(Minghui.org) A few days ago, I suddenly had excruciating pain from the large molar in the lower left side of my mouth. I could not brush my teeth or eat anything hot or cold as it would worsen the pain. I tried to ignore it but the pulsating pain really got me. I looked at it in the mirror – the cavity was huge and I could see flesh and blood and even the pulp!

I wondered if I needed to fix it. A fellow practitioner told me that another practitioner’s necrotic toe grew anew without any medical treatment.

Master told us:

“What’s important for cultivators is righteous thoughts. When you have strong righteous thoughts, you are able to withstand anything and do anything. That’s because you are a cultivator: someone who is on a divine path and who is not controlled by the factors of ordinary people or low-level principles.” (Teachings at the Conference in Los Angeles)

Master’s Fa teaching and the toe story greatly encouraged me. I had a thought: let the healing power of Dafa take charge.

I felt a sense of expansion in my molar the next day. When I looked at it, my cavity was filled! My husband did not believe it and poked it with a toothpick. He exclaimed: “Wow! You are right! It is filled!”

I’ve had no problem with that molar since!