(Minghui.org) Mr. Huo in Liaoning Province received a call from Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. He from North America at the beginning of 2022. He accepted Ms. He’s advice and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. He thanked practitioners for awakening more people and admired them for their perseverance in clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa for so many years. He also apologized for disrespecting practitioners in the past.

Apologizing to Falun Dafa Practitioners

After withdrawing from the CCP, Mr. Huo thanked the practitioner for helping him understand the facts about Dafa. He also apologized for his lack of understanding and his disrespect of Falun Dafa in the past.

He said, “I only heard and saw things about Falun Dafa on television, so I disapproved of this cultivation practice for some time. I felt thought Falun Dafa was bad. I stayed far away from practitioners. Sometimes I saw stickers with information about Falun Dafa that practitioners posted in the corridor. I tore them off and discarded them.

“A few times in the early morning of winter, and before dawn, I saw practitioners carrying a big bag and handing out brochures from door to door. I was rude to them and once said, ‘You are already elderly, can’t you do something right?’ I thought they were doing something strange. I feel guilty when I think about what I did in the past. So I hereby apologize to Falun Dafa practitioners. My understanding in the past was far from the truth.”

Mr. Huo Changes: Recognizing the Evil Nature of the CCP

Mr. Huo saw through the CCP after experiencing the Party’s true nature, “The reality educated me. I had not understood it since I was a child, and I followed blindly as I was told. Now, I can gradually see that many problems have happened in this society. I realized that the CCP has deceived us all. We are all victims of the system. To put it more precisely, we are also persecuted by the CCP.”

He continued, “I realized that a society governed by the CCP is evil. They rob you without feeling shame, and justice cannot be received wherever you go. I recently sued the Bank of China for fraud. It tricked me and took my money. What their lawyer defended in court were all industry regulations, which in my opinion, are a gang’s regulations, or a robber’s regulations. Their regulations are higher than the law and this is the madness of this financial world. It is robbery in disguise. Ordinary people cannot afford to fight a lawsuit, nor can they win.

“The judge would not listen to what you say in court. Whatever you say is useless. A trial is like a show. Some judges won’t let you talk, while other judges let you talk as much as you want, but wouldn’t keep a record of your arguments. What you say is discarded the minute it leaves your mouth. It is the doing of hooligans!

"Because I was about to tell the facts, they began to watch me and sent people to monitor me. I think now this is not a normal society, but a zoo where the strong eat the weak. It causes human nature to distort and people to become selfish. Kind people gradually become fewer and fewer.”

Then, Mr. Huo also said, “In the past, I regarded whoever was detained or sentenced as bad people, and I stayed away from them. But now the situation has changed. So many people have been wronged. Anyone in power can find a reason and have you imprisoned.”

Believing What Falun Dafa Practitioners Say

After seeing the evil nature of the CCP, Mr. Huo began to think about the information that practitioners have been telling people.

He said, “After what I have learned about this society over the past several years, I think practitioners are not wrong. I admire their perseverance. An 80-year-old man I know has been explaining the facts about Falun Dafa to people. I think so many people are believing in it, there must be a reason for them to believe.”

He also said, “I admire them very much. I appreciate their courage to speak the facts. I respect the 100 million Falun Dafa practitioners who are willing to say what they truly think, and tell others what is good and what is bad. Nobody dares to say the truth in today’s society. People are gradually awakening, thanks to practitioners’ perseverance. I’m grateful to them. I believe what they say now, because my experience in the past few years let me see clearly the evilness of the CCP.”

Thanking Falun Dafa Practitioners for Helping Quit the CCP

After Mr. Huo quit the CCP’s youth league, he recalled his mentality when he joined the CCP’s Young Pioneer Team and Youth League, “At that time, students with good academic performance could join the Young Pioneer Team. It was seen as an honor. You gain a mentality of showing off to both adults and children, ‘Look at me, I joined the Young Pioneer Team (or Youth League) as the first batch. How glorious.’ Now I know that I walked on the path to evil. So I thank Falun Dafa practitioners for helping me quit the CCP.” He said that nowadays, only Falun Dafa practitioners would do things for the benefit of others.

He opined that in today’s society, ordinary people are like puppets. You are good when the CCP says you are good, and you are bad when the CCP says so. There is absolutely no standard to measure. In a society without a measuring standard, it is difficult to tell what is good and what is bad.

He also said, “I used to work for the CCP and sang praises for it on the Internet. But, when the iron fist of the CCP fell on my head, I understood everything. When your sore spot is not touched, you may not see the evil nature of this system. I have been through pain, so I gained a thorough understanding of this society. The CCP is very evil. I want to remind everyone not to blindly follow it, but to look at the world from within yourself.”

He ended by saying, “Falun Dafa practitioners have beliefs, pursuits, and desires to improve themselves. This is a life of normal people. But, there is no such thing in a society ruled by the CCP, and it is not allowed. Only Falun Dafa practitioners dare to stand up and speak the truth. So I thank them.”