righteous thoughts most of the time can be done with just the broad intent of weeding out the evil minions and rotten demons having the largest impact. We should just take advantage of whatever happens to always turn it into a positive outcome by exposing the evil, clarifying the truth, and saving sentient beings in the process.

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